Goldfish Swimming Upside Down

by AJ

Does Your Goldfish Swim Upside Down? Do you know the cure?

We used to have a goldfish who swam upside down. It did not swim upside down all the time, because we found out what to do when it happens. But does YOUR goldfish swim upside down?

Would you like to know the possible cure for your poor upside down goldfish?

What Makes a Goldfish Swim Upside Down?

Swimbladder Problems

Fish depend upon a properly functioning swimbladder to maintain their equilibrium to swim in the normal upright position. If they cannot stay upright they may end up swimming upside down, on their side or in a "north-south alignment.

This is usually caused by swimbladder problems or swimbladder disease.

Goldfish with Swimbladder Problem

Our Upside Down Goldfish
Our Upside Down Goldfish

You CAN Cure Your Upside Down Goldfish

It is SO Easy!

A search of the internet may not necessarily reveal the simple cure for your poor upside down goldfish. But the cure is easy to adminster AND it is very cheap.

Frozen peas!

Yes!! Frozen peas!

The cause? Flaked fish food!

Yes!! Flaked fish food!

A fish floating upside down is probably constipated!

All you do is defrost the frozen peas by running them under the tap. The outer skin is too tough for the fish to digest so peel the peas. Crush them and then feed them to the fish.

How Do The Peas Cure An Upside Down Goldfish?

They help remove blockages

Peas help because it is believed that they clear trapped air from the fish's digestive system and also remove blockages caused by food that is not properly digested.

Standard flaked fish food contains a lot of protein which can lead to goldfish constipation. This in turn causes pressure on the swim bladder, which then messes up the fish's equlibrium.

The Cured Goldfish

An No Longer Upside Down Goldfish
An No Longer Upside Down Goldfish
copyright AJ

Preventing the Problem from Recurring

Change your fish' diet

Goldfish are omnivores and have evolved to eat a wide variety of foods, both animal and vegetable. In order to thrive they need a variety of foods. The varied diet your fish needs is NOT provided by flaked food.

Goldfish will benefit from occasionally having live food such as daphnia or brine shrimps, which are are a great source of protein. Daphnia help goldfish avoid getting constipated.

Replacing a couple of your goldfish's meals a week with live food will help the digestion. But switch off the tank filter before adding it, or the live food may be filtered before the fish can get to it. Remember to switch the filter back on again!

And if you need to, feed the fish peas every so often.

Best Goldfish Care: How to Diagnose and Cure Sick Goldfish

The Goldfish Doctor

It is not very often that I will recommend an e-book, but in the case of sick animals (particularly ones you cannot really take to the Vet), sometimes you can't wait to go to the shops to buy a self-help book or wait for an Amazon delivery. You know that unless you find a cure fast, then it could be a sad "Goodbye Pet".

That is why I like The Goldfish Doctor.

This instantly downloadable eBook has 100 pages and is full of tips and advice and will help you to:

  • Correctly diagnose your sick fish's symptoms
  • Treat not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes
  • Explain how to prevent problems from recurring in the future
  • Show you how to protect your fish from stress - one of the biggest causes of illness in Goldfish
Updated: 02/24/2014, AJ
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blackspanielgallery on 06/13/2015

I would have never guessed the reason for swim bladder problems. Interesting.

nightbear on 07/17/2012

I do currently have a goldfish that swims upside down. I simply "shark walk" him back and forth and then raise his mouth till he gulps some air, then when back in the water he burps out bubbles and I assume trapped air and he swims upright again. It is amazing what we do for our little guys. I'll try some peas, why not? My little Bo is nine years old. I figure he has earned some special care.

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