Horror! Well, not really. Just a Creepy Dream I Had

by EssentiallyArahs

It's about dashing heroes and romantic escapades! I lied. Think more of weird dreams one can get from drinking hot cocoa before she sleeps. That's all. Read on if you dare...

It all started when I couldn't sleep last night and I just had a huge fight with my parents. Or Mom and my Stepdad. Feel how forgiving I am right now? Anyways, I decided to drink some hot cocoa at 11pm and ended up just sitting and staring at the window for the longest time. Freaked my roomie out for sure. After I felt that all the sugar wouldn't instantly transform into fat and blubber, I laid down to dream...and looking back I'm thinking water would have been a better idea.

Ideas For Your Creative Writing Class

It's random, but it'll all make sense soon ;)

So you just read up on my night and now I'm going into creative writing classes?!

Well, I could go on to say how dreams can inspire your next great writing assignment and how our subconsciousness really tells about our "hidden desires", but I'd be making stuff up. Truth is, I just needed to write about my dream cause I felt like it...and I needed to pick a category.

I promise to give some useful tips on creative writing afterward though. It's not much, but if you're still reading this then you have time to kill. Just don't take this too seriously or you'll end up biting your tongue in anger. Wonderful, now to my dream :)


Don't you just love it when people push you to listen to their ramblings? Well, consider me that drunk, yay for you, poor soul.

Are You the Dreamer Who...

Continuing On...

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you seem to be sucked in a movie with no way out even when the scene makes you want to cry? You wake up a few times, but really you're still asleep and get sucked right back in.

I had one of those last night. Unlike all the other cracked up ones (no - I'm clean), this one was about as down as you can get...but I can't stop thinking about the story...so I'm blogging about it.

Note to self: Hot cocoa before bed = Bad Idea.

Ahem. Okay, so it goes like this. Just for your sanity though, "I" in my dream is different from the me watching that "I" getting her butt kicked. Does that make sense? If not, it'll just get more confusing. So for now, just assume the story is from the dream me and the '( )' holds the real me's thoughts.

It was a regular day. The sunny skies and a full breakfast at the table with my sisters on their phones. Already I know that the breakfast scene is a dream. My little sister looks up and says my 'Aunt Carol' has a job for me - $300 if I go to a place off the map. That's it. Strangely "I" find this exciting. (Did I want to die?) More strangely, no one stops me from going and I only receive 2 warnings...by begging my old English teachers to give me a fortune telling. Right...

Everyone in this "normal" world is hiding something. Creepy, but I keep going. Oh, and the fortunes? Both of them said something bad is going to happen and that I need courage. (If I were smart I'd just not go!) Meanwhile, I keep going like I'm in some trance. Even my dream friends go with me.

We drive to this abandoned site in the middle of the desert. The stars are already out and the path is broken up. There's a crowd. Like cows, we all herd over to this white Arabian palace. Let's forget the fact that there's a short barbed wire fence surrounding the entire area. Everyone is silent and my friends get chills...but no one objects. We all still go.

Finally in the inner courtyard of the palace, with vines coming down and cracks scarring the walls, the silent crowd loosens up. Somehow someone turns the scene into a big party and people start chatting ... with martinis. (Great, magic drinks pop out).

All of a sudden (not really), a ball of orange fire springs out of the ground and claims (yes, it talks, it's huge, and apparently some demon claiming to be a sun god) that we are all doomed. Or in it's/his own words, "Anyone caught here will be sacrifices or slaves. Or killed, whichever comes first." Well, we all run in a panic until shots ring out and everyone freezes.

Outside of the fence lies a frantic crowd of news reporters, journalists, and camera men...with a few guys in suits aiming guns at us. All of them are leaning over in anticipation, but none of them step over the boundary.

My crowd put their hands up and slowly walk on. Cars rush in and out. My friends and I struggle to keep together. Then I notice something crawling from the desert. Slowly, men and women in rags drag their bodies through the sand. Out of the palace all these fit dudes in sweats have golden spears aiming for us. They were good-looking, too bad. They were enemies.

