Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

by BrendaReeves

There are two products that you will never get women to switch brands on: their skin care products and their jeans.

Once a woman finds that perfect fitting pair of jeans, she's sold for life. That's what happened to me many years ago when I tried on my first pair of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. For those of you who have never heard of Gloria Vanderbilt, I offer a primer: She is the great great granddaughter and one of the heirs to the railroad mogul, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Gloria's son is Anderson Cooper, a reporter for CNN.

The First Designer Jean

In 1976 Gloria started her own line of jeans, up until then Levi's had pretty much cornered the market on blue jeans for the young baby boomer generation. Every well-dressed, baby boomer teenager wore a pair of Levis.  Gloria's jeans were different in that they were especially made for shapely women of all sizes, and the first tapered-leg jeans made.  Although Gloria sold her company many years ago, her blue jeans continue on with her name and logo, a swan.

The Best Fitting Jeans for Women

All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you're young or mature like the baby boomers are now, if you have difficulty finding a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, you can probably find them in Gloria's jeans. They are made for every shape. Until I found these jeans, my problem was if they fit in the hips, they were too big for my race horse legs. I'm tall and jeans were never long enough. If they fit in the legs they were too tight in the hips. The waist never came up high enough which made them very uncomfortable to wear. My favorite style of Gloria Vanderbilt's is the Amanda stretch straight leg jeans. They cling to my legs, fit in the hips and waist and give freedom of movement.

Women love all the styles of GV jeans because of the great fit. Most of us aren't built like fashion models. Gloria realized that when she designed her line of jeans.  Whether you're tall, short, slender or full figured, you can find the right fit for you. They sit comfortably at the waist, and thanks to a bit of spandex they're relaxed through the hips and thighs. They come in a variety of colors to match the season of the year. You'll find the spring and summer line of fabric to be breathable and lighter in weight than the winter jeans. I buy my Vanderbilt's at Sears, JCPennys or Amazon.

Gloria Vanderbilt Then and Now

Around 1968 Hallmark Cards and Bloomcraft Textiles licensed her work, and Gloria began designing linens, china, glassware and flatware. She also published four memoirs, three novels and most recently a book titled The World of Gloria Vanderbilt. 

Before Gloria became known for her blue jeans, she was known for her artwork in oil, watercolor and pastels. She continues her work as an artist at the age of 88 years old and maintains a website, Gloria Vanderbilt Fine Art, where her art sells for thousands of dollars. Although she no longer works as a designer, she is a contributor to The New York Times, Vanity Fair and Elle.

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George Archer on 02/26/2013

Thanks for telling the real history regarding jeans. Now a days there are numerous brands available in jeans which we can go for as there are lots of options available.

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BrendaReeves on 02/27/2012

I'm sure you'll like them Debbie.

DebbieBrooks on 02/27/2012

I love these jeans I am going to order me a pair.. I do have a hard time fitting me in a jeans that actually fit good and feel good. thanks for sharing.

Marie on 02/27/2012

Getting a pair of jeans to fit right is very important, otherwise they just look awful. Thanks for making me aware of this range which suits so may body types.

Angel on 02/26/2012

Brenda - so glad you did write this. I will go through one of your links and order myself a pair and see if I like them. I am tall and curvy... have a real hard time with jeans... will let you know.

katiem2 on 02/26/2012

I will def have to give gloria vanderbilt jeans a go, if they come in tall sizes. I wear a tall other wise high waters... Great review thanks :)

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