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Selecting Titles when you have Chitika ads. on.

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on 01/14/2013

This is something I have noticed recently and it may be that it is not important.

Adding  titles with abbreviations/missing letters in them, I mean things such as do n't or I'm does not work well for  the ads. that Chitika makes to go with your title.  It produces something that does not make sense and is strange to read. For example it seems to be turning Do n't into Don T whoever he is. 

It may be that for SEO the title is better abbreviated. ( I think there is something about maximum length of title for search engines just cannot remember what exactly.)  So it may be best not to worry about it, but on the other hand the Chitika ads. posted Don T Smilematch up as well as they should to the content.  Any thoughts on this? Sue.

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on 01/14/2013

Not just because of Chitika - "do not" and "I am" is better writing style, anyway.  Smile

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on 01/14/2013

Search engines treat contractions like two words but more like don t (don space t) it just eliminates the useless characters (punctuation, s, q and a few others) and sees don like a name, t like bad grammar... but other than titles I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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