Easy ideas for perfect Halloween costumes

by tealmermaid

Select the perfect Halloween costume for any event you are attending by following these tips.

It may seem complicated to find the perfect Halloween costume, but it's really quite simple. Instead of running around trying on a tight corset and high heels, think about what you will feel like after standing for hours in them. Maybe you can simplify your costume or wear something else entirely? The perfect costume is the one that is comfortable for you!

Think before you buy a costume

The last thing you want for Halloween is be uncomfortable. Think about what you are going to be doing that night.

  • If you are going to an indoor party, make sure you wear an outfit that breathes. Why ruin three hours of work on the perfect Halloween makeup by sweating?
  • If you are going to an outdoor party, make sure you dress in layers. Costumes which include a cloak or cape are perfect for outdoor Halloween parties.
  • For those who will be trick or treating with children, don't choose a costume with high heels. You'll be sorry by the end of the evening! It might be good to save your costume for that adult Halloween party later if you really want to wear the skimpy costume with high heels.
  • If your Halloween costume requires a particular hairstyle or colour, opt for a wig. Spray-on hair colouring is a mess. It takes forever to wash out and stains everything it touches. A wig is a much better choice.
Select a comfortable Halloween costume.
Select a comfortable Halloween costume.

Be safe, not sorry

 A fun or cute Halloween costume is great, but think safe as well when selecting a costume.

  • Use common sense: if it doesn't fit, don't wear it. You do not want your costume falling off because it is too large. You also do not want to be constricted by a tight costume.
  • Beware of large props. Can you fit those fairy wings in the car while driving? Will that scythe even fit in the trunk until you get there?
  • Watch the trailing sleeves if you're going to a party with a bonfire. Accidents happen very quickly with open fires.
  • Many full-face masks will obstruct your vision. Instead, select a costume which can be used with face paints.

Go vintage for Halloween

Or at least secondhand. No one likes wearing the same Halloween costume every year. Trade with a friend or neighbour for their old costumes. Raid your parents' or grandparents' attic for vintage costumes. You might also look at a thrift store for goodies to incorporate into new costumes.

Go homemade for a Halloween costume

Homemade costumes are a great alternative to commercial Halloween costumes. With a little planning, you can either sew your own Halloween costume or make your costume from things around the house.

  • The perennially popular bag of jelly beans or static cling costumes are great choices if you're in a hurry for a Halloween costume idea.
  • Start early and sew a Halloween costume. You can then customize it to achieve a completely unique Halloween costume of your own design. How fun!
  • If you are really stuck for an idea, get a white sheet and be a ghost! Just don't forget the eyeholes.

Cute costumes aren't always practical

Let me say it again: cute costumes aren't practical. Think of your children before you buy. The fairy princess costume is cute on your six month old, but how crabby will she be after ten minutes? Children's costumes should always be simple and easy to remove if they get tired. Romper costumes that double as playwear are a far better choice.

Have you planned your Halloween costume for this year?

Updated: 06/04/2018, tealmermaid
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