Gifts for 4 Year Olds

by sheilamarie

Looking for a gift for a 4 year old? Children who are four are full of imagination and discovery. Here are some gift ideas to delight your sweetie.

When a child is 4, the gates to the imagination are wide open! Not fully understanding the difference between fantasy and reality, 4-year-olds love make believe and dress-up.

Art supplies can be a welcome gift, too, and blocks and puzzles challenge the mind.

A good picture book is always a great choice for any child.

Gift for Four Year Old Is Fun to Choose

Imagination Is Key

Finding a gift for 4 year old kids is pure delight.

If you have spent any time with a 4 year old, you'll know how full of imagination their play can be! Anything that engages a child's sense of fun and make believe will be a welcome gift.

Because children learn while playing, this is an age when your gift can have great impact for the child. You can choose a gift that inspires the imagination, delights the soul, and exercises the body. 

Large motor as well as fine motor skills are being developed through play. Imagination games, such as dress up and acting out scenarios, can also be fun. Dolls, tea sets, trucks, and blocks are all good play things at this age. You also cannot go wrong with art supplies, books, and puzzles.

In this article, I will explore some gift possibilities for your 4 year old child. I hope you have fun choosing your 4 year old a gift!

Calico Critters for Animal Loving 4 Year Old Kids

Fun Animal Creatures for Imaginative Play
Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set
$49.99  $43.53

Building with Blocks Sets the Stage for Spatial Skills

Lego, Duplo, and Wooden Blocks for Little 4 Year Old Builders

Unstructured play with blocks should be in every child's preschool experience. There is no right or wrong way to play with blocks (unless you fling them across the room!). Children can build tall towers or elaborate structures. They can build enclosures for their little cars or make houses for tiny stuffed animals and dolls.

Playing with blocks gives children an experience with concrete objects they can count and move around. They can see how different sized blocks can be used for different functions and how two smaller blocks can sometimes take the place of one larger block. By playing with blocks, the stage is set for recognizing number and area and geometric shapes. Children who have had the chance to play with blocks can more easily pick up math skills. 

This is reason enough for providing your child with a set of blocks.

Blocks from Melissa and Doug

Basic Set
Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

Playmobile Has Great Play Value

When my sons were small they loved the Playmobile gas station set they got from their grandparents.

The details made playing with this toy really fun, and the car and jeep that came with it were more sturdy and quality made than some of their other toys.

My granddaughters now hold their Playmobile sets as some of their favorite toys as well. The variety of available play themes is broad and is sure to match some of your family interests.

These toys really hold their own in terms of play value. Kids tend to choose these toys over many others when they play their imaginary scenarios.

And that's what you want when you choose toys for kids, right? Something they will play with over the long term rather than something to entertain them for just a few hours.

Playmobile for Imaginative Play

Little figures with detailed accessories
PLAYMOBIL Sunshine Preschool Set

Gift for 4 Year Old: Arts and Crafts

Art Supplies Provide Hours of Fun and Learning

A 4 year old child needs lots of practice with fine motor skills. This practice includes using many different implements against different surfaces. Crayons, markers, paints, chalk, and pencils all provide a different feel in the fingers. The child has to hold each implement in a different way. Making a mark on paper is also very different from making a mark on a chalk board. All of these experiences help develop a child's grip for writing later on.

Most children also love having experience with color and self expression. Your 4 year old can spend long hours drawing or splashing in paint. These are important early learning experiences.

And don't forget the old stand-by of playdoh! Whether you make your own playdoh or purchase it ready made, your child will love the tactile feel and smell of the medium. Playdoh gives a child unstructured play. Manipulating the dough strengthens the fingers and relieves stress. You may enjoy pounding and squishing dough between your fingers, too, alongside your child.

What Do You Think Is the Best Gift for a 4 Year Old?

4 Year Old Gift Idea

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sheilamarie on 09/22/2011

You're so right that the packaging is often the fun part, especially with the younger crowd! I'll bet your granddaughter really loved the extra attention she got from you in learning to drum.

Ralpapajan on 09/22/2011

This is a great explanatory post with loads of detail. My second granddaughetr is nearly four now. I always battle with presents and, as she lives on the other side of the world, do not get to see her often. I tend to leave the major presents to her Mom and her aunts. Thinking of my own kids as they grew up and at that age seemed to enjoy the packaging rather than the contents I send her strange presents. Such as the foldaway eco-carrier bag that can be made into a ball. VERY popular with her but NOT so popular with Mom and Papa who had to keep on folding it! For her first present I taught her to play the drum. Again, very popular with her and she now plays the Eisa Drum at festivals. But my ex in-laws were not amused when she spent her holidays with her and she woke them up each morning with a drum roll.

However, I do tend to have a strange sense of humour.

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