Grow green onions on your window sill

by mfollo

Did you know that it is possible to regrow green onions from your store bought stalks, in a glass on your window sill, and in just a week?

Months ago when I first discovered I came across some pins suggesting it was possible to regrow the green onion stalks once you snipped them off. I was very curious to try this out simply because it seemed that every time I purchased a bunch of green onions I ended up throwing half of them out as they went bad before I had a chance to use them all up. The reality is, at least in my kitchen, that you really don't need much green onion in most recipes and so I either left them out entirely because I did not have them, or I bought the bunch, used what I needed and wasted the rest. Growing my own seemed like the perfect solution so I gave it a try. And ...WOW...I was quite surprised at how well this method worked, and how easy it was. In just over a week they had regrown well enough to snip and use as I pleased. And this was during the winter months. I have been snipping and regrowing for about 8 months now. I found that after about 4 months the stalks seemed to regrow more thinly so I planted them outside in my garden where they flourished (until the bunnies got to them unfortunately). I started the window sill process over with new bulbs from freshly purchased green onions and once again have a plentiful supply at my disposal. I also did cut the roots down a couple of months into the project as they were crowding the glass jar. I highly recommend giving this idea a try, it is well worth the effort, especially if you, like me, only need green onions once in a while. It is truly the perfect solution.

3 Easy Steps to growing your own green onions

1. Save the bottom  1-2 inches of the green onion you have purchased and used (this is the bulb part that usually has some roots still attached)

2. Place in a small glass or jar, root side down, cover the stalk halfway with water, and place on a window sill. (change water every few days to keep it fresh and clean)

3. After about 7-10 days you will have regrown your green onion enough to use it again in your favorite recipe. Just snip off as much as you need and leave the rest to continue growing. You can cut again and again as often as you need.

That's it! So easy! And if you have a garden plant some outside during the hot months. They will grow easily and bountifully. You can always bring them back inside as the weather cools or simply start over with fresh cuttings

Starting the Green Onion
Starting the Green Onion
After 10 days
After 10 days

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Updated: 09/12/2014, mfollo
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katiem2 on 09/10/2012

How really cool, I love growing my own food, it's all the better to learn you can do it indoors any time of year...

BrendaReeves on 09/06/2012

This is great to know. My mother lives with me, and she loves green onions.

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