Glass Ornaments for Christmas Tree and Year Round Window Decorations

by sheilamarie

Glass ornaments on your Christmas tree catch the light and make your tree sparkle! Extend their beauty by placing them in a window to glisten in the sunlight and lift your spirits.

What gorgeous glass Christmas tree ornaments are available these days!

And these glass ornaments don't have to be reserved only for Christmas -- they can add beauty and grace to your home hanging in a window year round.

Come see some of the glass ornaments I have gathered on this page.

Christmas Trees That Glitter

Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas time is a time for the magic of glitter. Not for the commercial reasons, but because it is the season of light. In the darkness of winter, when we can hardly believe how dark it is when we rise and how quickly it gets dark again in the afternoon, we celebrate the season of light.

For Christians, Christmas is when Christ was born as Light of the World. His birth made all the difference and fills us with hope and love.

Even those who are not Christians, however, celebrate Christmas and enjoy the celebration of light. December 21 is the shortest day of the year, and so for centuries, people have rejoiced at the return of the sun and the lengthening of the days in late December.

Glass Christmas tree ornaments are a special way to let light sparkle on your tree. The lights you string on the branches pass through the glass and twinkle and glimmer. These ornaments are not made of plastic but are of real glass. Some of them are colored. Some of them are clear glass. All of them add a special look to your Christmas tree.

Multicolor Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Icicles to Sparkle on Your Tree
12 Beautiful Multicolor GLASS ICICLE Christmas Ornaments/HOLIDAY Tr...
Only $12.86

Colored or Clear Glass Icicles

for Your Christmas Tree

Whether you prefer the look of the multicolored glass icicles above or you like instead the clear glass icicles below, icicles make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. Seeing the long glass icicles on your tree branches, you'll be reminded of winter wonderland scenes from your childhood or, if you're lucky enough, the one just outside your door. However, these icicles will not chill you with their cold or drip on your rug.

Clear Glass Icicles for Your Christmas Tree

Imagine How the Light Will Make Your Tree Glisten!
$7.99  $3.45

Hard Candy Christmas Ornaments

Tasty Decorations

These hard candy Christmas ornaments are perfect for sweet tooths. The design is silly and fun. They would make a special gift for someone you know who enjoys sweets. They're also fun for families with children, though, as they are glass, they must be handled carefully. (Not appropriate for families with children young enough to try to eat them!)

These hard candy ornaments give an old fashioned charm to your Christmas tree.

Glass Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beauty in Glass

Snowflakes are truly one of the beauties of nature! Each one so delicate and perfect, snowflakes begin in the clouds quite indistinguishable from each other, but as they pass through the atmosphere and are blown by the wind, they develop their individual lacey uniqueness. 

This collection of twelve glass snowflakes are delicate and beautiful. With each one hanging from a  different branch, they will look lovely on your tree.

Glass Irridescent Snowflake Ornaments

12 Piece Christmas Ornaments

Avon Glass Ornaments


Time left: 3 weeks, 4 days
Current bid: $11.99  Place bid

AVON "Happy Jolly Merry Gift Box Ornaments ~Glass,set of 3

Time left: 3 weeks, 5 days
Current bid: $19.99  Place bid


Time left: 2 weeks, 6 days
Current bid: $6.38  Place bid

Here Are More Ornaments You May Enjoy

from Willow Tree and Disney
Decorating a Christmas tree with children is an opportunity for magic and fun. Kids' ornaments can be whimsical or funny, pretty or cute.
Angels are loved as a symbol of hope and caring, and Willow Tree makes some beautiful and simple angel ornaments with no faces that would grace your home or make a great gift.
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