Going Green Ideas

by AJ

Why Going Green Ideas are relevant whether or not you agree that Climate Change is happening

You don't have to believe in Climate Change to know how crucial it is to improve our Environment!

The people who disagree that Climate Change is being caused by Global Warming and who complain it is just a con to encourage us into buying products from the latest companies who have jumped on to the "going green" bandwagon are missing the point! Whether or not you agree that man made climate change is happening, surely it is still better to try to reduce our Carbon Footprint and improve our environment for the sake of everyone who lives on the planet?

There's also ongoing disputes between those who argue that Going Green does not necessarily mean promoting sustainability and those who argue that encouraging sustainability is the only answer.

Whether Climate Change and Global Warming is happening or not, we still have a duty to try to reverse the damage that mankind has done to Planet Earth. Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, at least it means you are doing something, which is a lot better than doing nothing!

How I became "Green"

I have always had an interest in natural and environmentally friendly living. When I was young I would watch nature programs and I think it was these that first raised my awareness about how the impact of man was reducing the natural habitat of many species, which have become endangered as a result.

Then in 1971, the world watched as a group of people who had set sail in an old fishing boat, took on the US Government. Their journey started in Vancouver, Canada. Their destination? Amchitka Island. The home of 3000 endangered sea otters, bald eagles, peregrine falcons and other wildlife.

However, Amchitka Island was also the site of US underground nuclear testing.

The boat was intercepted and the testing went ahead. But this action was proof that just a few people can make a difference as later that year Amchitka Island was declared a protected Bird Sanctuary

The original name of the boat was the Phyllis Cormack, but it was renamed the Rainbow Warrior, which became, and still is, the flagship for Greenpeace. The original Rainbow Warrior was sunk by agents of the French Government, in an attempt to stop Greenpeace from protecsting about French nuclear bomb tests at Moruroa, in the Pacific.

The plan literally blew up in the French Government's faces. There was outrage worldwide and as it says on the Greenpeace website: "you can't sink a rainbow". A new Rainbow Warrior took to the seas and nuclear testing ended at Moruroa in 1996.

It is because of these memories and the work that Greenpeace continues to do, that I prefer to use the word "green" when I am referring to any process that directly relates to the core beliefs of Greenpeace.

Greenpeace: Inspiring Action

The Core Beliefs of Greenpeace

Greenpeace is "apolitical" and does not align itself with any political parties or accept funding from any Governments. Neither does it seek nor accept donations that could compromise its independence or aims.

I'm fantastic, I'm not plastic

Organic Tote Bag

Using Cloth Grocery Bags

The eco friendly alternative to plastic

I was the first person I knew to use a cloth reusable grocery bag!

Using Cloth BagsA visit to Crete in 2003 got me using reusable shopping bags. The hotel had thoughfully provided a small cloth bag, that was small enough to fold up and carry in my purse (we call them hand bags in the UK) but big enough to carry quite a few items of shopping.

One estimate I saw, dated 2008, stated that 1 million plastic bags are used per minute!! Plastic bags that are made from nonrenewable sources such as petroleum take more than 1,000 years to biodegrade but with all the eco-friendly alternatives around now, there really is no excuse NOT to use more eco friendly methods to carry our shopping!

Imperfectly Natural

My inspiration to want to live more naturally

Thanks, in part, to my interest in the activities of Greenpeace, my "going green" has evolved naturally during my adult years. I would not say I have ever been an "Eco campaigner" but I do take the credit for the recycling that my parents undertook voluntarily even before the local authority started the kerbside collections for glass, newspaper, paper, tins and cardboard!

Cutting out unnecessary additives from our food has also been easy as I do like to cook and we have homemade food most of the time. We also use chemical free skin care and bath products.

However, it was a chance meeting with a well known "natural living" campaigner, Janey Lee Grace, that made me even more aware of the chemicals and toxins that we either ingest or use in our homes on a daily basis. I then went on to become the Editor of Imperfectly Natural.com, for six months, which has had even more influence in my thinking.

Going Green and Natural

Green Living Tips
Imperfectly Natural Woman: Getting Life Right the Natural Way

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Imperfectly Natural Home: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Natural Home

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My Going Green Ideas

My take on Going Green

Although I want my family to live a more natural and environmentally friendly life, I am a realist. I do not live a 100% natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle and would probably find it impossible to do so. My family and I work hard at reducing our Carbon Footprint, but we also make choices about what is most important to us.

So yes, my hair is colored regularly. Yes, I do chuck bleach down the loo sometimes and no, I don’t always line-dry my laundry - I do live in the UK after all......

I love cooking, but *GASP*, sometimes we do have ready made meals. I garden organically as much as I can, but when I find blasted Vine Weevils destroying the roots of my favourite fuschias, I have been known to reach for the nearest chemical that will zap the little *******s! But most of the time I sift through the compost, pick out the grubs and feed them to the robins – they love them!

At the end of the day, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to do everything I write about – I certainly don’t!

Even more pages about Going Green Ideas

Green Living Tips

Organic Aphid Control
Learn how to make your own natural and organic aphid control - an eco friendly pesticide that won't harm the beneficial visitors to your garden.

Best Plants for Bees
What are the best plants for bees? What are the plants that bees love? And why should we care? Why should we make sure we plant bee friendly gardens?


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AJ on 03/05/2012

Thank you Sheila and Athena for your comments and yes, if it is any comfort, I dont always remember my reusable shopping bags!

athena2011 on 02/29/2012

Can someone clarify for me what we call these pages we write on Wizzley. I have seen some call them Wizers and now see it being called a Wizzle. Either way I gave your article a Wizz vote. :) Thanks.

athena2011 on 02/29/2012

Nicely written. I always feel so guilty when I realize that I've forgotten my reusable shopping bags at home. I, like you, try to minimize my footprint on our environment. I believe that we've already done so much damage so that anything we do in the right direction is a huge plus.

Seems that more and more people are thinking this way ( hope I'm right about that) so hopefully we are making progress in restoring and protecting our environment for future generations.

sheilamarie on 02/29/2012

Every step in the right direction is a positive step. The more we do, the more we become aware of how much more there is to do, so though we don't need to beat ourselves up, we do need to keep growing.
Great wizzle, AJ.

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