Fun Thanksgiving Decorations

by BrendaReeves

Many People consider Thanksgiving their favorite holiday of the year. Decorating the house for Thanksgiving intensifies the anticipation of that special day.

I loved decorating the house for the holidays when my children were young. They enjoyed it even more. Adding those special touches builds fond memories for children, and they carry them throughout their lives. There are a lot more decorations on the market than there were back then. I've chosen some out of the ordinary decorations to showcase here. Don't forget to include the kids in on the cooking also. Make cupcakes and decorate them in fall colors. Make a template of their hands, roll out some cookie dough and use the template to make turkey cookies. Your children won't be the only ones to cherish the memories you're making for them, you will too.

Turkey Restroom Door Cover

This decoration will keep the guests laughing as well as the kids. Mr. Tom sits on the toilet reading a cookbook with pork and beef recipes. I guess he doesn't want to be the main course for the celebration.  It's easy to install, so be sure to let the kids help you. Children love to help out with putting up the decorations. Too bad my kids are grown now. I would definitely buy Mr. Tom on the toilet. It's just my kind of humor.

17" Lighted Thanksgiving Turkey Window Silhouette Decoration

Let your neighbors know that it's time to get ready for celebrating Thanksgiving. Put this 17" Lighted Thanksgiving Turkey in the window. They'll want to know where you got it. Everything you'll need to install it comes in the package. There are 43 red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple mini lights. The translucent yellow frames allows it to look just as good looking out the window as it does from the street. Its fully assembled in one piece and comes with a suction cup for hanging, spare replacement bulbs and an extra fuse. 


Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Poke In Head and Legs

You'll need a pumpkin for this clever decoration. You just push the metal feathers, turkey head with hat, feet and wings into your pumpkin. You'll be the first in the neighborhood to have a turkey pumpkin. Set it on the front steps, and the kids will love it. Just make sure the neighborhood dog doesn't carry it off to his house.

Thanksgiving Airblown Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey with Pilgrim Hat, 6 Feet Tall

Every front yard needs a 6-- foot turkey watching over it. Be the first in your neighborhood to put up your Thanksgiving, air-blown inflatable turkey. It self-inflates in seconds with the powerful blower that's included in the package. It's weather proof and fade resistant, but the best part is the easy setup and storage.

Updated: 08/04/2012, BrendaReeves
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BrendaReeves on 11/10/2012

Thank you, Mira. I thought that was clever.

Mira on 11/10/2012

Great idea to use a pumpkin and poke in the head, feet, and wings!:)

BrendaReeves on 11/07/2012

Thank you for the comment.

Guest on 11/07/2012

really informative post...thanks for share with us.

BrendaReeves on 08/31/2012

Thank you for the comment Katie. I love Thanksgiving also.

katiem2 on 08/31/2012

Thanks for the great Thanksgiving decorations, these are always so hard to find in stores. I like to decorate for every holiday. Thanks giving is near and dear to me, a special time of year. One of my favorites as I always get together with my siblings when at Christmas everyone likes to be home with their immediate family.

BrendaReeves on 07/31/2012

Thank you Victoria. I like that too.

VictoriaLynn on 07/30/2012

What a fun article! I especially like Tom on the toilet!

BrendaReeves on 07/30/2012

Thank you for the comment Cheryl. My kids and I would make decorations also. I miss those days.

cherylone on 07/30/2012

Nice one, I love to decorate and find it very difficult to fing things premade. My kids and I usually made our decorations and had a ball doing it. Great Job.

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