Gothic Medievil Dresses

by iggy

The Gothic Medieval dresses and look is making a come back. If this is your style or interest the path is open to accessorize it.

Gothic Medieval Dresses are coming back into style with the entire look being coveted by many. The Gothic lifestyle has been gaining popularity lately, their signature white skin and black clothing set them apart from others. Their appearance has been evolving like the rest of society, They have been adding more colors to their wardrobe or using colorful accents. This has been making them more noticeable and sexy in my eyes. Maybe it has always been there and in my ignorance I missed it.

Goth Girls

Gothic Lifestyle

When you are a hardcore Gothic individual you eat, live and breath Goth. The Gothic Medieval dresses are a staple in your wardrobe, this is the way you are and that is life on your terms. There is meaning to being Gothic, it is not just dressing up this way for attention. They dress the way they feel and are trying to bring their beliefs into mainstream society so they can be accepted or understood. In reality they are comfortable with who they are and do not need understanding or approval from anyone.  Many people judge them as being fascinated with death when they are trying to get attention to the issues that are not talked about and are avoided. They appear to have a dark nature but are just like other people with feelings and dreams of their own.

The things they may find interesting or are part of can be different from what regular people think, this is part of the lure to the subculture. Being special and sexy while being different and having your own style. It may appear they dress the same and they have little differences from one another, that can not be more incorrect if it was planned that way. They have and maintain their own personalities and differences, taking the time to see this will amaze and perplex you. They may have similarities in dress and make up, yet they are so different and complex with emotions and feelings that may be stronger and deeper felt then the common person.


Gothic medieval Dresses
Gothic medieval Dresses

Gothic Medieval Dresses

They have their own fashion and style, there is no reason for this other then they like it. They are made up of people that felt alone in or did not agree with society. They found acceptance and comfort in this subculture, as a participant you go from being alone to someone with friends everywhere that understand the feelings you have. You can share music and books with each other because your tastes are similar, the subculture is said to have been shaped from literature of the early 1900's. It also follows music closely and has roots developed from certain bands, the style of dress comes from these era's as well.

Gothic Medieval dresses
Gothic Medieval dresses

Modern Gothic Styles

 The modern Goths are a blend of Gothic, Punk, Grunge, and those that are different and just never fit into regular society. This seemed to take place in the 1980's and in the 1990's they took on Victorian style dress as their own and keeping in dark colored as their previous fashion was.

 Their new dress style is now composed of Victorian, Medieval, Punk wear, and Renaissance for a unique statement. I have been noticing colors other then black along with brightly colored accents that bring a sexiness to the surface.

A Taste Of Old Style Gothic

Black Jewelry

Get yourself some black jewelry to tie the whole look together, nothing is complete without the accessories. Pick these out carefully and they can be worn on other occasions if you are not a true hardcore Goth, If you are hardcore then pick out the ones that will fit with many outfits to get the most for your money. I have always liked the color black and my first new vehicle was that color, jewelry can look good in black. I especially like black pearls. It can be dark colored as well, the new look has some brightly colored accent pieces so you can go crazy with this if you like and get some reds or pinks.

Mysterious Appeal

You can see how there is a mystery that is appealing associated with Being Gothic, there is a lure of death associated as well that is hard to shake. Many find this as part of the appeal, i love when the mystery or style of dress shows off the female form and all it's beauty.  Women can be sexual in any culture and this subculture is no different, the allure a woman brings with the dark dress and eyes on such pale skin is captivating.

  Some may become Gothic to be part of something or to develop a new identity, others may be trying to hide their appearance or old identity. Either way A female can be amazing if she wants that look.

Goth clothing

Gothic Medieval Dresses


If you are hardcore Goth, this is the norm for you. If not, dressing this way can be fun and interesting, finding the clothing may be easier then you think. You can hit all the vintage clothing and thrift stores in your area and then travel to the ones in the next towns. You can take new fashions and blend them with old clothing or make your own. It can be fun making or putting together an outfit for a special occasion.  

gothic medieval dresses
gothic medieval dresses


I am fascinated with vampires and watch all their movies, It may sound crazy but I like how they live off of others. I could not hurt others as they did but that is something I never have to worry about. I think the vampire women can be made to look attractive as any other women can be. Again they have the aura of mystery surrounding them creating a distinction of a superhuman being.



Tattoos are a big part of the subculture as well as the other cultures like Grunge and punk that blend in with them. An attractive and well done tattoo can make you look official, when it is on a female and is feminine and sexy it make her more attractive and mysterious. Tattoos have become popular in many cultures recently and are widely acceoted in society if not offensive in nature.

Black Lips

Having black lips and eyes makes the look authentic, It takes more then just putting on the cloths and colors to be Gothic. You have to live the lifestyle and get connected to the local Goth scene in your town if one exists. If it is just a weekend or dress style for the day that is acceptable, this lipstick will work for both the hardcore Goths and those that just think the style is attractive. This is a must have in either instance. While on this page check out the related black eyeliner and nail polish.

gothic medieval dresses
gothic medieval dresses

Manic Panic Pale White

There is more to being Goth than than the gothic medieval dresses, there is the pale look and all the accessories that complete the look.

If you are hardcore Goth or just dress like that on the weekend or for a night out, this is the best pale and natural white looking foundation I have found and used.. It holds it's color longer then any other I have used and covers tans and blemishes with ease if desired.

Manic Panic Pale White

Gothic Girl

I like the subculture and find the girls, at least some of them very attractive. Some pictures can even have the look of avatars because of the black color to pale complexion difference. This culture is rooted in literature and music with vintage clothing and the usual dress, what is there about this culture not to like. I know the death thing can be a little unsettling, as soon as you are part of it and understand the attraction is not with death itself but the surrounding issues that seem to be swept under the carpet it becomes more comfortable. If it interests you then get involved and find out what it is about, you will learn that it is about you expressing yourself as an individual among many other things. You will also learn about yourself things that you never knew.

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It is every ones choice as to how they dress.
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/08/2017

iggy, Thank you for the introduction to and review of Gothic culture. Black accessories and outfits always find a practical place in a wardrobe. The jewelry gets my attention when its elegantly simple, like black pearls.

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