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by kajohu

Google Doodles are the decorative changes made to the Google logo to celebrate different special dates. Now you can buy Google Doodles on posters, mugs, and more.

I'm guessing that almost all of you are familiar with the famous Google search engine logo. Most likely you've also seen the design changes that Google makes to its logo from time to time.

These designs are called Google Doodles, and they're a fun way for Google to commemorate famous people, holidays, and other special events.

Perhaps certain designs have especially caught your eye, and you'd like to have your own copy. Now you can buy art prints, t-shirts, and mugs with some of the favorite Google Doodle designs.

What Are Google Doodles?

You're all familiar with the famous Google search engine logo. 

And if you spend much time searching from Google's homepage, you've undoubtedly seen how the logo is redesigned from time to time to celebrate and honor special dates, events, and people.

These redesigned logos are known as Google Doodles.

Current Official Google Logo
Current Official Google Logo
First Google Doodle,  August 30 1998
First Google Doodle, August 30 1998
Charles Dicken's 200th Birthday
Charles Dicken's 200th Birthday

Google says it takes its logo seriously....but it also takes fun seriously, which gave rise to the doodles.

The first Google Doodle was on August 30, 1998 when the Google founders were attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.  The stick figure on that Google doodle (shown to the right) is similar to the Burning Man logo.  

Since then, there have been over 1000 Google Doodles worldwide, with about 300 that have been featured on the U.S. Google home page.   The designs have become more complex over the years.

You can browse through all these doodles by year and by country on Doodles - Google.

As of December 2011, you can buy some of these amazing Official Google Doodles as art prints (or on shirts, mugs, and other gift items) through Doodles on Demand on

Some of My Favorite Google Doodles

Here are a few of my favorite Google doodles that are also available on art prints and posters, mugs, and t-shirts.  Some of my favorite doodles aren't available yet on merchandise, but Google says check back often, since they're always adding more to their Zazzle store.

Pi Day Google Doodle

I first discovered that Google Doodle designs were available on merchandise when I came across this Pi Day doodle.    Pi Day, by the way, which celebrates the math constant, pi, or π (3.14159....) is celebrated on March 14.  My family is strong in math, so this doodle tickled my fancy! 

This Pi Day Doodle was featured on March 14, 2010.

Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday

This Google Doodle was featured on April 14, 2005 - Leonardo da Vinci's 553rd birthday.

Note the sketchings on this doodle which represent some of da Vinci's most iconic designs as an artist, scientist, and engineer, including Mona Lisa, The Vitruvian Man, and  a mechanical wing device

More cool Google Doodle Designs

Here are a few more of my favorite Official Google Doodle designs.   My preference is for the arts, science, music, and nature, which are all represented here.  Which is your favorite?

This Vincent Van Gogh doodle, which suggests his Starry Night painting, was featured March 29, 2005, which was his 152nd birthday.   This also comes as an art print and a t-shirt.

Google has a number of Earth Day Doodles for different years, including this spectacular design from April 22, 2010.   The purpose of Earth Day is to bring awareness to our environment and to the issues that can harm it.   All of the Google Doodle Earth Day designs are beautiful.

The DNA doodle is a cool design that shows the DNA double helix.   This was featured on April 24, 2003, the 50th anniversary of when James Watson and Francis Crick described the structure of DNA.

January 4, 2006 was Louis Braille's 107th Birthday, and a braille version of the Google logo was featured, as shown on this mug.

The Google musical staff, featured on June 8, 2010, commemorates German composer Robert Schumann's 200th Birthday. 

The very colorful t-shirt celebrates Holi Festival, and was featured March 20, 2011.   The Holi Festival of Colors is a Hindu spring festival that's celebrated in part by throwing brightly colored powder at each other, and wildly celebrating in general. 


Find Your Favorite Google Doodle Designs!

I've included a few of my favorite Google Doodle designs on a few different kinds of merchandise, but you probably will have your own favorites!

If you just want to look at designs, you can search Doodles - Google.  

If you want to search for Official Google Doodle merchandise, including posters, art prints, t-shirts and mugs, search "google doodles" on

These make great gifts to commemorate famous people and special events from around the world, and they make great collectors' items.

Special Google Doodles

Interactive doodles

Some of the newer google doodles have gotten fancier and are interactive.    You might not be able to buy them as an art print or a mug, but they're fun to play with online!

Here are my favorite interactive doodles:

Les Paul was a pioneer in the development of the electric guitar as we know it.   This doodle features an interactive "guitar" on which you can play and record your own music.  This is awesome!

September 24, 2011 Jim Henson's 75th Birthday

Wow! You can make these characters open their mouths, and have their eyes follow the your cursor (click on the circles underneath a character).  But as I was writing this, cookie monster ate the tall green character (he came back), then the tall green character pounded Snuffy.   I haven't been able to get them to perform for me like that again...!

Art Clokey was the creator of The Gumby Show, with the rubbery Gumby character and his pal Pokey, along with other characters.  Here you can play with some of these characters.
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Do you have a favorite Google Doodle?

Tolovaj on 06/28/2012

Don't have favorite Doodle from Google but I like to check them from time to time. They are fun way to teach us something from the important and unfortunately not so popular fields of art and science. I didn't know they are available on Zazzle too.

kajohu on 03/12/2012

Thanks for the comment, Mladen. It also brightens my day a bit to see a new doodle :-)

Mladen on 03/12/2012

It always cheers me up when I see new Google Doodle. I never expect to see their logo changed, and it is always pleasant surprise. :)
Love Google Doodles!

kajohu on 03/10/2012

Thanks, katiem2. I've had a good time browsing through a number of the different doodles while writing this!

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

WOW such a great collection of Google Doodles, It thrills me to see a new google doodle on the search engine when I look for something. I love how the switch it up. Glad to read more enthusiastic thoughts and ideas on the topic. Great article.

kajohu on 03/10/2012

Thanks, ohcaroline. They are pretty cool designs!

ohcaroline on 03/10/2012

I like this idea. I haven't heard of Google Doodles on Zazzle. I like your designs.

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