Hobbit House Card

by Marie

If you've ever dreamed of living in a Hobbit home, here's a sweet Hobbit House Card project with a free template for you to download. A greetings card to wow any LOTR fantasy fan.

This step-by-step card-making project with a free downloadable template shows you how to craft your very own Hobbit house complete with a big, round door and white picket fence. All you need is a printer, some Color Cardstock which you can get at Amazon, scissors and glue to make your round-door home.

A project that adult paper-crafting fans will enjoy and one that kids will love to join in with by decorating the classic Hobbit abode with flowers, butterfly stickers and more to create a creative and unique Lord of the Rings and Hobbit themed card.

Make your own Hobbit Home House Card with free template and tutorial
Make your own Hobbit Home House Card with free template and tutorial

Make Your Own Hobbit Home!

Just like the one Bilbo Baggins lives in!

This unique Hobbit home card features the classic, large round Hobbit door which is used in The Lord of the Rings and upcoming The Hobbit movies.

The round door is actually on the inside of the greetings card and the outside is a charming white picket fence which you open up to wander up the path to a home fit for any Bilbo or Frodo Baggins of the Shire. This makes a great project which kids will love to decorate by adding in a Hobbit garden too.

Scroll Near the End to get your Hobbit Home Template

Start by Making a Hobbit Door

The classic Hobbit door as shown in the movies is a big round wooden door which is painted and has a circular brick surround.

You need one large circle in brown card or paper and a smaller circle in green card or paper. I got lucky and found this stripy, green card which has the look of painted wood.

Bilbo Baggin's door in The Hobbit is described as being green which is why I've opted for that color.

Choosing papers for round Hobbit home door

Make Your Hobbit Door

It's very easy to assemble your Hobbit door. Simply glue the green paper or card into the middle of the larger, brown piece. You can use any glue. I always prefer double-sided tape for paper crafting because it is not so messy - my daughter prefers glue because she delights in getting messy!

The 'real' door features a brass knob in the middle. You can use a brad, a round sticker, a flat-backed gemstone or opt for a button.

Putting together the paper Hobbit door with button middle

Start Making the Card

Make the main card shape by cutting right down the left side of the template and then cut around the curvy top of the Hobbit home on the right side and down the dashed line on top of the picket fence. If you cut this out, you can draw around it like a cardboard template onto a fresh piece of card.

Fold the shorter front piece of card which will have the picket fence over to make the basic card. Now stick the door behind the 'picket fence' flap, with the middle door knob just peeking above and glue on the two small windows too which will overlap slightly.

Adding the Hobbit home look with door and windows to a folded card

Lay the Fence Foundations

Trim the little Hobbit house windows so they are cut flush with the sides of the card. It's easiest to do this by turning the card over to the back so you can see where the overlap is.

Next, cut out two thin horizontal fence panels from white card and glue into place as shown on the photograph. Instead of gluing these fence panels on, you could draw them onto the front of your card with a ruler. Or you could use strips of white stickers for the same effect.

Adding the front fence panels to the gate section of the Hobbit card

Start Your Picket Line

Now cut the front flap of card down to the top edge of your horizontal white fencing. You can see more of the wonderful Hobbit door now.

Cut out 5 upright picket fence panels which all have pointy tops. Glue the 5 panels evenly across the card front. Start with the middle piece because you can line this up under the door knob, then add on the two end panels flush with either side of the card front. It's easy then to add the last two panels and get them spaced neatly.

Adding in the gate panels to the handmade Hobbit card

Add a Grass Roof

Hobbit homes tend to be cut into the side of hills so often feature a grass roof. You can make a quick grass roof by cutting a piece of green card or paper to match the width of the folded card and round the corners at the top by snipping round them with scissors.

You can glue the green card to the back of your Hobbit home so it is poking up enough to look like a grassy roof or you can optionally add in some nice textured grass ribbon first as you'll see in the following step.

