Fun Active Games For Kids

by frugalrvers

Children can get exercise, outdoors and lots of activity with these fun active games for kids. Some of these best toys have been popular for generations. Bet your child will, too!

We parents can get it wrong sometimes. Sure, our kids can operate a computer and tv better than us, even a four year old can in some cases, so we get them toys with tons of parts and high complexity. Not that we are intentionally doing anything wrong...because kids do love those activities, too.

But when it comes to playing outside, leave the high tech gadgets in the house where they belong - and watch in amazement as children get exercise (and have fun at the same time) with simpler toys. Yep, our simple favorites from when we were young are still a hit with kids today...they are just a bit more savvy, hip looking and colorful than the ones we used to have. Take a look!

Physical Activity Games For Kids Keep Children Moving!

Why Active Games For Kids Are Important Today

Active games for kids are more important than ever. As our society has become less active throughout generations, so have our children. The rise of sedentary activities that hold their attention for hours, like video games, computers and television give very little incentive to youngsters to step out into the fresh air and move around.

As parents, you can buy as many active outdoor games as you desire, but the key to your child taking interest is by setting a good example. Exhausted parents cannot help "sending their children out to play" so they can have some time to relax. But a family that always stays indoors cannot expect enthusiasm about play outdoors where their children are concerned.

Today's toys and games may come with a lot of bells and whistles, moving parts and pieces. But outdoor toys for kids don't need to be complicated - keeping it simple is the key!

Playchute Parachute For Kids

This Was Just Called A "Parachute" When I Was A Kid
Pacific Play Tents Playchute 10' Parachute (Colors and Designs May ...
$37.99  $23.38

Did You Play With A Toy Parachute For Children When You Were Young?

Kids Love To Bounce! Bouncy Toys For Children Are Great!

Bounce House, Pogo Stick, Trampoline...Keep 'Em Bouncing

I don't know what it is, but children love bouncy toys. While parents bite their nails, certain an injury is about to result, kids laugh until they cry going up, down, up, down. Put them in a Tigger costume and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Of course, are "old" toys have a modern look and feel, with bright colors to make the toy even more exciting. In addition, some modern inventions have taken off on their own, which promote exercise in the outdoors. One of these examples is the bounce house, and kids love these! At first, parents would rent them for birthday parties, but now there are versions that are portable enough to have at home.

Aside from modern bouncing toys, some oldies but goodies are still in favor, like pogo sticks, bouncing balls and even trampolines. The beauty of bouncy balls and pogos is that they are right there, ready to be hopped on in an instant. So, again, keep it simple and have some ready to go active toys available, when you aren't available to set up the bouncy house!

Outfox The Fox - Active Games For Kids That Don't Work Without Activity!

We Parents Are Sooooo Smart When It Comes To Getting Our Children Active

Though kids love to bounce, just getting children moving can be a chore sometimes - except for their thumbs on the video game controllers. Well...we parents will be victorious! Yes, some activities produce a great end result, too tempting for children to ignore, but it requires them to move.

What fun is a kite if you just sit still? What about ribbon wands, roller blades and other fun, tempting toys? Your child has to put activity into the activity, so to speak, or they will derive zero pleasure (unless throwing it at a younger sibling is considered a fun pastime).

I never had a ribbon wand, but I did have kites, a hula hoop, rickety roller skates (remember the metal contraptions you strapped your tennis shoe into?) and those upside down cups you step on and walk around on, hanging onto the ropes that kept your feet from falling off.

Well today kids even have stilts to promote movin' it! This will keep their little bodies in motion for hours, guaranteed.

Irresistible, Active Kids Games

Geospace Walkaroo Stilts by Air Kicks

Stilts are a perennial favorite around the world. Now the basic stilt design has been made a whole lot better--easier to learn, easier to use, more ergonomically correct, and mo...

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Monster Feet Party Accessory

Includes (1) pair of monster feet with attached nylon cords. Holds up to 110 lbs. Plastic; 4.75" high. Ages 5+.

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US Games Color My Class Ribbon Wand Set

US Games 1126327 Color My Class Ribbon Wands- 3' Ribbons (SET)

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Sports Hula Hoop for Playing & Exercise

Wavy hoops are different to traditional small hula hoop. the wavy ridges designed to enhance exercise. This item features: * Item for children weighing under 60 lbs. Small size ...

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Which Was Your Favorite "Retro" Kids Toy?

Get Your Kids To Love The Outdoors - Camping Is Perfect!

Fun, active toys for kids will help promote healthy habits such as exercise and taking in fresh air. But some children, no matter how cute the toy, just find being inside more comfortable.

Since I was a tiny tot, my dad showed me the magic of camping...which I've adored to this very day, even if I now live in an rv. Spending time in the outdoors taught me to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of camping underneath the stars, roasting marshmallows and keeping busy with all of the duties one must do when setting up and taking down camp (great activity for even the youngest helper in your clan).

It is hard to sit still when camping, except around a campfire at night. If you are nervous about the camp experience, start with a child's teepee or play fort in your own backyard - even just for a picnic. This will get enthusiasm and interest from your child rather quickly because these tents are rather irresistible. In addition, they are great ways to encourage fantasy play and imagination in your child, which is also important.

In sum, start young with teaching children to enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Turn off the tv and video games, and enjoy time as a family. Even a toddler can participate in every aspect of the camping experience - and the young kids will love campfire cooking or helping with the tent.

No matter how much fun the most modern toy may appear when in the home, the free spirit and fun that takes place outside cannot be matched. My childhood memories, when I reflect, always turn to playing outdoors and the fun I about you?

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What Were Your Favorite Outdoor Toys As A Kid?

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frugalrvers on 06/21/2012

Katie, I am sad.
I used to hula hoop like wild...but I cannot make the darn thing go around once anymore! What is WRONG with ME?! (sigh.) - How do you lose the ability to hula hoop? I'm not as thin as I was in my youth, but that cannot be a factor...oh help!

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

I love the hula hoop, I have mine from when I was a kid, it's still in great shape. They really made a durable hula hoop, I have the kind with the beads in it. It's great. I have hula hooping contest with my kids to see who can go the longest. I'm the reigning hula hoop champ. I also love the parachute, you have some great fun games here, this is what creates so many fond summer vacation memories of childhood. Oh you've taken me back :) K

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