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News aggregator websites?

on 05/26/2011

Do any website exists that allows foreign - means: non-owner , non-workers of the website - to send in an RSS feed for your own blog or website like the RSS feed for every author? Don't wanna send in every single article if there's no need to do so. Thanks,

Any other hints on how to promote articles via other website are also welcome. ;-)

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on 05/26/2011

There is a list in this article of RSS feed submission sites, it may be a bit outdated, but some should still be good.  Hope it helps.

Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of an online art gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a freelance writer
on 05/28/2011

Hi Paula: That list should come in helpful. Thank you for posting it. Smile

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