Holt Hyde & Jackson Jekyll

by emeraldmile

Holt Hyde and Jackson Jeykll from Monster High doll fame are two very different personalities trapped in the same body.

From the Monster High Doll franchise comes the son of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The son of the legendary monster consists of two dueling personalities much like his father.

Holt Hyde makes up one side of the personality. Holt is flashy and loves music. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Hyde.

Jackson Jekyll is the normie side of the equation who enjoys science and orderly things. According to him his parents are Dr. and Mrs. Jekyll.

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Meet Jackson Jekyll

The Normie

Jackson Jekyll considers himself a normie and his outward appearance reflects this belief. He prefers sweater vests and buttoned downed clothing. Jackson enjoys neat and orderly styles and detests anything loud and flashy.

Jackson likes macaroni and cheese, the color yellow and is not reliable because of his dual nature.  He lists Deuce Gorgon and Frankie Stein as his best friends in his Monster High bio.

Jackson does not like loud music with a beat because it leads to short term memory loss among other things.

As for Monster High classes Jackson enjoys mad science and dislikes Physical Deaducation during Dodge ball week.

Meet Holt Hyde

100% Hyde

Holt Hyde is 16 years old, outgoing, and has flames coming out of his head.  He likes his music loud with a strong beat - anything else is just static.  Holt enjoys music appreciation class and studies hard to be the best DJ.  For Holt music has to have the power to transform.  After all, music is what brings him to life.

When it comes to food Holt likes hot wings.  His favorite color is orange like the flames coming from his head.  His skin is blue and he has a bad temper.

Holt likes to get the party started and spend time creating Monster Mixes to get his fellow Monsters up on the dance floor.

Holt Hyde is friends with anyone who digs his tunes.

Holt Hyde or Jackson Jekyll

What side of the equation do you prefer?

Monster High Webisode Here Comes Treble

Jackson converts to Hyde in the middle of school

The Truth About Holt Hyde

What he does not know?

From the evidence, Monster High books and webisdoes, it looks like Jackson Jekyll is the original personality and Hyde is just an interloper who seems to pop up from time to time.  Most likely resulting from an abnormality in Jackson's DNA.

What is strangely interesting is that Jackson's whole body undergoes a transformation when he becomes Hyde.  His complexion changes to blue and his hair turns red.


Holt Hyde & Jackson Jekyll 's Pet





Crossfade the only connection between the two personalities is their love for chameleon Crossfade.

Crossfade changes his look to suit each of his owners.  With Jackson he is a cool green that blends into yellowish tones at his tale.  With Hyde Crossfade is orange that blends into yellow at the tale.

Jackson like the fact that Crossfade is able to blend into any situation and not call attention to himself.  Holt on the other hand enjoys the fact that Crossfade digs his music and change does not bother him.

Updated: 03/22/2012, emeraldmile
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