Fun Squirrel Feeders -- Let Your Squirrels Dine in Style

by kajohu

Rather than have squirrels raid your bird feeders, get them their own feeders! They'll enjoy the food you put out for them, and you'll enjoy watching them.

Our squirrels love our bird feeders, and they persistently try to reach the bird seed and nuts. If there's a way to the feeders, they'll find it.

I enjoy watching the acrobatic antics of our squirrels trying to climb or jump to the feeders, and I don't begrudge them some of the bird food, but once they figure out how to get to the food, it's gone in no time.

So why not give the squirrels their own feeders, stocked with their favorite food? That way, they're happy, and I'm happy watching them, while the birds get more of their bird food.

Just be sure to place these squirrel feeders well away from bird feeders and your house!

Squirrels Love Our Bird Feeders

So why not get them their own squirrel feeders?

Our backyard squirrels are smart and bold.   If there's a way to get to our bird feeders, they'll find it. 

I do think these squirrels are cute, and I don't begrudge them some of the loot from our bird feeders.  But when they find easy access to the feeders, the bird food disappears quickly, and the birds are scared off by these acrobatic squirrels.

So now I've found a few feeders especially designed for squirrels.  I can give them their treats and maybe they'll let the bird feeders (and our door) long as I keep their squirrel feeders filled and far away from the bird feeders!

Corn Cob Metal Porch Chair for Squirrels

Ahh, this is the life!
This pic ran me about $21
This pic ran me about $21

This is the life for a squirrel!   Corn-on-the-cob from a comfortable perch!  You can find this metal Corn Cob Chair Feeder at Lowes for about $10. 

This squirrel-sized chair is easily mounted to your tree or the side of your house with a screw post.  The corn cob twists onto a screw on the seat of the chair.  If you buy this chair at Lowes, you can also get a 10 lb bag of corn on the cob while you're at it, for about $10.50. 

Here are another couple of perches for your squirrels to enjoy tasty corn-on-the-cob!

This Adirondack Squirrel Chair will have your squirrels eating in style and comfort.  It costs more than the metal chair shown above, but many think this Adirondack chair is more attractive.  It's easy to attach to any tree.

Place this unique squirrel feeder at least 15 feet away from any bird feeders you have, to help deter squirrels from your bird food.   They'll have more enjoyment with this chair, too!

This squirrel chair is made of heavy duty metal with a durable finish.

If your squirrels can share, they will enjoy the cute Duet Diner for squirrels (shown next to the Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder).  

This simple design is constructed of cedar, and will shelter your squirrels from the elements. 

The idea for this squirrel feeder came from the lovely childrens' book Earl and Pearl, The Christmas Squirrels (shown right) who are shown eating at a feeder very similar to this one.

Squirrel Spinner -- Diabolical and Comical Squirrel Feeder

This fun to watch Squirrel Spinner will have you laughing at the squirrels' acrobatic maneuvers as they whirl around on this feeder.  

It's a simple design with a lot of charm!  The weight of the squirrels will start the arms spinning.

Stick corn cobs or fruit on the spokes, and watch the hungry squirrels take a spin on this feeder.  The Squirrel Spinner has a 20" diameter, and is 14" from the mounting location, such as a tree, fence, or your deck.

Remember to Buy Corn On the Cob for Your Squirrel Corn Feeders

Also find at local garden, nature, and hardware stores
6CT Corn On The Cob

6 Count, Corn On The Cob, Box.

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Squirrel Food - Corn On The Cob

Squirrel Food - Corn On The Cob For Fat & Sassy Squirrels Keep those squirrels busy while your birds eat in peace! We offer plump tasty corn on the cob for all of your squirrel ...

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Whiskey Barrel KK-16 Corn On The Cob

Whole ear corn that can be used to feed squirrels and other critters. No. KK 100: 6.5 lb. poly bag No. KK 16: 16 lb. poly bag

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This attractive and innovative squirrel feeder is made from rough cedar wood and a large one gallon glass jar.   With this great design, squirrels can easily find their way inside to the nuts or corn you put out for them, and their food stays dry and protected.  The glass jar is easy to refill, and it never deteriorates!

