Gollum Costume for Halloween

by Marie

Want to dress up as Gollum or Smeagol, my precious? Get what you need here plus great ideas for looking more like the pitiful creature from The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies.

This look will be pretty scary for a Halloween or a Tolkien fan get-together. This creature who originated in The Hobbit is really ugly and gruesome to look at and will ensure an outfit idea that really gets noticed. The key piece of your outfit will be getting a good Mask because no-one could look as terrible as this poor creature does!

You can purchase the items you need on this page to make a convincing character or use the ideas given in 5 quick and easy steps to put together your own brilliant outfit instead.

Step 1 - Look for a Lord of the Rings Gollum Costume

A Good Mask is a Must Have Item!

It is highly doubtful if anyone could look even remotely like this sad and ugly creature who has a wrinkled and wizened old face, the odd strand of long greasy grey hair, rotten and razor sharp teeth, big pointy Hobbit like ears and startling blue bulbous eyes. So do yourself a favor and get a mask!

If you don't want to stretch to paying for an official mask, why not find a big image of this character's face online and print it out onto card. Cut around the shape and punch holes either side to string through some elastic so you can wear a mask made from card. Very simple to make and almost no price attached! Once you've got a suitable mask, then the rest of the outfit or costume you need to put together is luckily very easy. So let me show you how.

Step 2 - What Does This Unfortunate Creature Wear?

What Smeagol Wears The Hobbit Gollum Costume

He is always depicted as almost naked in The Lord of the Rings movies, apart from a tatty brown loincloth that he wears which is rather reminiscent of a caveman mode of dress except that they are plain brown rather than an animal print design.

To protect your modesty rather more than this poor and pathetic creature does, wear some plain brown shorts - the soft sports style on the left which has no pockets or any other detailing is ideal. If you can chop the shorts around the bottom to give them jagged edges - even better. 

Step 3 - Bare Feet for this Poor Creature

Bare Feet are the Best Option

Gollum has bare feet in the movies. He doesn't wear shoes or sandals on his feet. For a suitable outfit, it might not be sensible to have no footwear, so maybe choose something very plain like some skin tone canvas shoes or pumps - you can always buy white ones and spray paint or use acrylic paint to get a flesh color.

Another idea is to get some feet slippers like the ones shown which make it look like you're wearing no footwear. Smeagol as he was also known was actually a breed of Hobbit before he was changed by the evil power of the One Ring and so Hobbit feet would also work if they don't have too much hair.

Step 4 - Costume Accessories

His Trademark Items

We never actually see the creature wearing the One Ring which he craves so much in The Lord of the Rings movies but he does have the ring (minus the chain) in The Hobbit, before it is taken from him by Bilbo Baggins. And he also snatches back the ring at the end from Frodo Baggins.

So, while the One Ring is very much associated with this character - it isn't actually a necessary accessory. One accessory that would be perfect is a pretend raw fish because this is what he loves to eat!  

Step 5 - Gollum's Costume Make Up

You Really Need some Rotten Teeth

If you don't buy or make a mask then you've got your work cut out for you on the makeup side of things with trying to get the right look! It will certainly take extensive makeup to pull off a creature that looks quite so loathsome as this split personality one.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Some rotten teeth at least would set you on your way to looking a little like him and they're great fun for Halloween - perhaps use the rotten teeth as decoration for some gruesome cupcakes!  

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Sammy on 01/06/2016

Awesome well done i can do a good voice and i want a gollum suit for world book day

Marie on 08/31/2012

That is too funny - what will your poor mail person think?

katiem2 on 08/28/2012

I just had the best idea. I think I could use this costume head on my mail box post. I have another that's dated I slide over my mailbox post and staple on, it looks really cool, this is a more trendy look might have to switch out with the gollum costume head. :)K

Marie on 03/12/2012

Thanks Katie :) It makes for a fun and gruesome costume.

katiem2 on 03/11/2012

WOW so very cool, this will be a big hit. Love the gollum ostume and those teeth,very fun.

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