Happy 40th Birthday to The Vegetarian Epicure

by CorreenK

My favorite vegetarian cookbook has stood the test of time and celebrates 40 years in publication! Here's why I love it, plus learn more about the 40th birthday celebration!

Happy eating to you! ~Anna Thomas

Published in 1972, The Vegetarian Epicure is a timeless classic.

Not only does the author, Anna Thomas, offer up delectable dishes, her writing style is warm and inviting. Illustrations by Julie Maas, sprinkled throughout the cookbook, are playful reminders of life in the 70's.

The Vegetarian Epicure Cookbook - Celebrating 40 Years in Publication

A well worn copy from my kitchen :)
My Happy Birthday Message
My Happy Birthday Message

"Feeding people graciously and lovingly is one of life's simplest pleasures: a most basic way of making life better for someone, at least for a while." ~Anna Thomas, From The Vegetarian Epicure

Why I Love The Vegetarian Epicure Cookbook

Let me count the ways :)

The Vegetarian Epicure has stood the test of time both in my kitchen and throughout the world. With over a million copies sold, it's a cookbook that easily delights anyone that loves to eat good food - not just vegetarian's either. 

The Vegetarian EpicureMy love affair with Thomas' cookbook (yes, I am a foodie and I have love affairs with "certain" cookbooks...lol!) started the first day I opened its cover. I can't pinpoint the exact date that I got my copy of the cookbook, although as I sit here writing this, memories of my newlywed days and making bread with my hubby come flooding back. "Here is the world's simplest bread...", Anna (the author) said to us from the French Bread recipe...well, we had to try that one! Her bread recipe has been made time and again since our first attempt and has to be noted as one of our all-time favorites.

Thomas' writing style encourages me to try new things. Just hearing the word souffle makes my knees get a little wobbly (or should that be wizzley :) - no one likes to be a failure in the kitchen and souffles produce many of those! Anna writes, "don't be frightened off", along with two pages of the best darn information I've read anywhere about how to perfect a souffle. Yes, yes...even I can do that!

An invitation to entertain your family and friends. Any number of menu ideas can be gleaned from this cookbook, plus Anna dedicates a whole chapter just to menus, along with her notes on each. From simple all the way up to the more elaborate meals, epicures, novice to seasoned will be hearing the mmm! sounds that people make upon eating good food.

Take me back to the 70's! From cover to cover the happy, hippie inspired pencil drawings by Julie Maas make this cookbook really special. I love browsing the pages, recalling the sweet smell of spices from the Orange Curry (pg 254) or nibbling on bites of Marinated Vegetable Salad (pg 110). With over 250 more recipes to try, I suggest digging out your maxi dress, sans the shoes and head on into the kitchen with The Vegetarian Epicure...70's style!  

Creating Good Food Memories

Grab Your Copy Today
Vegetarian Epicure

"If any one thing can elevate one's cooking from edible menus to a magnificent repertoire of seductive dishes, it is the art fo the sauce." ~Anna Thomas, From The Vegetarian Epicure

Links to More Information

Reviews and Celebrations

The Vegetarian Epicure
Anna Thomas' website

The Green Pages
The Vegetarian Epicure is named one of the 20th century's most original and essential vegetarian cookbooks by Saveur magazine.

Anna Thomas
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Vegetarian cookbook author Anna Thomas ladles out 'Love Soup
LA Times article 10/2009 

Do You Own a Copy of The Vegetarian Epicure?

You can help celebrate the 40th birthday!

I was recently contacted by David Ellis from David's Table asking me if I would like to participate in a 40th birthday celebration for Anna Thomas' cookbook, The Vegetarian Epicure. After reading through his post, I grabbed my camera and my copy of the cookbook to lend my voice to the birthday celebration. 

  • David says, "If you have a copy, email me a snapshot of it complete with food stains, tattered covers, and dog-eared pages. The messier the better!" and send your photo directly to him at myvepic@davidstable.com. Entries will be added to his Facebook page.
  • Visit his post, The Vegetarian Epicure Turns 40, to read David's take on The Vegetarian Epicure, as well as an interview with author Anna Thomas.

Have You Ever Heard of The Vegetarian Epicure?

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In Closing...

CorreenKIt fills me with joy to share the different ideas I'm whipping up in my head. Besides the articles here, I'm also growing my online presence and passion for cooking over at FoodLoversWeb.com.

If you are interested in writing here on Wizzley, click on my referral link to join in on the fun and profits! ~Correen K

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Guest on 09/08/2014

CorreenK, I love The Vegetarian Epicure! It's one of my favorite cookbooks. It has inspired me in countless ways over the decades. Thank you for spotlighting this classic.

Rose on 11/18/2013

I hadn't heard of this cookbook before, but it sounds like a great vegan resource

Bhavesh on 11/16/2011

Never heard of the cookbook but seems like an excellent one to have in the kitchen. I love your writing style!

happynutritionist on 09/15/2011

I still have my original copy...wormholes and all...that's another story for another time... told at my book reviews blog:-)

clouda9 on 06/28/2011

@JJNW You should enter to win in the current giveaway on my website...info above :)

JJNW from Squidoo on 06/28/2011

Interesting! I must have come across this at some point, but will see if I can find a copy.

sheilamarie on 06/18/2011

I love this cookbook, too. I remember when my sister sent it to me. I love the illustrations and Anna Thomas's writing style.

GonnaFly on 06/15/2011

I love your picture - looks like the page has been sharing in the marinade :-) I really should cook more vegetarian meals ....

kimbesa on 06/08/2011

It is a great book, even for us non-vegetarians...thanks! I love that photo of a well-used copy!

CorreenK on 06/03/2011

@puzzlemaker I've a thought to talk with Anna about doing an interview on my FoodLoversWebsite.com site....the intro recipe on the photo of Marinated Vegetable Salad is one I'd like to highlight...it's a must-eat, I think my page pic tells it all too :)

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