Also it will keep birds out, such as blue jays, who'd also like to get at any nuts you put in the jar.

Attach this squirrel feeder to a tree that's away from any bird feeders in your yard, and the squirrels soon will be visiting their new favorite eating hangout!

Another Enclosed Squirrel Feeder

Similar to the squirrel jar feeder above, this Munch-n-View Squirrel Feeder keeps nuts and seeds safe from the elements (and from birds!), while allowing easy access for the squirrels.

The front is covered with a sheet of plexiglass for your viewing enjoyment, a hole at the top for filling, two holes at either end for squirrel entry, and a removable bottom board for easy cleaning.

Very Important Tips for Placing Squirrel Feeders!

It's great to have feeders dedicated just to your backyard squirrels, but to have these work out in the best possible way:

  • Keep the squirrel feeders well away from any bird feeders
  • Keep the squirrel feeders well away from your house
  • If possible, fill the squirrel feeders when no squirrels are watching

Squirrels are smart and opportunistic.  If there's easy access to a bird feeder close by, they'll go to that as readily as their own dedicated squirrel feeder.  Also if they associate you or your house as the source of their squirrel feeder food, they'll undoubtedly come begging when their feeder is empty.

Don't let them become pests!  They're more fun to have around if you're not annoyed with their behavior.

Updated: 01/14/2015, kajohu
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Do You Feed The Squirrels in Your Yard?

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kajohu on 09/04/2014

Hi candy47 - at least with small squirrels they won't eat as much :-) Our squirrels are quite large so they can withstand the cold winters here!

candy47 on 09/03/2014

I feed the birds and rabbits. The squirrels eat both birdseed and carrots. These feeders are a great idea. Our squirrels in Arizona are tiny, not much bigger than a mouse!

kajohu on 08/31/2014

EmmaSRose - I agree about the miniature porch chair -- it's my favorite one, and the reason I wrote this page :-)

kajohu on 05/26/2014

It would be fun to watch all of the "critters" in your yard, birds and mammals alike! It's interesting that the blackbirds didn't find the ears of corn last year, but that they did this year. And they're pretty smart, as you know. They'll probably remember where the corn has been. I'd love to see the squirrels eating from the bungee corn feeder!

John on 05/26/2014

We have a box with a hinged lid that the squirrels can lift the lid and eat peanuts, corn, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, etc. It also has a platform with 2 screws to hold 2 ears of corn. Last year, we had no problems. This year, the blackbirds strip both ears clean in less than 1 hour. We also have a "bungee" corn feeder that hangs from a tree about 12 inches off the ground. The squirrels get up ion their hind legs and eat the corn. As the corn is eaten and all that is left is 15 - 16 inches off the ground, they reach up and hang from the cob while eating. It is funny. We have a few rabbits that will also attempt to eat from it. They get on their hind legs and reach up and knock kernels loose and then eat them from the ground. We have several bird feeders as well, they are squirrel proof, hanging from the basketball goal by flower pot hooks. The chipmunks eat the fall out from the bird feeders and also get in my wife's flower pots on the deck and snack on the plants. Today we had 4 squirrels, 2 rabbits, 1 chipmunk, and a lot of birds all at once today. It is fun to watch them.

kajohu on 05/26/2014

I wish I knew what would keep the blackbirds away, John! It's usually the other problem that we've had -- keeping the squirrels away from the bird feeders. If anyone else has an idea, I'd be very happy to hear it.

John on 05/25/2014

We love the squirrels and have several different feeders. The blackbirds come and eat all the corn on the cob, though. Any ideas or designs to protect the corn and keep it for the squirrels?

kajohu on 01/27/2013

Hi TonfaGuy, you must live in a very different environment than I do :-) We have many squirrels in our yard all year!

TonfaGuy on 01/27/2013

I never get any squirrels in my garden, but maybe a few of these might entice them in.?

kajohu on 01/10/2013

Thanks, supermom :-) I was laughing about your experiences with the black bears disturbing your bird feeders. Luckily we don't have them anywhere near where I live!

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