Fun Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers - Men, Women Or Couples

by frugalrvers

Gift ideas for truck drivers aren't just for men anymore - these fun gifts are perfect for a male or female driver and even for couples. I share my fond memories of trucks, too...

I hope you enjoy these fun gifts for a truck driver, and enjoy my own story as well.

It seems like I have been around semi trucks for most of my life. I grew up hearing and seeing them go by on the highway. I worked at a truck stop when I was a teenager, and later at a factory where I backed unloaded trailers in to the loading dock, and where trucks came and went all day long.

I wrote a song about driving trucks based on my upbringing. Now I live in an RV fulltime, and there have never been as many semi trucks on the highways as there are today.

I even think about driving a big rig once in a while, and who knows - I might still go to truck driving school, get my CDL and hit the road in my very own semi. But if I don't, the rv certainly satisfies the itch to live life on the open road.

Semi Drivers - 18 Wheels Rolled Into My Life Because My Family Owned A Truck Stop

I was born in central Illinois and grew up in a very small town named Mason. The town was planted beside the railroad, the main north and south line from Chicago to New Orleans, and the highway that ran through Mason was the primary road for the same route.  Back before the Interstate was put in, Highway 37 was the way to get from the top of the midwest to the bottom of the south, and it was a well-traveled road. We lived right next to 37, and I undoubtedly learned to sleep to the sound of diesel engines roaring by. By first grade my parents had taken over  Layton's Cafe and 24 Hr truck Stop, and my life with semis got even more serious.

The station, as we called it, was not a big place, but it seemed large to me then. The gravel driveway was big enough to hold several trucks and trailers as the drivers ate at the cafe and filled up with fuel for the long trek south. The drivers were known by name and knew us by name, since they were mostly regulars. Hard to imagine in these times, but my mom and dad would talk about drivers they knew and discuss them like old friends – which they were, in many ways.

I loved the big noisy trucks, and how they would fill up the parking area. I also loved the music that the drivers and the waitresses played on the little jukebox that we had in the station. That's probably where I learned to love country music, which led to rock and roll and eventually to the Beatles. I can still listen to an old trucker song just as easily as a Beethoven sonata, and I am thankful for the education I got from those 45s spinning around.

When I was in high school my aunt was a waitress at the big truck stop in Effingham, the “big city” compared to Mason. I got my first job there as a busboy when I was old enough, and I remember arriving at work in the dark on summer mornings and smelling that distinctive odor of diesel smoke as it wafted across the parking lot. Trucks were still coming and going all the time, but they were now traveling the Interstates, and while a few drivers were well known, there were always new ones in the restaurant.

After a couple of years of college, I went to work at a factory and learned to back empty flat bed trailers into narrow loading docks. The truck I drove was called a yard truck, and it was nothing like the big rigs that came in to pick up the loaded flatbeds. But I could call myself a truck driver, never mind if I didn't have a commercial license. That was a fun job, even in the Illinois winters when I had to melt the ice off of the brake lines with a blowtorch.

Great Gifts For A Truck Driver - Funny Truckers Shirts

Tshirts With Funny Truck Driver Sayings Are Good Gifts For Truck Drivers

A Truck Driver's Life On The Road Seemed Romantic

But It Is Hard On The Truck Driver Families Left At Home

I don't love all "truck driving music" but there are certainly some amazing feelings derived from song lyrics that pay homage to living life driving 18 wheels across the country. There is a romantic feeling about truck drivers who are done delivering their load, just wanting to come home to their families.

One of my favorite songs, sung by Steve Earle, is "Six Days On The Road" - be sure to give it a listen sometime....

My Wife And I Perform Our Truck Driving School Song - #1 Fan Request At Our Shows

Our MP3 Song Is A Great Gift For A Truck Driver (we think!)

My wife and I have been performing our own original tunes in various venues since 1997. We named ourselves One Less Karen, and it has stuck for over 15 years. We have many full length CDs and have loved harmonizing together all of these years.

You can listen for free to the entire MP3 of our song, "Truck Driving School" plus any others you desire, via THIS LINK. You will see 3 CDs listed, click on the one titled Clementine's Bedroom and scroll down to the song.

Best Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers Who Are Trucking Couples

Great For Solo Women Truckers, Too!

Gifts For Husband And Wife Truck Driving Teams

Husband And Wife Trucking - A Newer Phenomenon

Whether it is a couple who both love living on the road, driving big rigs or a husband and wife who replace the home with 18 wheels for economic reasons, more and more we see trucking couples on the highways.

With our jump into full time rving, you could say we have a taste for living life on the open roads...without the stress of deadlines to be met. But we can easily see (and have thought about) the temptation to trade the rv for a rig that pays us a good living. Today's semi's are like homes on wheels in some cases, and for a couple that loves to play together, this could be ideal!

Do You Know Someone Who Drives A Semi?

Runaway Truck Ramps - Immediate Hero In My Book

I never saw a lot of runaway truck ramps...ok, I saw Illinois as a child. However, when I moved to the Rockies of the Pacific Northwest in 2001, they seemed to be everywhere. I was awestruck, while white knuckling a normal passenger car down the mountain passes, to think that there were truckers out there who had an opportunity to use one of these things!

What got me the most is that, while flying down a steep grade, you see signs like "runaway truck ramp, 2 miles" and later "one mile." Are you KIDDING?! Can you imagine navigating the grade and curves with a semi, awaiting the most terrifying roller coaster ride ever constructed?

Fortunately, I've never seen one used - but be sure to share in our comments section if you've seen one put into action. Absolutely brave men and women handling those 18 wheels....

Funny Trucker Hats, Cute Gift Ideas For A Truck Driver

Now at the tail end of my life, when I am semi-retired (pun intended), I think about the trucks that I share the road with, and the drivers. Lots of couples now make a living crisscrossing the country in the small houses on wheels they still call semis. It might be fun to get my CDL finally, and take to the highway while getting paid for it. It's a great fantasy, but when I imagine driving in a big city to make a delivery or pick-up, it seems like a lot of work for the money. At least in the RV I can watch them go by, like I did when I was a kid, and admire them from a distance.

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