Funny BBQ Aprons For Men

by frugalrvers

Father's Day is approaching fast and these funny bbq aprons for men will make the perfect gift for him. Personalized and customized are available, too, to make it extra special.

Funny cooking aprons for men, like these here, make me think about the whole "man vs grill" thing. What is it about the barbeque ritual of a funny chef apron and adult beverage that turns a normal, average guy into the king of the bbq?

Aside from displaying some of my top choices for Father's Day gifts, I'll also share some stories about that very mystery surrounding the male human species and grills. I have a few scenarios that will always come to mind, personal stories that make me laugh or ponder at best - hope you enjoy the reading, too!

Grills, Chef Hats And Mens Aprons Funny Today, But Where Did It All Begin?

What is it with the modern male and the barbecue thing? Why is it the guy who is usually in charge of the grill?


Maybe it goes all the way back to prehistory. Imagine the stone age family sitting around the fire, waiting for dinner. Dad has hunted the antelope, mom has prepared it, and it's time to get it roasting. Because the fire was dangerous and Dad had experience with it, he was the one who handled the chore of cooking the fresh meat.


But then again, it might just be a modern phenomenon, the product of marketing geniuses back when suburbia was the latest thing and suburbanites had to have something to do in their huge backyards.


However it started, our image of Dad holding a pair of barbecue tongs and wearing a chef's hat and a white apron with some clever saying on it is indelibly burned into our collective brains. Men are simply expected to know how to handle a big, hot grill, and to be able to produce tasty and perfectly cooked steaks, chops, brats and burgers – and if he can't, his masculinity is under suspicion.

Is Your Guy "King Of The Grill?"

Dad Built A Backyard Grill Which Became My Play Structure

My father passed away a few years ago, but of course I have many fond memories that involve him and growing up in a small town in Central Illinois. In the 50's when I was a boy, we were surrounded by corn fields, but we had a back yard that any city suburbanite would have been jealous of.


One of my favorite memories is of Dad's brick barbecue, an edifice that stood in the back of the house for many years after being completed. Dad was a tinkerer, and he loved to build things. He saw a plan in Popular Mechanics for a gigantic brick structure that would be the envy of any neighbor (of course we didn't have any), and he decided to build it.


Over the course of a summer he carefully laid a concrete foundation, and the layers of red brick grew into the sky. Naturally, it seemed much larger than life to me as a child, but it actually was quite impressive. Unfortunately, the only use it ever got was as a wonderful play thing for me and my brother. We would spend hours pretending it was a castle or a fort, climbing all over the chimney and the sidewalls and having a grand time.


Dad finished it, and was proud of his accomplishment, but never once cooked on it, and certainly never, ever wore an apron while hovering over his creation. He just didn't quite grasp the whole cultural and social implications of the backyard barbecue.

Which Is The BEST Type Of Grill?

But Father-In-Law Has A Weber And Mens Funny Aprons Collection

Not so with my father-in-law George who has a collection of mens funny aprons and loves his Weber grill. He was a city boy who lived close to his job in downtown Chicago until he met my wife's mother. They fell in love, got married, and did what everyone was doing then – looked for a house in the suburbs.


They found one in a new subdivision an hour away from the city, and of course it had a nice backyard. Over the years they put in a patio, built a fence, and planted trees to make it a place they could enjoy and entertain friends in the temperate Illinois weather. George was a Weber grill man all the way, and he never considered building a permanent structure. And of course he disdained today's gas grills or infrared grills, because they never gave his food that charbroiled flavor everyone craved.


Instead, he loved getting the latest charcoal grill, the bigger the better, and all of the various implements, accessories and tools of the trade that went along with it. He liked to cook, and especially enjoyed the ritual of putting in the briquettes, dousing them with lighter fluid, and setting them ablaze. When they were ready, he would don his favorite apron, and preside over the culinary process with a beer in one hand and a big fork in the other.


George's funny aprons collection grew over time as people gave him gifts for all kinds of occasions, and he would always try to wear a different one every time.

The Male Grilling Ritual - Some Final Thoughts

I can't even imagine my father cooking, let alone putting on novelty bbq aprons – he just wouldn't have done it. But to him, being able to construct something like our backyard skyscraper barbecue was proof enough of his place in the world, and in the family. The fact that he never used it, and my mother wouldn't get near the thing, had nothing to do with his being a man.


For my father-in-law, I have a feeling that the more mens funny aprons he had the better – he is still a collector of various things, including aprons. His role as the backyard chef was clear, he enjoyed it completely, and also enjoyed wearing his apron and chef hat while performing his masculine duties.


I'm sure that both of these guys would have fit in with their prehistoric ancestors, and would have found a place by the fire.

Personalized BBQ Aprons For Men

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frugalrvers on 05/13/2013

Paul...are you KING OF THE BBQ? C'mon...admit it :) Thanks for your comment!

pkmcr on 05/13/2013

It's almost tempting to get in the kitchen seeing some of these funny aprons! Almost!

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