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Easy Recipe Sharing

on 01/20/2012

Just wondering if there is a way to install something easy and SEO juiced for our recipes here on Wizzley? I've installed and am currently updating my recipes with this WP plugin (

I have a few other recipe plugin ideas on this Foodie list I am building on (

Keep on keepin' on! ~Correen
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on 01/20/2012

Correen, hRecipe microformats are on our todo list. Hopefully, more demand from our authors will push it up the priority ladder! So, Thanks! Wink

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on 01/20/2012

Ann if you go ahead and create the module, then you will in effect create the demand. I am thinking the only reason the Recipe Page makers aren't using the module is because it is not there Wink

If you get what I mean.....

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