An introduction to Goodreads

by tealmermaid

A brief introduction to Goodreads, a social networking site for bibliophiles.

What is Goodreads? Goodreads is a social networking site for book lovers. It is a means to not only log the books one has read but also post reviews of said books while networking with other book fans who enjoy the same genres of books. If you love books and enjoy socializing, this is the site for you!

How to create an account on Goodreads

  1. Begin by choosing a username. It is a popular site, so many "good" usernames are taken.
  2. Once a username is chosen, the system will create a homepage for you -- a profile page -- on the site in the form "" where XXXX is your user ID number.
  3. From the profile thus created, you will have virtual bookshelves to log the books you have read (and wish to read). You can not only rate and review the books you have read, but you can also indicate whether you own that particular book.

What is the purpose of Goodreads?

While Goodreads is a great way to get your home library organized, the primary purpose of Goodreads is the community interaction. You can join Groups and Discussions (something like online book clubs) for a genre, book, or author that you particularly enjoy reading. There is also the opportunity to interact directly with authors.


Special features of Goodreads

Join Goodreads today!
Join Goodreads today!

Virtual bookshelves

One of the main draws to Goodreads as a reader are the bookshelves. This is an easy way to keep your personal home library organized. You can mark a book's status as being "to-read" (wishlist), "currently-reading", or "read". This comes with the ability to change the dates on each book's page on your shelves as you read it. If you re-read the book later, you can add another row of dates for each re-read.

Book reviews

If you have ever had occasion to write a review of a book for Amazon, you know the importance of book reviews when it comes to book recommendations. As you review each book, it can be marked with a star rating depending on how much you enjoy it. In addition, you can write a review of up to 20000 characters about that book, which can be flagged for potential spoilers if you cannot write a spoiler free review.

Book blogs

If you prefer even more social interaction, you can create a Goodreads blog on the site to post your reviews, comments, and thoughts about your current reads. Others will be able to comment on your posts. Note: basic HTML is accepted in blog posts.

Reading challenges

Reading challenges are a virtual competition between yourself and others. How many books can you read in a year? 30? 40? 50? Take the challenge to read more than last year.


If you are like most volume readers, free books can always be considered a good thing. Watch the home page at Goodreads for Giveaway announcements. You might just find yourself the lucky recipient of some book swag.

Groups, discussions, and friends

Finally, there is the main attraction of Goodreads: social networking. Discuss your favourite (or not-favourite) books with like-minded others, or join one of the virtual book clubs called "Groups" to network with others who share your literary interests. You can track books on your own, but only here can you do it in tandem with others. When you come across others who like the same books, authors, or genres, you can Friend them. This makes it easy to find them later for further chatting about books.

Are you a Goodreads member?

Not a Goodreads member? Join Goodreads!

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