Great Gifts For Loggers

by frugalrvers

These cute gifts for loggers are fun for anyone who loves a logger! Logging is a hard, dangerous profession - so show someone you care with a great gift.

Almost twelve years ago, I knew nothing about loggers. Never had seen a logging truck or a logger for that matter! I lived in Illinois at the time - a flat land with barely a tree in site.

But then I moved to Glacier National Park, Montana, in 2001 and I learned a lot in a very short time. The trains that come through daily were loaded with wood. Many of the people we met were employed in some part of the lumber industry.

Also, never recognized the size of those trucks! When you are on the backroads, you can and do meet a logging truck nose to nose.

We met some great people...I know they would love some of these gifts for loggers. Hope you enjoy them, too!

Logger Gifts For The Activist Type

As with any heated topic, people fall into a wide spectrum when debating issues. This is also true for loggers. Many want to explain to the world that the industry provides many important benefits to the environment.

Thinning the forest is very important, which I experienced personally, when my father's cabin was nearly lost to a raging forest fire. The forest was so dense and full of dead fall, a lightning strike set it running, destroying many off the grid homes where my father lives. There is less competition among trees, more light hits the ground cover so grasses and soils can thrive.

I also witnessed so many people insisting on popping up cabins throughout the forests, right in the trees, then expecting lives to be put on the line to save their dwellings which were built in overgrown forests, needing just a hit with dry lightning to set it ablaze.

Most importantly, the small mountain town we resided in lost two lumber mills. Families were destroyed financially, having to move away and pull their children out of the only home they ever knew. There are good people working long, hard hours in this dangerous industry - and mouths to feed when the day is done.

Logger gifts for the "activist" loggers are those who are angry at the criticism, fed up with hypocrisy (criticize logging yet build a new home in a new subdivision instead of moving into an empty house), tired of those not understanding they use the products made from logging or pulp. Some of them are just plain fed up.

Enter the "tree hugger" vs. logger dynamic...yep, these gifts are for those loggers! Let them blow off steam and get a good laugh with one of the gifts on the right!

Logging Gifts For The Lover, Not The Fighter

Of course, not every logger is the same. Some would be happy wearing a shirt (or you wearing a shirt) that is solely about loving the profession or loving loggers.

I never would have guessed, prior to moving to Montana, just how incredibly dangerous the profession is. Not only those down on the ground, but you wouldn't believe what mountainous conditions these trucks are driven in. I wouldn't want to go over some of those paths on an ATV, let alone a gigantic, heavy truck!

Perfect Gift For A Logger - Travel Mug For Coffee

On the coldest mornings in Glacier Park, I could only imagine how cold it was in that logging truck so early in the morning. Some nice, strong coffee in a special cup is the perfect logging gift idea.

You can have one with funny slogans or whatever you desire, but the one featured here has vintage images of logging from days long ago. This mug is eye catching and certain to be attention getting from other pals on the team.

In The Home Gifts For Loggers

Perhaps the logger in your life isn't one for t-shirts or slogans? There are some great ideas that pay homage to the logging industry, perfect to be admired inside of the home.

Maybe you know loggers who have a den, private room, work space, garage or some other hideaway that solely belongs to the logger? Then logging decor ideas are a great gifts.

I personally love black and white images of loggers from days long ago. Imagine a private room with some of them hanging on the walls, or getting one framed to hang over the fireplace? I could stare at them for hours, imagining the grueling work and danger the men tackled every day. The images look like the true picture of teamwork - and I can only imagine they became like family.

Browse around below to see some great ideas for home decor gift for loggers.

Make Them Their Own Logging Business Cards!

Ad Zazzle

How About Toy Log Trucks For Sale?

Toy Logging Trucks Are Great For Any Age!

Some people never grow up...and though toy trucks can be cute and fun, a toy logging truck takes the cake. Honestly, the logs do the trick.

Now I know it is scary to picture a grown logger down on the floor, pushing this truck around (if there are kids in the home, LOCK IT UP! HAHA). But it doesn't have to be actually played with to be appreciated.

Also, I always had to make my daughter's birthday cakes since she was two, due to celiac disease. To make up for my lack of baking skills, I always looked for awesome items to put on top of the cake. No, I didn't get her a logging truck...not her thing...but size was not a limit as to what would go on that cake.

You see where I am going with this idea, don't you? Imagine a great rectangular cake with a logger truck on top! If you don't want to have to clean off every tire, then put a flat surface down and rest the truck on top.

Whatever you decide, certainly your whole gift idea for the logger in your life can use one of these adorable trucks?

Books On Logging - For The Avid Reader Or Historian

The number of books about logging history, tools from long ago and so much more is absolutely astounding. A great logger gift, for loggers who would love a library collection about their profession, is a book...without a doubt.

When fur flies these days and the industry comes under attack, it is easy to forget how long logging has been around, how much purpose it has served for ages.

I've listed just a few books below to give you a taste of the rich history and importance of logging. There are many, many more, if this is the type of logging gift you are looking for.

Early Logging Tools (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Over 330 clear color photos display the wide array of equipment once used to log high timber that are now eminently collectible, including axes, saws, filing tools, springboards...

This Was Logging

"Someday" Big Fred Hewett used to say in his Humboldt Saloon in Aberdeen, Washington, "these pictures will show how the boys used to do it." He knew the day would come when the ...

Deadfall: Generations of Logging in the Pacific Northwest

Through the life stories of the author s grandfathers, father, uncles, and cousins, Deadfall documents the dramatic changes in the logging industry since the early 1900s. The bo...

Gift ideas for truck drivers aren't just for men anymore - these fun gifts are perfect for a male or female driver and even for couples. I share my fond memories of trucks, too...
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frugalrvers on 03/15/2013

Thanks for your comment and for sharing your personal story - your grandfather sounds like someone I would have loved to have known and I got goosebumps hearing you descrive his oneness with nature. I always say I was born in the wrong time!

georgettejohn on 03/15/2013

My grandfather was a logger his entire life. He started with his father, as a child, in 1920. I have an awesome picture of him as a young man standing on a horse drawn load of logs and another when he was in his 80's bringing supplies up a mountain path (on the georgettejohn is not my legal name article page). I know it wasn't an "easy" way to earn a living but he never complained, only spoke of those decades as though they were the best years of his life. He was truly "one with nature", could predict the weather, knew all the old remedies, could improvise in any situation and loved the woods. One thing he always made clear was that he preferred his horse power, literally. Great article frugalrvers!

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