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Newbies say "hi"  

Newbie and CONFUSED

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on 08/27/2015

Hi I'm Sandy.

I like the idea of getting paid for what I write, but here's the thing: bloggers worldwide struggle with getting traffic. So, am I supposed to get traffic myself through SEO or does Wizzley do that?


I hope someone clarifies this.

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on 08/27/2015

Compared to other places I find Wizzley doing a fine job of bringing in traffic, but...

You do have to help yourself.  Visit others and leave comments.  Soon people will get to know you.  When I publish a new article I promote it with Twitter, Facebook, and G+ with the icons Wizzley provides.  Then I list it on Digg, Delicious, and Stumbleupon.  Stumbleupon is very important.  Then I ping the article using Pingomatic and Pingler.  All of this is free.  Then, when I get time I go back an add the products to Pinterest.  The promotion takes just about ten minutes if done right.  I open the sites and work across adding the link, then the title, and then the tags.  

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on 08/28/2015

Hello and welcome to the site!

Wizzley definitely will send some local traffic your way, and the domain has greater authority than new domains, so if you start publishing here and do little to no publicity, you'll come off ahead traffic-wise, relative to if you had published on your own, new website that you owned and designed 100% yourself.

That said, for most topics, you need to do some publicity in order to bring traffic and visibility to your articles.

The simplest way to start is to share your articles on social media.  I'd focus most on the social media sites that you already use and are most active on--this way you can publicize your articles to your existing following on these sites, rather than having to start from scratch.

In the long-run, it's useful to have a presence on all the major social networks, especially if your subject matter lines up with the site's demographics.  For example, if you are making pages on DIY, crafts, or cooking, I'd strongly recommend being active on Pinterest, or if you're posting about feminism or body image issues, I'd strongly recommend being active on Tumblr.

Alex Zorach, editor of RateTea and co-founder of Why This Way
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on 08/28/2015

I wondered the same as SandySS, so thanks for the good advice,  blackspanielgallery and cazort..

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