Google Play USA

by humagaia

Google Play arrived in the USA on a bright and sunny morning. When will it be rolling out to the rest of the world? You will be in for a treat, whenever that may be.

You wake up one morning and your whole view on the world changes in an instant.
Today that one moment arrived.
Today I saw for the first time the magic that is Google Play.
And the view is stunning.
OK it is just a store-front for movies, music, books, apps and games
but the visuals are like a rainbow on a bright, sunny day.
Casual shopping for entertainment on-the-go just stepped into the future, and I don't want to come back.
This is truly Multi Media.

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Google Play arrives
Google Play arrives

Google Play Arrives

Bang! Crash! Kapow!

It felt like the original Batman cartoon had been brought into the future, and that future was now, as I opened my Google goodie-bag this morning.

Is it Christmas? It might as well be.

Is it my birthday? I wish!


Google launched Google Play without too much fanfare.

There should have been a parade!

There should have been bands, fanfares, ticker-tape.

There should have been a red carpet with movie stars, mega-bands, authors, games-masters and luminaries. 

Everybody that is anybody should have been there.


Hell, the President should have been wheeled out.

But no, we have to go find it for ourselves.

Well here is my fanfare, ticker-tape, and parade, all rolled into one accolade for Google Play.

No bands nor mega-stars, no luminaries nor President, just a red carpet of words trying to convey the magnificence that is upon us.

But only the USA has Google Play at the moment.

I'm sure the rest of the world will not be left waiting for long before it arrives on their internet high road.

And boy, are they gonna be enthralled.


Google Play Sections

Google has launched Play with four sections:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Apps and Games
  • Books

Decide what you want. Buy what you want. 

With hundreds of thousands of apps, millions of songs, millions of books, thousands of movies, and the space to store them, Google Play is the only place you ever need to go for mobile entertainment.

Browse, listen, watch, sample, see what others think, before buying.

Google Play has it all covered.

Google Play Movies
Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

Just click on 'My Movies' to get started with movies on Google Play.

Search, buy and rent your favorite movies and watch them wherever you want.

You can watch new releases, award-winning films, and classic films on your Android device. You can even watch them on the Web.

Get your movies from here:

Google Play Movies Trailer

You can stream them, download them, and view them whenever, wherever, whatever:

HD movies on the go! 

You can choose from thousands of movies: 

  • Action & Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • Horror

You name it they've got it, for purchase or rental.

Get The Google Play Movies App

When you want to watch your favorite movie whilst out and about, whether it be on your Android phone or tablet, you can do it.

Just download the Google Play Movies app and you are hot to trot!.

You have a choice:

  • Either stream the movie onto your mobile device instantly, 
  • or download it to watch it whenever you want, online or offline.

Even HD playback is available if you have a mobile device that supports it.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google Play Music Trailer

Google Play Music

Music on the move just ramped up a notch.

With Google's cloud storage just store your complete music library out in the ether. That is unless you have more than 20,000 tunes downloaded, when you are just going to have to store the excess elsewhere, you music nut!

And it is:

  • completely free of charge, 
  • accessible from wherever, on whatever, whenever you want, instantly.

Wires and syncing are for the not so cool cats.

With Google Play you can

  • browse through all of the music you ever might want

and once you've bought it, you can

  • share it all on Google+ within your Circles. 

How cool is that?

Google Play Music Tour

Google Play Music Tour
Google Play Music Tour

Why not take the magical mystery tour of Google Play Music at:

Just click on:

  • Discover
    Hand-picked by Google super-fans staff.
    Recommended according to your taste in music.
    Rediscover music you love with Music Mix.
    Google does the work, you just listen. 
  • Shop
    Check out 100's of free songs.
    Constantly updated
    Ready to play anywhere, instantly. 
  • Listen
    Any device, any time, anywhere.
    Listen offline as well.
    No syncing, no wires. 
  • Organize
    Upload to Google Play.
    All your music stored, all in one place 
    Store 20k songs for free.
    Equivalent to a 55-day long mix-tape! 
  • Share
    Buy on Google Play.
    Share a play on Google+. Listen to those tunes your friends have bought and shared.
    Listen once for free.
    Share, care and become aware! 

to find out more.

And play the song at the end!

It's free to download.

Together with hundreds of others.

Google Play Apps & games
Google Play Apps & games

Android Apps

Google Play Apps And Games

Google Play has all the Android apps and games you could ever want.

There are over 450k apps available in the Google Play store. There is bound to be something for you as it has something for everyone.

You can browse for a while for your favorite Android app. Then you can install it instantly, using your mobile device or your connected computer.

Play the game wherever you are, whenever you want, whatever, everywhere you go.

Now you can have all the entertainment you ever wanted, or ever need, all in one place.

Just click on 'My Android Apps', and away you go.

Google Play has all the apps you could ever imagine owning, no matter who you are.

And they are instantly available.

Shop for Android apps from here:

Google Play Books
Google Play Books


Google Play Books

Just click on 'My Books' and you are transported to the realm of fiction or truth.

Google Play has the world's largest selection of ebooks. And now you can download and read them wherever, whenever, whatever the weather. Whether you prefer your tablet, phone, ereader, or the Web, it matters not a jot. They are there, ready and waiting for you.

Create your own library without the need for physical space. No longer is a huge collection of books the realm of the stately home owner.

You too can be a scholar, a bibliophile, and a connoisseur.

Roll up, roll up, get your eBooks here:

Google Play Books app

Download the Google Play Books app so you can read any of your downloaded ebooks on your Android phone or tablet.

Buy the books and they are automatically added to your library, and downloaded to wherever you want them.

Get it here: Google Play Books app

Play, View & Listen With Google Play

Google Play brings you a new world of entertainment with books, music, movies, apps and games

Google Play

- you will never want for anything in your quest for brain stimulation, or is that brain numbing?

Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 08/25/2012

My pleasure K

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Ewwww I like shopping! Thanks for the heads up on Google Play. I'm off to look at the bright shining appeal of Google Play now... Thanks :)K

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