For some reason, I don't leave in the cars. A few unlucky people are stranded with me. I find that my friends have also decided to stay with me. Then the crap starts.

The hot men are beating us up then marching around randomly, the ragged and starved stay low. The fire is ablaze and laughing. My friends and I start a rebellion with an old man and we get beat up multiple times.Finally I make it in the palace, but...

The fire takes an interest and "smirks" at me. "Of all my men here, anyone wearing black will perish." When I look to the side at the row of guards kneeling before that fire, I gasp. It seemed some was wearing black and the rest were shirt-less and barefoot. They were picked out! (Can this dream get anymore stupid?) One unfortunate man turns toward his friend and yells out, "Well, just great!" His dreadlocks swung about as he cried a little. He glares at the man, "Thanks Nirvana!" Then all of the men in black perish - in a swirl of ashes.

Finally it/he turns to me and hisses, "If anybody else wants to live, kill the man who tortured you your whole lives. Do it by tearing his flesh out with your bare fingers or you, too, will perish."

The men start to shake and get this weird look over their faces. Some laugh out maniacally. They march off, the ground shaking under their footsteps. Who is this man, I wonder. Then I see them chasing down the old man who saved us. I scream and run after them as the fire laughed and set the whole desert alight with red and orange.

They had him cornered and surrounded him like savage dogs. I stared in horror - they were trying to tear at something with their fingers, but I couldn't see past their half-naked bodies. I pound at their backs, I scream for them to stop. Nothing.

Fury rises in my heart and for some reason I know that although I've been beaten down over and over again, I will get my revenge. Even against a giant ball of fire.




At that point my real aunty woke me up. I honestly had a pit in my stomach when I woke up. It was the stupidest dream I ever had and yet I felt raw emotions in that dream.

Science know why? I don't.

Anywhoo, that was my dream. Let this be a warning: Chocolate before sleep is a really bad idea unless you like crack dreams. Then be my guest. I shouldn't have drank cocoa that late at night anyway, but I was parched and water looked gross at the time. I have issues. Now that I think about it, I was at the bookstore looking at this story of a girl who got her revenge and became one of the gods. On the cover there was a fire around her. A story about revenge, a girl, and fire...hmm...

Holy crap, that's the power of ads. Just when I was least expecting it. I am so remembering this the next time I have a McDonald's craving. That's it folks! Thanks for your time. Please don't take this seriously. Not that you could.

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Ha...So Hypocritical

See the late night snacks above this? Yeah, it looks good. If you can eat these things at midnight after reading about my crack dream, well. I would probably be joining you. I won't drink hot cocoa that late, but snacking is another matter entirely.

I never learn when it comes to developing healthy habits. Sigh...

Now about those creative writing tips!

Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. When you find yourself with a writer's block, step out of the house of coffee shop and start walking. Relax, let loose, and absorb everything around you. The pigeons, the traffic lights, sakura blossoms, and the bookstore's best sellers. There really is no end. Just think about my dream. I spent only a few minutes looking at that cover and after getting sugar-crazed dreams, the image pops up in my subconsciousness with a whole crack story all made up! Or you can look at the power of ads. Watch the video.

Also, when you can't seem to touch the keyboard, trick yourself. Say to yourself that it'll only be to vent or it's only for a couple minutes...and end up spending an hour on like I just did. Amazing how fast the ball rolls once you get it started.

And lastly, always, ALWAYS, look at other peoples' work. Read manga, watch V for Vendetta, fantasize with travel books - you know the deal. These guys are published and out there, and you like them for some reason! Find out why and pay attention to the details. You may improve your own masterpieces :)


Well that being said, this was a crack post for fun and I'll be sticking to more educational posts in the future. I don't think people want to hear me rant about my dreams after all. So, aloha and have a wonderful day!

Updated: 08/14/2012, EssentiallyArahs
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