Funny, Back-to-Nature Coffee Mugs By Hatley

by MugTreasuresByBrenda

Do you love Hatley's merchandise? How about coffee? Are you looking for a funny, back-to-nature themed coffee mug? Check out these clever mugs by Hatley.

Hatley is a family run company from North Hatley, Canada. It is dedicated, as the website says to good design, good quality and lots of laughter. I am sure there are many people who have missed out on the clever and funny back-to-nature inspired merchandise produced by Hatley.

Hatley's clothing is casual, top quality and made with strict environmental standards. The merchandise features a wide range of characters, often with a collection based around a nature-derived theme like the black bear theme called 'Bearly Awake,' the beaver theme 'Dam Tired' and the popular but discontinued pink strawberry themed line called 'Berry Thirsty.' All of these themes are or were available on a range of merchandise from t-shirts to sleepwear for adults and children. They are also, of course, available on coffee mugs and this page is dedicated to the fun and currently available Hatley coffee mugs.

The Facts About Hatley Coffee Mugs

So that I won't have to bore you by repeating the details about each of these coffee cups.

All Hatley ceramic mugs feature a generous and comfortable handle and hold 14 ounces of your favorite hot beverage, whether that be tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even a cup of soup. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and measure approximately 4 inches tall by 3.5 inches in diameter. 

Hatley's Bearly Awake Coffee Mug

Hatley's Bearly Awake coffee mug comes in a rich chocolate brown and features a black bear who is 'Bearly Awake.'  He'll bring a bit of fun to YOUR mornings when you take him down to pour your first cup of coffee as YOU struggle to awaken.  

Do you know someone who is bearly awake in the morning? 

Hatley's I Moose Wake Up Mug

Hatley I Moose Wake Up Mug
Only $10.99

Hatley's Moose Wake Up Coffee Cup

I moose wake up, I moose!

Hatley's Moose Wake Up mug features an outdoorsy sage  green color and reads simply 'I Moose Wake Up' The moose is done in a brown color with black antlers and it appears that he is struggling to wake someone you know?

His mantra, of course, 'I moose wake up!'


Hatley's Dog Tired Coffee Mug

Dog lovers (or those who are dog tired) will love this mug.

Dog lovers or those who are dog tired in the morning will love Hatley's Dog Tired Coffee Mug. It features a peach colored background with a tired out female dog in her nightie and carrying, of course, a Hatley coffee cup.

Appropriate, I think for people who wake up exhausted in the morning and take a while to get going.  

Hatley's Cat Catpuccino Coffee Mug

Hatley "Catpuccino" Ceramic Mug

Hatley's Lighten Up Ceramic Mug

Love this one for serious folk or for folks who want to celebrate Christmas.
Hatley Lighten Up 14 Ounce Ceramic Mug

Hatley Children's PJs and Rainwear

If you are a fan of these Hatley coffee mugs and you have seen them before, then you are probably well aware of the wonderful and varied line of similarly themed merchandise that Hatley makes.  I love their children's rainwear and pjs, which are showcased on the following two pages:

Hatley Children's Rainwear
A one-stop shop for rain boots, rain coats and umbrellas for your children.

Hatley Pajamas for Boys and Girls
Hatley has a full line of fun pjs for your children.

More Coffee Mugs

Of course Hatley is not the only company making marvelous coffee mugs and I have written a number of pages about them. My own personal favorite is an attractive, hand-painted Whittard of Chelsea mug that I was given after a visit to England.  I actually have considered buying a second as a back up because I would be very disappointed if this one was broken.  

If a Hatley mug is not the right one for you, perhaps you will find one you love at one of the following pages:

If you love Doctor Who, you will simply have to have this Doctor Who Coffee mug, whether or not you even drink coffee. This is simply one of the BEST Doctor Who products available
Do you love your coffee mug? How about Star Wars? If you do, why not grab your cup and come along as I discover some of the best Star Wars coffee mugs that you can buy online.
Peanut fans will love these brand-new coffee mugs, which feature Charlie Brown, Snoopy and a few of the other members of the Peanuts gang.
Wizard of Oz fans will be tripping over their ruby red slippers to get some of these fantastic Wizard of Oz mugs!

Whittards of Chelsea Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups
Whittards of Chelsea makes positively lovely, hand-painted coffee cups and mugs.

Chaleur Coffee Mugs
Chaleur produces a line of sought-after and highly collectible coffee mugs featuring artwork by the masters.

Ceramic coffee mugs are environmentally friendly, particularly when they replace those pesky paper coffee cups.

Coffee Mugs on eBay

These mugs all feature FREE shipping in Canada and to the United States.
Updated: 06/13/2016, MugTreasuresByBrenda
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PeggyHazelwood on 05/10/2013

These are very cute. I had never seen Hatley before.

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 04/02/2013

Thanks, Mira.

Mira on 11/16/2012

These are nice:). I love the Pawsitively Exhausted one. Goes onto my Pinterest Fun Mugs board :D.

ForestBear on 08/12/2011

these are great, I had never heard of them. I should probably go for the bearly awake one :-). Fun page

mivvy on 08/07/2011

They are fun. My favourite is Pawsitively Exhausted Mug. Coffee tastes much better from a mug (you also get more coffee than in a cup)

WordCustard on 07/19/2011

Yes, they would definitely make me smile in the mornings. Bearly Awake -- I know the feeling! :)

sheilamarie on 07/07/2011

Fun mugs! My favorite is Pawsitively Exhausted Mug. I think that looks like me.

bev-owens on 07/07/2011

Oh these Hatley coffee mugs are really very cute! Having a hard time picking one that I like the the Raven Lunatic (oh that fits!), the Beaver one works because of the meaning of my name, but that Pawsitively Tired cat is just hysterical. Might have to get all 3!

Holistic_Health on 07/07/2011

I see all sorts of holiday gifts. Very funny indeed.

Jimmie on 07/06/2011

These are adorable. My fave is the cat.

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