Frankie Stein

by emeraldmile

Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster, a Monster High character, a doll and a web star.

For those who may not be aware, Frankie Stein, is a name trademarked by Mattel (the company who brought you Barbie among other popular toys). Frankie Stein is a monstrously popular Monster High doll, web star, and literary character.

Frankie Stein has been around since series one of the doll releases, and the premeire episode of Monster High called New Ghoul at School. Actually, the first episode revolved around the fifteen day old monster's first week at a new school. It covered her struggle to fit in and find friends.

In New Ghoul at School Frankie gets lost when she listens to the advice of teen magazines rather than listening to the good advice Lagoona gives her about being herself. She ends up making an enemy of Cleo de Nile by lying about having a romantic relationship with Deuce Gorgon. In the end Frankie is able to make things right with Cleo and join the fearleading squad by being her naturally sweet and generous self.

Monster High Sweet 1600 Frankie Stein Doll

Ready for Draculaura's Sweet 1600 Birthday Party
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Meet Frankie Stein

One electrifying Monster High student

Frankie's Biography

Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein, and the granddaughter of Victor Frankenstein.  She attends Monster High where she is enjoying her favorite subject history.


Frankie's favorite color is black and white stripes.  Her hair mimicks this with her dark hair and bleached white streaks.  She prefers to wear stiped patterns.  Frankie has two different color eyes: one is green and the other blue.  She has a pale green complextions, bolts coming out of her neck, and her body is stitched together.

New Ghoul at School

First week at Monster High

Is Frankie Stein your favorite Monster High student?

Tell the truth

Frankie Stein Dolls

Catch her in all her monster fashions
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Exposed Age Issues

How old is Ms. Stein really?

One of the frustrating details of Frankie Steins background story is that her age changes from diary, to book to webisodes.  At the start of the webisodes she was 15 days old but in later episodes she was supposed to be 16 days old, and in books she has been described as old as 30 days.  

So each different form of communication appears to have a different time line, or atleast several episodes must fall on the same day.  Of course there could be another reason - maybe Frankie's counting her age in monster days.  Who knows?

Frankie Stein Dress-Up Games

Change her look

Frankie Stein Dress Up Game on Star Doll
Try on racks of clothes and accessories to give Frankie Stein a new look.

Dress Up Game for Monster High Student Ms. Stein
Tons of dress up options in this game from the Star Sue website. Change her hair, her wardrobe and add accessories to make over your ghoul friend. I like this game the best because it has more options to dress Frankie in.




 According to Watzit's profile he is made up of "the best parts of the best pets." Watzit does not like it when he is treated like a dog; after all, he is made from several different animals, including but not limited to, a cat, dragon and fish.  He is an excellent swimmer and enjoys playing fetch with Frankie; though, he often must fetch both the ball and one of Frankie's limbs. His friends include Count Fabulous and Crescent.


Cool Facts About Frankie Stein

Did you know?
  • This ghoul really sparks; especially when she gets excited.
  • Swimming is not a good sport for her because she makes the water electric which is not great for other swimmers.
  • She has the power to give objects a jump start when she hooks them up to bolts.  This is seen in Season two of the web episodes when she keeps the power going at Cleo's party.
  • Her limbs seem to fall off at the most inconvient times as her stickes break.

Frankie Stein Games & Activities

Monster fun

Frankie Stein Coloring Pace on Cartoon Jr
Single coloring page for Frankie Stein from the Monster High series.

Coloring Page for Stein
Pretty picture of Frankie to color

Frankie Stein as a Baby Coloring Page
Cute baby picture of Frankie to print and color

How to Draw Frankie Stein
Step by step drawing tutorial that will teach you draw Frankie Stein.

Who is Franking Dating?

Is she still available?

In the web episodes she has been interested in Holt Hyde and Jackson Jeckyll, but in her schools out diary she is crushing on a gargoyle who plays for the casketball team.  In the books she briefly dates DJ Hyde but she is really interested in a normie named Brett

Frankie Stein Costume

For Halloween or Dress up
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Frankie's Best Friends

Who does this ghoul hang with?

On her bio page Frankie lists Clawdeen Wolf, the daughter of a werewolf, and Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula as her best friends.  These are the first two characters with whom Frankie develops a positive relationship.  They were both nice to her during her first week of school.

Monster High Characters on Wizzley

Beyond Frankie Stein
Abbey Bominable Monster High bio, video and more.
Who is Ghoulia Yelps?

Monster High Characters on Squidoo

More of the Monster High student body

Spectra Vondergeist
Spectra Vondergeist is the Monster High Gossip. Check out her videos, bio and more!

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frankie stein commenter on 08/21/2012

her passion and kindness. of course her fab.she isn't redy for boys yet.shes friendly.shes absulutely smart too.

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