Ghoulia Yelps

by emeraldmile

Who is Ghoulia Yelps?

Introducing the Smartest Girl at Monster High

The Zombie with style









 Ghoulia Yelps is the Monster High student with white horned rimmed glasses, white, black and red stripped shirt under a cherry patterened tank and sports a great pair of red shorts held up by a belt depicting a Monster High buckle. You cannot help but notice her amazing style and her brains; after all, this Zombie has been called the smartest ghoul in school.

So what makes Ghoulia tick? She has an amazing thirst for knowledge. She enjoys all school subjects because they all have the power to teach her something different. Ghoulia strives on organization and a schedule. She does not like last minute changes.

Cool Things About Ghoulia Yelps

Family Tree: 16 year old (monster years) daugher of a pair of zombies. Ghoulia is a middle child as she has an older sister and a younger sister and brother.

BFF: Cleo de Nie

Languages: Ghoulia is the only Monster High student revealed to have her own language.  She speaks Zombie, but can be understood by her friends who all have taken courses in Zombie 101 at Monster High.  She is annoyed when someone is not able to understand her because they don't speak zombie; after all, everyone should.

Clubs and Activies: President of the Comic club (Deadfast is her favorite comic book hero) and member of the fearleading squad even though she cannot jump.

Depiction: She is depicted with two tone blue hair and a grey compextion.

Romantic Interest: Slow-Moe


Ghoulia Crushes on Slow-Moe

Will her ghoulfriends ride to her rescue?

Sir Hoots a Lot


Sir Hoots a Lot is Ghoulia's pet owl.  He is four years old and cotton candy blue in appearace with a white breast.  He feasts on small rodents.  He is a loyal companion and is friends with other Monster High student pets.  His bestfriends include Rhuen and Shiver.

Connect with Yelps

Find her on the web

So you want to connect with your zombie pal from Monster High?  Well this zombie has her own facebook account.  You can find her at Ghoulia Yelps Facebook page; however, it looks like she hasn't been around there much lately.  My guess is that is hard to keep up with all those Zombie to English translations; especially with fearleading practice.  

On this page Ghoulia shares some Zombie phrases with the masses.  An example of one translation she shares is "UHHH UHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHHH UHHHH" which apparently means i like your shoes in English.  So keep that phrase in mind when you come across a zombie in which you want to interact; though, one phrase will only get you so far.

I recommend checking out the Official Monster High page to see when the next Zombie 101 class starts.  The site is a great way to keep in contact with the rest of the Monster High student body.

Ghoulia Dolls

Monster High Yelps Collection
Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll with Pet Owl Sir Hoots A Lot

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Games and Activities

Monster High - Yelps

How to Draw Ghoulia Yelps
This website shows you step by step how to draw your favorite Monster High zombie.

Ghoul Juice: Ghoulia Yelps Game
Game to discover the formula for Ghoulia's zombie potions.

Monster High Characters

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