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Who's Making Money Here?

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on 06/08/2012

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and ask who is really making money here for those of you who don't mind sharing.


I just started a few weeks ago and have 4 pages. I mainly joined to be able to link to my content at other places. Then again, that's why I joined Squidoo and look what happened, I fell in love I that is my sole source.

Anyways, I was curious to see who is actually making money here, a decent amount. I have found the site very easy to use and great for posting to my blog and linking back and forth between here and Squidoo. The only down fall is that you don't get an article/rank pay but that's ok. I'm not creating lenses that are solely on selling items so hopefully it will still pan out.

I mainly write about gardening so I'm even more curious at how many of you writing gardening articles are doing well.

Can't wait to here your stories! I need the motivation!

on 06/09/2012

People are generally reluctant to share this kind of info, due to the sheer number of niche copiers out there (often those who lurk around the edges rather than involve themselves).

I used to share my earnings, I was making $4000 a month on Hubpages at one point. In fact my record month was $8000. 

Short lived though!

I can disclose that I am making about $1 a month on Wizzley, but most of my content is merely a few weeks old. 

But you can be assured that if I ever reach $500 or $1000 a month, nobody will be hearing about it! 

There is one wizzley member who has disclosed earnings of $500+ per month, so I've set that as my initial realistic target.

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on 06/09/2012

Yes, I think most people are reluctant to share this info. You might find these interesting reading though:


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on 06/10/2012

Yes, I've been making money on Wizzley and I've just updated my earnings page. Sorry for the delay, it's the school holidays here and I've had a houseful of visitors and taken the week off work. (I love the flexibility!)

I chose to share my Wizzley earnings this year, because it was so helpful to me that others did this when I was getting started. I won't be sharing my earnings after this year and I don't share my overall online earnings (Wizzley is not my main source.) 

Yes, I've been copied and it's very annoying. I doubt it does them much good though. I've read the manually spun copies and they are rubbish and show that they don't understand the topic. I know I'd hit the back button very quickly. Better to stick to stuff you actually care about. (Or in my case, have to care about because my kids are obsessed!)

But there are so many scammers and people trying to sell you tools, memberships, eBooks, etc, that I'm willing to do my bit and put some stats out there and explain how I do things. 

I'm not ultra-successful, but overall I earn enough to live cheaply on and I only work a few hours a day, and take lots of holidays. If I was young and driven I could do much better, but I've done the whole career thing and I'm happy to coast. 

Posts: 22
on 06/10/2012

Thanks guys. I totally can see where you are coming from. Forgive me for asking becuase I never considered that but do understand where you are coming from. Thank you for the insight you did provide. I work on a few others sites as  well and have found the spinoffs to be quite annoying. If they see you ranking well it's like they run after it.

My reason for asking was because I come from sites that pay for content and also Squidoo. I like the challenge of the more I work the better I do but found it odd that you could be getting 10,000 views a day and not earn a dime. I was just wondering if I should focus on another site or if this one does have potential. My main reason for joining, honestly, was to circulate some of my other work and create backlinks to and from Wizzley with my other articles/lenses and wanting to know if it would be worth my time. If not I could simply put this info on my blog VS Wizzley. I'm optimistic and will see how it goes.


Thanks again!

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on 06/12/2012

@ Stephanie, Just keep true to your voice, enjoy writing interesting and unique articles and focus on that.  In time you will see the fruit of your labors.  

@ I support Ryan's theory.  I don't share my earnings.  There are those folks out there looking to copy successful people.  For this reason it's a good idea not to bring up such topics here so's not to attract those looking to ... 

@ Terri Welcome back sounds like you've had a lot of fun. 


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on 05/03/2015

We can learn from those that are doing well.   Not all write about the same topics.

I took a look at some of the Wizzles  written by some mentioned here, by links to Wizzles or otherwise.

I looked at various categories, even those I really don't have a lot of interest in. 

The main thing that I did see was what they do with products.  Forget about which products they are promoting.  Look at their formatting and how the writing style which is a great tool!  Do they show products in a different way than you do??  

Some show a product and talk about it, but they may also add a tidbit about why a 3 year-old will like it. 

They don't write Aunt Mary stories, or a my child loves this!!!      

One example off of my head would be play kitchens, play BBQ grills.  Talk about product, without overly promoting with details and explain why those toddlers, pre-preschoolers will like this one over the rest.  Do only girls that like to play house, have pretend tea parties like this or do the tom boys like them too and why. 

Some talked a bit about what a specific age group likes.  What are their interests, skills at a specific age?  These can be talked about.  

 Keyword use:  If you know anything about keywords, using long-tail keywords seem to be a must these days. 


Linda Smith
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