Funky Cat Beds By Kookamunga, For The Coolest Cats

by frugalrvers

Kookamunga makes the cutest, funky cat beds for cats. My 23 pound RV cat, Spot, might not fit, but your kitty will love this fun, unique bed...and so will you!

If only these cool and funky cat beds came in adult sizes. Yes, I would crawl into one of them...and your cat would love to as well. Though cats love anything they can squeeze their furry bodies into, a plush bed for kitties makes them even happier. Plus, they are so hilarious and fashionable in the home, both the feline and pet owner win with one of these in the house!

Kookamunga Makes Unique Cat Beds Your Cats Will Love

Your Kitty Will Have The Funkiest Cat Bed In Town

It was a fluke that I stumbled on these funky cat beds by Kookamunga. My husband and I are rving with cats and have been blogging about our rv journeys for a long time. Being part crazy and part always needing a laugh, we decided our 23 pound RV cat should have his own cat blog, where he reviews cat accessories and products with his own charming, sarcastic style. While reviewing products, Spot and I stumbled on these fun, crazy beds.

When you have a gigantic cat like we do, a cat bed entails an investment such as a sofa or your own queen size bed. Spot just doesn't fit in most cat products, given he is the size of a medium dog. However, he and his girlfriend, Toto, do tend to enjoy snuggling up in a large, fuzzy dog bed on the motorhome dashboard when the sun is out. 

But I digress....these funky cat beds by Kookamunga are the best....hope you enjoy the laugh!

Kookamunga Funky Fish Cat Bed

Measures 24 x 13 x 17.5
Kookamunga Funky Fish Cat Bed

Cats Love Hiding, So They Will Give A Big Paws Up Over This Cat Bed

These Cool Cat Beds Give Them The Time Away From Us They Crave So Much

Our rv cats have this annoying little habit - when they want us around, they lay on our chest, bed or table and meow, demanding for immediate attention. However, when they don't want to be bothered with the nuisances we apparently are, they disappear. Now you must understand, we are in a motorhome...there aren't a lot of places to go. But they still love to sneak away into a crack or crevice (in Spot's case, this would be the equivalent of a suitcase).

If you want to see a cat really lose its cool, just throw a paper bag on the floor and watch him do a disappearing act. Toto can completely disappear but as for Spot, well...he does try, even if his butt sticks out of the bag or it tears from his trying to turn around.

This unusual cat behavior is why these Kookamunga funky cat beds are so perfect for kitties. Crawling into a half opened can like the cute can of tuna cat bed, scooting down to the dark cave in the back of a fish mouth or hiding out deep inside of a flower pot is just too much for felines to resist. These are popular cat beds because they were made with cat needs in mind, and aesthetically pleasing features to please cat lovers. In addition, the beds are well made, have bright and vivid colors and offer kitty nap time comfort with 1" foam. Obviously, pleasing the cat is number one on the list. But how awesome these will look in your home, too!

For your entertainment, here is Spot trying to squeeze into a "cube" with Toto.

The Kookamunga Krazy Can Cat Bed

Measures 13 x 13 x 8
Kookamunga Krazy Can Cat Bed

Kookamunga Funky Flower Pot Cat Bed

Measures 14 x 14 x 20
Kookamunga Funky Flower Pot Cat Bed

Does Your Cat Have A Cat Bed?

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Jimmie on 12/06/2011

I'm a cat lover! Because of our housing situation we can't have cats right now, but my mom is raising four cats. Once we get a different home, we can take three of the four. I LOVE these funny cat beds. Awesome concept.

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