101 Best Ever Traditional to Unusual Hot Dog Toppings

by CorreenK

Come on in to browse my impressive listing of 101 hot dog toppings! Take your hot dog on a trip from mundane to fabulous, all the way up to the gourmet!

Not only are you going to find the best-ever hot dog toppings, I've also included plenty of easy recipe options that you'll love to try at your next weenie roast.

How-to cook hot dogs, along with a few of the hot dog brands that I've heard people talking about on the net are spotlighted on this hunger-whetting page as well.

Grab a napkin, tuck it into the top of your shirt (I don't want you getting hot dog toppings all over yourself ;) ...and let's head on in for this tasty, with a touch of the unusual, food experience!

Seven Different Ways to Cook Hot Dogs

Tried and true hot dog cooking ideas

1. Deep Fried – Heat vegetable oil in a deep fryer or large frying pan to 350° – 375°. Carefully drop hot dogs into the hot oil, when they are perfectly fried they will float to the top. Grab the hot dogs out with tongs and place on a plate lined with paper towels. My side note…If you wanna go on a decadent taste adventure try wrapping the hot dogs in bacon prior to deep frying.

2. Boiling – Bring a pot of water to a boil, add hot dogs, making sure there is enough water to cover them. Bring back to a boil. Turn down to simmering and cook for 5 to 7 minutes or according to package directions. My side note…Low-fat brands can become rubbery tasting with the boiling method.

3. Pan Fried – Slice hot dog in half, lengthwise. Pan fry on both sides, over medium-high heat, until golden brown. ♥ My side note…this is how we love to cook our hot dogs.

4. Oven Baked – In a hot oven (375° to 450°F) bake hot dogs on a cookie sheet for 10 to 15 minutes. Rolling them a couple of times as they are cooking. My side note…this method is almost like barbecuing, almost.

5. Over the Campfire – Simplest, most delicious, yet not always available to urban-dwellers or during the off-season for camping. Anywho, when you are camping, in your backyard or in the wilderness, just start your fire, poke dogs through the middle onto a stick or skewer and hang ‘em over the fire until they are sizzling and golden to charred in color. My side note…If you love eating hot dogs this way, look into a self-contained fire pit that can be easily placed on a porch or an open space in your yard.

6. Grilled – Use either a propane or charcoal grill. Place hot dogs off the direct flame, turn 'em often to brown on all sides...done! My side note…the rite to summertime and grilling hot dogs should not be missed!

7. Microwaved (Nuked) – Pop the hot dog on a plate, cover with plastic wrap or waxed paper, and cook for 30 to 45 seconds. It’s done! My side note…not my favorite way to cook hot dogs, please use this as your last resort!

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#1 Hot Dog - Nathan's Famous


What Most American's Love on Their Hot Dogs!

Add any combo of these on yours too!

# 1 Yellow Mustard - First introduced in 1904, it is the most commonly used condiment on dogs from the east to the west coast, north to south too.

# 2 Sweet Pickle Relish - We love dicing up some of my homemade bread and butter pickles.

# 3 Ketchup - Have you ever tried making your own ketchup? I have and we love it!

# 4 Mayonnaise - Plain old Hellman's or whip up a quick mayo in your food processor.

# 5 Onions - Raw and chopped up fine. Try giving them a quick saute to take away the oniony bite or frying 'em up quick into crispy onion straws.

# 6 Sauerkraut - Our pick for the best outta a jar sauerkraut is Steinfeld's...we always have a jar in the pantry!

# 7 Cheese - Freshly grated, slices, dollops or sauce...it's your choice. Any number of cheeses were mentioned as I read about what people like on their hot dog, here are just a few...cheddar (mild to sharp), American, Easy Cheese (spray can), mozzarella, feta, Colby, pepper jack, cream or cottage cheese and Cotija (Mexican).

# 8 Chili - Pile on your favorite canned brand or homemade - super hot to mild.

# 9 Coleslaw - Use a favorite mayo or vinegar based coleslaw spooned on top.

# 10 Baked Beans - Spoonfuls of your fave brand from the can or straight from your own oven.

Spicy Bites

Hot-cha-cha options!

# 11 Jalapenos - Try 'em fresh and diced, whole pickled slices or candied.

# 12 Sriracha - A little of this Thai hot sauce goes a long way.

# 13 Habanero Hot Sauce - Might be a bit intense for a novice chili head.

# 14 Wasabi - FYI it's Japanese horseradish powder. My personal warning... tread lightly if you have never tried it before.

