Gifts for the Dog Lover

by BrendaReeves

Maybe you think you aren't good at selecting gifts for people, but you can become an expert by finding out what the interests are of your gift recipient.

If the person you're trying to select a gift for is a dog lover, nothing could be easier. Dog lovers love dog themed gifts. My best friend and I are dog lovers. On many a special occasion, we have both given dog related gifts. Because of our passion for dogs, these gifts will never end up in a garage sale.

The Holiday Office Party

The Christmas office party is coming up, and you drew Karen's name. You know that Karen is a dog lover, because her dog is all she ever talks about in the staff room. She owns a pit bull, and she rescues pit bulls. It's her hobby and obsession. All you have to do is find a pit bull related gift. She would love one of the following gifts -- especially if she has a sense of humor:

Gifts for the Hard of Hearing

The Boomers are coming! The Boomers are coming! We hear that every night on the 6 o'clock news. They're expecting us to descend like a bunch of blood sucking vampires, but instead of blood we'll be sucking revenue from every state and federal entity imaginable. I knew that was going to happen when those zero population commercials were playing on TV during the 1970's. We were told there were too many people in the world. "Don't have children! Limit your family to two!" They said it while they watched schools closing due to a lack of enrollment. The only boomers who listened were the most educated and productive that the country had to offer. Well, so much for insight!

A lot of us boomers have arrived without our hearing intact. "They" told us this was going to happen if we didn't stop blasting our music. Like any young generation, we weren't concerned, because we were going to live to 100 years old, but we weren't going to get old. I had lost 35% of my hearing by the time I was 33 years old. The doctor said it was from ear infections as a child. He's the expert, but I did blast my music as loud  as it would go.

If you're young, you probably don't realize it, but we boomers can't hear you half of the time. It would help if you would talk louder and slower. Here's a gift for the hard-of-hearing that will drop a little hint to the young folks:

Gifts for Dog Loving Teachers and Other School Staff

Mostly women teach in schools. As kids move into middle and high school, you'll find more men in the profession, but it's still mostly women. I was a teacher, and I can tell you that women really get into giving gifts during the holidays. A dog loving teacher would love a dog mug. You could put candy in it, and wrap it with cellophane tied with a bow. If there's already too much candy circulating around the school, stuff the mug with number 2 pencils for her classroom. There's always a shortage of pencils in a classroom.

Maybe you're a teacher, and you need to get a gift for your aide or the custodian. If they love dogs, you've got it made. Samples of tea, coffee or hot chocolate included in the mug makes the gift special. You could even put some treats for her dog in the mug.

Gifts for Your Friends

The next time you go to your friends house, ask if you can take a picture of her dog. If she asks why, tell her you want to display it with a picture of her on your mantle. Or take a picture of her with the dog. You can substitute any picture for the pictures shown on any of these items. How about a tote bag with the picture. You could fill it with a mug, T-shirt or anything else you like. 

Updated: 08/14/2012, BrendaReeves
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BrendaReeves on 09/01/2012

Thank you Sheila. I've got to get back to work on that store.

sheilamarie on 09/01/2012

These are some fun dog lover gifts! This wizzle is a good promotion for your store, I'd say.

BrendaReeves on 08/14/2012

Thank you Lil. I'm going to get one of those. Maybe I won't have to keep saying "uh" to people.

Ragtimelil on 08/14/2012

Cute Bark Louder buttons. Ha Ha

BrendaReeves on 08/14/2012

Thank you Katie. I've got to start promoting it.

katiem2 on 08/14/2012

Aw what cool treats and gifts for the puppies in our lives. You are creating a great Zazzle store, you go girl. I have two dogs, both old, one pug who's 11 and one chow who's 9. Gotta love the dogs. :)K

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