Gandalf the Grey Halloween Costume Guide

by Marie

A Gandalf fancy dress costume lets you act out the wise, Tolkien wizard from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies for Halloween and other fun dressing up occasions.

Looking for a Gandalf outfit and lots of ideas on making your Halloween or dressing up look a real, magical success? Get lots of great ideas on dressing up as the fantasy wizard in either his Grey or White form this year.

In just 5 easy steps, you can find out how to put together a superb outfit. And even if you choose to just buy your clothing from this page, you can still discover how to add in some other great details to make your wise, old Tolkien wizard look even more authentic - such as his beautiful brooch clip costume accessory which is ideal.

Step 1 - A Basic Gandalf Halloween Costume Set

This wizard is a favorite character of mine and has been since I first read The Hobbit as a young child and got sucked into Tolkien's amazing Middle Earth full of wonderful fantasy creatures and epic tales. He doesn't really change that much in terms of his outfits in the movie versions. There is his normal Gray robe look which is present in both the new and old movies and his White robed look if you are going for his LOTR advanced powers guise. This page has both styles on offer.

I have to be honest and say that the official outfits you can get for this character are really not that great and do not do him much in the way of justice at all. You would be better off sourcing a good quality white or gray hooded monk's robe (I've shown a white version above) and adding on a long cape or cloak in a matching color as well as his wizard hat and his beard and wig accessory. 

A ready-made design makes it easy for you to dress as your favorite character without taking the time out to put the outfit together yourself. Perfect for the busy working man - or lady! This set includes:

* The grey wizard hat

* Grey robe

* Belt

* Pouch

You'll just need to get yourself a wig and white beard for which I have suggestions below. Personally I don't love this outfit because I think you can put together something far better by buying some suitable colored monk robes and a long travel cloak but if you need something fast then it's an option.

Step 2 - The Long Gandalf Hair and Wizarding Beard

Gandalf's facial hair with his long bushy beard and wavy long gray head hair or his neater white hair and shorter white beard is one of his most recognizable features - so if you can get that right then your overall look is going to be great.

As the Gray version of him, you need a long gray bushy wig and beard which looks a little unkempt. There is the official version which is OK and another that I've sourced for you below which is almost perfect - the beard piece simply needs to be one large beard rather than two long strands. It's convincing enough.

For the White, look for a straighter and neater looking long white wig with a middle parting. His white beard is a lot shorter and neater too and cut into a fairly neat V shape. 

A Dumbledore wig from Harry Potter also makes a credible option for a wig and beard for this Tolkien character by the way. And the other item you could add is a pipe. He liked to puff on a long, curved wooden pipe to make smoke rings which he could magic into fanciful shapes too.

Step 3 - Footwear and Shoes

Shoes that match the Robe

You barely notice the wizard's shoes or footwear in The Lord of the Rings movies and that's how it should be because they are mostly hidden by his long flowing robes. So it's probably best to choose a shoe that's going to blend in with the color of the robe you're wearing.So an earthy brown or gray would be good to blend with his Gray robes and white with his white robes.

In his White version, he wears long white leather lace-up boots which are more visible under his slightly shorter robes and in his Gray form wears dark boots or shoes which we really only see the toe cap of.

Step 4 - Gandalf's Wizard Accessories

Gandalf is normally seen with a wizard's staff - a twisted, dark wooden staff for his Gray form and a straight white staff with intricate and stylized end for his White guise. So you will probably want to get a staff to complete your cosplay look. You can purchase inexpensive staffs or walking sticks which you can always spray with paint to get it to the color you need for your outfit.

In his Grey/Gray guise, he wears a brown crossbody bag over his robes and slung across from his left shoulder to hang on his right side.

For his White form, you can add on his brooch which is an intricate silver design, used to clasp the neck of his white robes together.

Other items you might associate with this wizard are his sword called Glamdring - this is the sword he acquires in The Hobbit and continues to use in The Lord of the Rings. Also he enjoys using a long wooden pipe.

Step 5 - Make Up for The Great Wizard

Bushy Wizard Eyebrows

He has some very notable big and bushy eyebrows which are a prominent feature on his face but actually balance out the large beard that he has in both his grey and white forms. While his eyebrows don't actually meet in the middle, they are still very large.

Apart from the facial hair, there is no other make-up that this character requires - so if you can get the eyebrows, mustache and beard right, you'll make a brilliant cosplay outfit to wear. 

Wise Old Tolkien Wizard

First you need to decide whether you'll be Gandalf the Grey Wizard which is how he is in The Hobbit and the first part of The Lord of the Rings. Or whether you'll dress as the more powerful version when he transforms into the White Wizard after his long but successful battle with the Balrog in the mines of Moria.

As a Grey Wizard, he wears long, grey robes with a traditional and pointy grey wizard hat and a brown crossover bag worn to one side. He carries a twisted brown wooden staff and his sword, Glamdring. As a White Wizard, he wears long white robes, has no hat but wears his white hair and beard long and loose. He carries a white staff and his sword called Glamdring.

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Yes I should think some places are really too hot for dressing up. We don't have that issue as it's normally freezing cold by that time of year so the extra layers will help!

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I love this gandalf costume, great for Ohio and states that are cool during Halloween :)K

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