# 15 Frank's Red Hot - The famous sauce you use to make Buffalo Chicken Wings. Here's their recipe page.

# 16 Tabasco - Choose your hot quotient (# of drops) and color (red or green).

# 17 Sweet Chili Sauce Go ahead and drizzle or dip our dog into this.

# 18 Peri Peri - Fiery hot!...you have been warned.

# 19 Salsa Mild to hot, green to red...and fruity too!

# 20 Ghost pepper Sauce - A little dab will do ya...seriously!

Pucker Up For These Pickled Ideas

Adds a bit of crunch too!

# 21 Giardiniera - Mild to spicy varieties are available pre-made or you can make your own! And just in case you didn't know, giardiniera is a pickled melange of vegetables.

# 22 Deli-Style Dill Pickles - Spears, rounds or finely diced. Try my recipe for Never Fail Dill Pickles...crispy and packed with flavor.

# 23 Pickled Peppers Choose any kind you like...I'd try banana peppers.

# 24 Kimchi - Pickled cabbage (some other veggies too) with a spicy bite.

# 25 Pickled Ginger A little of this would go a long way...so go lightly, you can always add more to taste.

#2 Hot Dog - Applegate Organic and Natural Meats


Herbs and Spices Kick the Dogs Up

Fresh and tasty!

basil in our garden# 26 Celery Salt - This is the classic seasoning used on a Chicago Dog.

# 27 Cilantro - Coarsely chopped or minced.

# 28 Salt and Pepper - Freshly ground is the best...imho.

# 29 Basil - Cut into a chiffonade.

# 30 Non-Salt Seasoning - Mrs. Dash is one of the most popular brands and comes in an assortment of flavors. You can even create your own homemade blend.

# 31 Chives - Snip into tiny pieces or longs strands.

City Inspired Toppings For Your Dog

Outrageous baby...outrageous!

➲ Check out Chowhound.com's, Wieners Around the World

# 32 Sonoran Hot Dog (Tucson and Phoenix, AZ) - Big thing! The hot dog is wrapped in bacon and grilled, tucked in a bun and topped with...pinto beans, cheese (shredded cotijo cheese or cheddar), chopped onions (grilled or raw), diced tomatoes, mustard and or ketchup, jalapeno or green chili salsa and finished with a healthy drizzle of mayonnaise. Most always served with a roasted chili pepper on the side. BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs in Tucson was the 2010 Travel Channel Food Wars Winner.

# 33 Kansas City Style Hot Dog - Sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese usually served on a sesame seed bun.

# 34 Chicago Style - Zig-zag from one end of the hot dog to the other with yellow mustard, spoon on sweet pickle relish (typically bright green in color), chopped white or sweet onions sprinkled on top; to taste, a dill pickle spear (place between the bottom of the bun and dog), two tomato wedges (place between the top of the bun and dog), top with two pickled sport peppers, and to finish it off...a dash of celery salt. Traditionally served in a poppy seed bun.

# 35 Seattle Style - A toasted bun is schmeared with cream cheese, grilled hot dog is next, then it's topped with grilled onions. Fave sides are Sriracha sauce and or jalapenos. 

Toppings From the Food Trucks

Street food ideas you gotta try at home!

# 36 Dude! from Bro-Dog (Portland, OR) - A smoked bacon cheddar sausage smothered in bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions, garlic, cream cheese AND finished with two, yes two, kinds of barbecue sauce. Honestly folks it pooped me out just to type all that...I can't imagine downing one of these all by myself. You?

# 37 Lady from Short Leash Hot Dogs (Phoenix, AZ) - Chipotle cream cheese, sauteed onion and fried pickles on your choice of wiener...mild to hot to veggie! Sounds like this one has the taste profile of hot, sweet and sour...damn my mouth is watering. Don't miss $2 Tuesdays.

# 38 Hair of the Dog from Man Bites Dog (Austin, TX) - Chili, cheddar cheese, a fried egg and Tabasco sauce all compliment (oh be still my beating heart ;) a deep-fried, bacon wrapped weenie. Make sure to check in for the daily specials too.[Owner, Jeremiah Allen, has moved out of the trailer into a brick and mortar business...I say, "Hip hip hooray!", for realizing your dream.]

# 39 California Dog from Dogtown Dogs (Los Angeles, CA) - Avocado, arugula, basil aioli, tomatoes, fried onions, a lite vinaigrette and all tucked inside is an all-beef doggie. This one sounds and looks "crunchtastic"!

# 40 Oroshi from Japa Dog (Vancouver, BC) - Special (seasoned) soy sauce (see #45 below), grated Japanese radish and finely chopped green onion...have it with the hot dog of your choice! Japa Dog will be coming to three California locations very soon.

#3 Hot Dog - D'Artagnan


These Quick Combos From Your Kitchen

Your hot dogs are gonna taste so darn good

# 41 Sauerkraut Hot Dog Topping - Perhaps all you need after adding this to your hot dog is a shot of chopped onions...that's what I'm thinkin'!

