Freelance Writing Tips: Residual Income Sites

by aunice1

The thing about up-front pay writing, is that typically after you are paid that ONE time, that's it. That is all you are going to make on that particular piece of work.

    Residual income sites are those which allow people to write on any topic they want and keep getting paid from it according to the traffic articles get, affiliate products they sell and ads clicked on. But if you're like most writers, you tend to focus more on your up-front paying work, that which comes upon delivery of goods. It is however, a very good idea to be certain to make residual paying work a top priority. You might be leaving a nice chunk of income on the table.

Why You Should Write for Sites Offering Residuals

    ​You've got other writing assignments to keep you busy, no doubt, not to mention your own writing projects for which you are guaranteed payment, if done per client instructions. The thing about up-front writing though, is that typically after you are paid that ONE time, that's it. That is all you are going to make on that piece of work. And most of the time, the client buys total rights to the content. They use it as if they wrote the article and you no longer maintain control of it. But, for work that is paid via residual modes: affiliates, your own products, referring new writers, adsense and the like, there's more ways to earn from it and even while you sleep. So what if its only a few cents per day, that adds up, particularly when you multiply that several times. While your writing for other up-front paying clients, your articles are still making you money. 

Not All Residual Sites are Worth Writing For

    When choosing a residual site to set your articles on, do so wisely. Sites do come, go and change like the wind. Choose solid companies that have been around for awhile and aren't constantly transforming their earning policy. Pay close attention to how sites split the revenues with writers, especially affiliate income. For instance, sometimes sites allow writers to keep all income made from Amazon product sells, but then later decide to keep it all for themselves. It is important to keep abreast of changes that occur as it may be beneficial for you to actually move your work elsewhere. It just depends on what works best for you.

Testing the Waters; Protect Your Content

    Test out new residual earning sites by limiting the amount of work you place there. You could test out a number of articles and monitor the results. Those sites that seem to perform better for you, concentrate your efforts there, paying close attention to what you are doing so you know what works.

It is also essential to protect your work. Know what rights you are giving the site by placing your content there. Do they expect to have full rights to your content? For how long? Writers frequently place content on a site only to abandon it. Sites go out of business all of the time and you don't want to loose all your content in the process. Check on the progress of your articles and if they don't seem to be earning, consider moving them elsewhere. 

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Updated: 01/27/2012, aunice1
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