Add a grassy roof to the paper Hobbit card

A Ribbon Grass Roof

There are lots of ways you could add in some texture to your gassy roof including scrunched up tissue paper, painted cotton wool balls or knitting wool. Use whatever you have to hand which is what I did.

In my ribbon stash, I discovered some thin green ribbon with threaded loops down either side. Perfect. Stick one end of ribbon down with sticky tape, pull it up just over the top of the green card, fold the ribbon down again and stick with tape. Repeat all the way across the card to make a ribbon roof.

Adding ribbon to the grass paper roof

Affix the Hobbit Roofing

Just to ensure that any Hobbits who want to move in to your new abode are not exposed to the harsh elements like rain, we'd better stick the roof on.

Glue or tape the green roof to the back of the Hobbit card. I had to use sticky tape to fix the ribbon decorated roof in place. I then added some wavy, green ribbon in a different shade along the top of the home.

Almost finished Hobbit home handmade card

Decorate the New Hobbit Home!

Of course, the really fun part is in decorating your new home. This is the part which kids will enjoy most. Keep kids occupied with a crafty pursuit by making up a blank hobbit home card for each child and then laying out lots of fun things they can use to decorate the new houses with.

Try fabric flowers, paper flowers, punched flowers and leaves, sequins, shaped confetti, ribbon, scrunched up tissue paper, color pens and pencils, brads, stickers, flat-backed gems and more. Have fun!

Decorating a handmade Hobbit LOTR home with round door and gate

Don't Forget to Get the Template

I made the Hobbit House card from scratch by drawing it out, using cups to make the circles. To save you time, I've made a handy template which features all the main elements.

Right-Click on the Image and Select View Image

Then when the Image opens up, right-click again and choose 'Save Image As' to download to your computer
Free Hobbit home paper template for making handmade cards

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Below, you can see how I use the Hobbit Card template. You might need to print it out 2 or 3 times to be able to cut out all the items you need to make your cards. I often print onto paper and glue the pieces onto any scraps of cardboard that we have like cereal packet boxes as this is a good way to recycle card you naturally have in the home. I then save all the pieces in a labeled envelope so I can easily re-use the template whenever I need or want to.

You can also see another Hobbit house card which I made using paper punched leaves to give the idea of a grassy and woodland roof on the home instead of ribbon. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. There are many ways in which you can make this project totally unique.

Hobbit Templates
Hobbit themed house card with opening gate section and round door
Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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Marie on 01/31/2016

That's really awesome, I love that you added Bilbo's name on the fence too - in Elfish no less. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for letting me know it was enjoyed.

JEnneper on 01/29/2016

We did this project a couple of years ago, when my 12-year was reading the Hobbit. Now her younger sister is reading it and we are going to make the fun project again. We did write Biblo's name on the fence in elfish.

Marie on 08/21/2013

Thank you very much indeed. It's a fun one to decorate :)

NausetViews on 08/12/2013

What a great template. I know that my daughter would love to decorate her own hobbit house. I would definitely frame this card and show-off her masterpiece :)

Marie on 06/08/2013

Thank you, DustyToes. I've made one for my little girl's birthday which is coming up - she is mad on Hobbits (been drawing their hill houses with round doors and windows since she was 3) but she is too young to watch the movie. So she's getting this card plus one of the play figures :)

dustytoes on 06/08/2013

Yes, it looks like a great project. You have the best crafty ideas. And providing a template is an extra bonus. So who do you give this card to? It's too cute to give away.

Marie on 06/07/2013

Thank you :) Someone who enjoys LOTR and Tolkien things! It's definitely fun to make.

KatelynFaith on 06/07/2013

This is absolutley adorable! A great page that I stumbled across unexpectedly, but a superb find nontheless. I adore LOTR; this will be a great idea for my cousin's upcoming birthday! :)

Marie on 04/06/2012

Ha ha, thank you Sheila :)

sheilamarie on 04/06/2012

Another great craft wizzle, Kinworm! This is a very cute card. Bilbo would be so proud!

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