# 42 Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce - Still famous in the Detroit area. Once you've added the sauce to your dog, you gotta make sure to top it off with chopped onions and mustard.

# 43 Pimento Cheese A true southern classic to slather all over your dog!

# 44 Caramelized Chipotle Onions - Use these spice-kissed onions instead of raw...no hot sauce required either!

# 45 Seasoned Soy Sauce (Yangnyum Ganjang) Your dog just got kicked up with an East-meets-West taste!

# 46 New York Onion Sauce - Alan S. Geisler's original recipe, known as red onion sauce, is a secret...although people from all over have thrown their recipe ideas into the ring. This is but one of many that you can find and try from the internet. Super easy and I really like the ingredient list.

# 47 Wienie Sauce - The longer you slow simmer this sauce, the thicker it gets...drizzle it all over your favorite wiener! Jeez, that sounded kinda nasty...or it might be just me {grin}.

# 48 Three-Pickle Relish - All your fave pickle flavors melding together in one bowl...hello yum!


On the Fourth of July alone, it is estimated that Americans will consume more than 150 million hot dogs.


American Cuisine
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Restaurant Inspired Hot Dog Toppings

Find a favorite in your area

# 49 Soprano from Maui's Dog House (North Wildwood, New Jersey) - Baby Spinach sauteed with garlic and white wine and tenderly topped with extra sharp provolone cheese...with a German-inspired frank made with beef, pork and veal. And this is all served in a dog bowl...how fun is that!?

# 50 The Bat Dog from Biker Jim's Hot Dogs (Denver, Colorado) - Tomato cream cheese, avocado foam, caramelized onions, sprinkling of bacon/tomato powder and crumbled bacon....vroom, vroom!

# 51 New Englander from Super Duper Weenie (Fairfield, Connecticut) - Huge spoonful of sauerkraut (you can ask for more or less :), crispy bacon, good old mustard, a dab of sweet relish and minced raw onions. Classic and this hot dog has three of my must-have toppings. Note: could not link to the site - probably because of the name - so here is the link to copy and paste in your browser...http://www.superduperweenie.com/ 

# 52 Guadalajara Dog from Pink's (Hollywood, CA) - Relish, onions and tomatoes, topped with sour cream. Pretty darn basic, although it sounds pretty darn good to me. How about you?

# 53 Naked Dog from The Varsity (Greater Atlanta and Athens, Georgia) - Simple as it gets...just a hot dog hugged in a bun! I'd encourage you to at least drizzle on some mustard. You have gotta check out their amazing prices...eat for under five bucks!

# 54 Side on Top from Papaya King (New York, New York) - French fries stacked atop chilli and cheese. Can you say ooey gooey really fast ten times?

# 55 Pimento Cheese Dog from Sandy's Famous (Columbia, South Carolina) - Homemade pimento cheese (see #43 above for recipe), a drizzle of mustard with just a tiny sprinkling of chopped up onions...I just heard yum! in my head.

# 56 The Puka Dog from Puka Dog (Hawaii) - Garlic lemon sauce (mild to hot-hot), tropical relish (mango, coconut, pineapple, banana, papaya or star fruit) all tucked in a special bun with a polish-style sausage or veggie dog! I'm booking my ticket to Hawaii...you?

# 57 The Hilltop Strangler from The Red Hot (Tacoma, Washington) - Slice of bacon, thousand island, onions, mustard, nacho cheese and tomatoes with an all-beef frank. For under five bucks...this one is a real deal and it's even in my neck of the woods.

# 58 Dub-T Dog from Po Dogs (Seattle, Washington) - Creamy cheese sauce, crushed potato chips, topped with mustard and ketchup. Cool thing...5 different weenies to choose from, even a vegetarian variety!

# 59 French Poodle from Chicago's Dog House (Chicago, Illinois) - Brie cheese, Grey Poupon with slices of pear. Not sure about this one because Brie and I don't get along. Does it sound good to you? Gourmet hot dog choices include turkey and vegetarian.

# 60 Shack-cago Dog from Shake Shack (Worldwide) - Relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, sport pepper, celery salt and mustard...on top of a Vienna all-beef dog. Just the name of the restaurant brings back good memories of shakes and hot dogs on a hot summer night!

#61 The Homewrecker From Hill Billy Hot Dogs

West Virginia

Wowsa! on this one. Can you say indigestion?

Ingredient list… - Jalapenos - Habanero sauce - Cole slaw - Lettuce - Tomato - Onion - Grated cheese...All atop a heart-gasping 15″ all-beef wiener and humongous bun!

BELCH…oops, ex-squeeze me! 

Featured on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives

Salty and Crunchy Fixin's

Let's have a crunch fest!

