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by TessaSchlesinger

by Tessa Schlesinger. What is Google Authorship? How Google Authorship benefits writers. How do you get Google Authorship?

Google introduced Google Authorship glt the end of 2011. I applied at the time and did all the right things. I honestly thought that by linking all my articles to Google+ I would automatically be given Google authorship. Apparently not because a few weeks ago, out of the blue, I was sent an email by Google saying that I had been accepted into the Google Authorship program. Along with the email, they gave me a link which showed how many people had searched for my articles plus they explained that, on any page, my photo would be displayed along with my article, thereby making my link stand out.

Don’t Confuse Google Authorship with Google Rank

Google Authorship vs Google Rank

It’s not the same thing. While Google Authorship exists, Google Rank is still in the planning stages. There’s a lot of speculation about it, particularly by SEO companies, but that’s about all. In the end, we’re going to have to wait to hear from Google as to how Google Rank will be instigated.

Tips for Greyhound Bus
Tips for Greyhound Bus

Why Google Authorship Works for Writers

Purpose of Google Authorship

By granting Google Authorship, Google is putting their seal of approval that you are a genuine author and not a spam initiator of some sort. Because you have to be a member of Google Plus in order to attain Google Authorship, your identity is there for all to see.

Gandhian Engineering
Gandhian Engineering

Advantagesof Google Authorship to the Writer

Benefits of Google Authorship

While Google Authorship will not directly push your article up to the first page, what it will do is make your link stand out on any page. The eye will immediately see it because your photo is alongside it, thereby giving a greater chance for it to be clicked on.  Some experimentation on it by others indicates that there is something like a 150% increase in clicks on the article. Naturally, over a period of time, because Google’s algorithm takes the number of clicks on an article into consideration, this will push the article up through the page ranking, and the writer will eventually get to a good place.

Having said that, it has been my experience that Google places quite a high value on the time spent on a page/site, and if people are just bouncing off the article, then the article will not progress to top ranking. It’s important to introduce ‘stickiness’ to your page, i.e. have a factor that makes people stay on your page for a good two minutes! I find this a far better tool for getting to the top of rankings than the number of comments. In fact, I recently deleted some comments because I wasn’t selling anything through Amazon, and immediately I started selling! So, when you write your article, provided people don’t bounce from it, Google authorship will, indirectly, help you to get to the top of the page rankings much faster!

That's my article!
Power Corrupts
Power Corrupts

Good Reasons for the Writer to Apply for Google Authorship!

Reasons to sign up for Google Authorship

I’m going to put this in bullet form because it’s quicker to read! 

  • Your article stands out from others because of your photo next to it.
  • More people click through to your page.
  • If someone stays on your page long enough (remember stickiness), and they then use the back button, your link will come up again – only this time, it will have more of your articles listed underneath.
  • When you post your article on Google+, and others pick it up, the link comes up in a search albeit with someone else’s Google Authorship. It doesn’t matter. Your article is still there to be found!
  • If someone steals your content, your article will be the one that is ahead in terms of ranking.
  • If you comment on blogs (blogger), your Google Authorship will be published so your comment has greater exposure.
  • It establishes credibility for those looking for articles worth reading. The fact that Google has singled you out as part of the Googles Authorship program, tells people you are real! The Google Authorship link also gives your number of followers. The more followers you have, the greater your credibility and authority.

Sign Up for Google Authorship

How to Get Google Authorship

You can go to Google Authorship and find the steps there. Briefly, however, you have to have a Google+ account with a headshot, then you have to make sure that each article you write actually has a ‘by Tessa Schlesinger’ tag on it. Well, you can put your own name there – I don’t really want to steal your article! The byline has to match the name you have on G+, otherwise the Google search engine won’t recognize it’s yours.

One thing that I haven't figured out is why Wizzley and some other content writing websites don't come up in the authorship program. I suspect it's because there' isn't a byline and, with that in mind, I'm not doing a little experiment. I'm going to be putting my name in the article to see what happens. The article authorship comes up if it is posted on Google+ but not otherwise.

Joining Google+

How to Join Google+

If you aren’t famous and you didn’t join G+ when it was still in invitation stage, it’s probably more difficult to get thousands of followers now. However, it’s doable. Look for people you know (like me), add me, send me a note to say where you’re from, and I’ll add you. I don’t add everybody as it just becomes complicated. In fact, I would advise you to send a note to everybody whom you would like to add why you would like them to add you (you must have something to offer).

All Writers and Authors should Join Google Authorship

Google Authorship for Writers and Authors

If you’re don’t already have Google Authorship, it’s time to start. At some point. Google Rank for authors will be established. At that time, my feeling is that one of the points in establishing rank will be how successful you’ve been on the Google Authorship program. No time like the present to sign up!

Updated: 03/21/2013, TessaSchlesinger
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TessaSchlesinger on 03/24/2013

Please, Michelle. I saw that no one else had written about it!

Michelle Sargent on 03/24/2013

Excellent article Tess. I didn't know this existed so I'm off to sign up!

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