# 62 Corn Chips - Crumble white, blue or yellow tortilla chips all the way up to the crowd pleasing...Fritos.

# 63 Potato Chips - Crunch up baked to kettle chips...sprinkle away.

# 64 Sunflower or Sesame Seeds - Raw, toasted to dry roasted.

# 65 Potato Sticks - You know, the ones that are fried and come in a can or be adventurous and make your own at home.

# 66 Doritos - Crunch up your favorite flavor, sprinkle on top. <---I'm thinkin' spicy nacho flavored sounds kinda yummy!

#4 Hot Dog - Organic Prairie


More Meat To Top Off Your Hot Dog - What!

You just might explode if you super size it! :)

# 67 Bacon - Wrapped around the dog and grilled or fried crispy and or crumbled on top.

# 68 Pastrami - Tasty when you have sauerkraut and mustard too.

# 69 Pepperoni - Toss on a few slices, include sauce and some mozzarella for an Italian flair.

# 70 Ground Beef - Browned and crumbled on top with any selection of 'other' toppings that you like.

Assorted Veggie Garnishes

Makes your hot dog healthier...right?

There are lots of different veggies folks like to put on hot dogs and as I've ventured around the internet some of 'em sound out-of-this-world crazy to me. The one veggie I'm having a really hard time with is lettuce...have you ever tried it?

# 71 Lettuce - Try any variety, such as iceberg, red or green leaf, romaine, baby greens or lettuce from your own garden.

# 72 Avocado  - Slices, chunks all the way up to mashed and smeared on the bun.

# 73 Cucumbers - Fresh slices or diced...even quick pickled.

# 74 Tomatoes - Cut into wedges, thin slices, chunked or minced.

# 75 Cabbage - Red or green, thinly sliced or grated...some folks even give it a quick steam or stir-fry.

# 76 Garlic - Fresh minced, either raw or fried to golden brown.

# 77 Potatoes - Pick what you like from French fries, mashed, seasoned home fries, hash browns, potato salad and more.

# 78 Green Onions - Finely chopped or thinly sliced lengthwise.

# 79 Bell Peppers - They come in lots of colors, just thinly slice or mince 'em.

# 80 Alfalfa Sprouts - Pluck a handful off your chia pet. ;)


"Drag it through the garden"

Diner lingo for a hot dog with all the condiments on it.

Dressing, Dips, Spreads and Sauces

Nothing seems too outrageous to put on a weenie!

# 81 Ranch - Our son's put this on everything!

# 82 Guacamole Chunky to smooth, mild to hot, homemade to store-bought...you get the drift.

# 83 Blue Cheese Hmm! You might think about doing a Cobb dog by adding bacon and diced hard-boiled eggs.

# 84 Sour Cream - Either straight up or seasoned with your favorite spices and or herbs.

# 85 Thousand Island - Turn your "Frank" into a Reuben...lol!

# 86 Miracle Whip - The "other" mayo. Nope, not for me!

# 87 Hummus - Sounds kinda crazy to me, but hey...to each his own!

# 88 Teriyaki Sauce - Rather than just drizzling on top try marinating your dog in the sauce.

# 89 Aioli Sauce - The skies the limit on this sauce, make it any flavor that suits your taste buds...just don't forget the garlic!

# 90 Barbecue Sauce - Mild to hot and homemade too!

This is My Favorite Red Cabbage

Have you tried this one Chef?

Chef Keem's Ideas

Dear Chef knows best what goes on a wiener!

Gave a shout out to my fave chef here on Wizzley and these were his three top picks of things to put on a wiener!

# 91 Red Cabbage - German import: “Rotessa” in glass jar; just heat, eat or top your weenie with it!

# 92 Freshly Grated Horseradish Root - Mixed with a little mayo.

# 93 Various Pepper Jellies and Jams

#5 Hot Dog - Let's Be Frank Dogs


A Few Crazy Notions For Your Hot Dog

Ya never know what is gonna taste good until you try it!

# 94 Refried Beans - Smeared on the bun with a dash or two of hot sauce...wow!

# 95 Fried Pickles - You pick...sweet or dill, then fry ''em up and plop a couple on your dog!

# 96 Fruit - Adds a touch of sweetness...the kids might find this one fun!

# 97 Chili Beans - You know those beans in a can that are in a seasoned tomato sauce. Heat 'em in the can over a camp fire to add a unique smoky flavor.

# 98 Spaghetti or Pizza Sauce - Mambo Italiano!

# 99 Nacho Cheese - Of the 7-Eleven or mini-market variety...sticky and probably a couple days old. :)

# 100 Olives - And not just black olives...venture onto green, kalamata, marinated medley or stuffed

# 101 Have It Your Way..I Do

Keep on keeping on!

101 Hot Dog Toppings on Wizzley

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