Hot Trend on the Web: How to Make Photos and Pictures with Words

by TessaSchlesinger

Making Pictures on Google Plus or on facebook with words attached will win you both influence and followers. learn how.

Saying it visually with words on the web
The best way to say something on the web is say it visually. The aim, for many, is not only to receive an optimal number of views on the web but to have it shared by as any people as possible. As with all things, some succeed, and some don’t. So what’s going to work, and what’s not going to work? This article shows you both visually and explains verbally how to add words to your photo or picture. Even a plain color screen at the back will give more impetus to plain words written on paper.

Appealing, Quirky Sayings

To say that something must have appeal goes without saying. Duh! If you know a niche market well, it’s easier to know what will appeal to people. For instance, in the last election, having a quirky saying for Obama followers was going to be picked up by Obama followers but not by Romney followers, and, of course, having a quirky saying for Romney followers was going to be picked up by Romney followers but not by Obama followers. This is where your talent comes in. One tip over here. Quirky sayings come to us at odd moments; keep a notebook and jot it down. Then when you are ready to do some artwork

picture photo tutorial
Make Sure Picture doesn't obscure words...
Make Sure Picture doesn't obscure words...

Artwork for Pictures with Words

You might be a wizard at Photoshop or Illustrator, or you might not be. If you don’t have photoshop but you know how to use layers, then try either Gimp or Paintnet. Both Gimp and Paintnet can be downloaded free. Paintnet is not the same as Paint which comes with Microsoft.

You can also use your own photographs or get those that have creative commons licenses. If you use the latter, be sure to give credit to them in the photo. Use these as your background.

Then find a program on the web that will enable you to write your smart words on the photo. Be sure that the words are very clear. Don’t use black on a photograph that is very dark as it is difficult for the words to be read. Either use white or another color. Also be careful with the type of font you use. People, believe it or not, have an inclination to be friendlier to one font than another! Times Roman works well, as does Verdana.

While you can just use an ordinary background color, it helps if these is something more interesting in the background.

Web picture tutorial
Words must not be swallowed up
Words must not be swallowed up
How to make pictures with words
Avoid Bland Backgrounds.
Avoid Bland Backgrounds.

Size and Branding of saying images

Same Size
If it's for the web, stick to a standard size. Squares are best as they can be resized using photo imaging software and that will fit the parameters of most websites. If your work is always formatted in the same way, it quickly develops branding and people will recognize it as yours just by looking at it. On the other hand, if you're thinking of doing something like a demotivational poster (or even a motivational poster), these will be rectangular.

Branding still works although there’s a growing movement to avoid corporate brand names. If people develop both familiarity, trust and likingfor your particular type of slogan, they will look out for it. That’s what you want. Best way of doing this is to stick to one format in one niche market providing the same standard of work.

Picture photos with words
Avoid words on background logo
Avoid words on background logo
Tutorial for Web Words
Almost perfect...
Almost perfect...

Standard and Venues for your Photographs with Words

Consistent Standard
Don’t kid yourself. If your work isn’t of a high standard, it won’t go anywhere. So consider carefully where your strengths are and stick with them. Success consists of doing the same thing over and over again because that’s what your viewers/readers are expecting. Don’t let your standard slip – not for a day, not for a week, and not for a year. It will be hard getting back the truth you built up.

Venue or Venues
Whether it’s Reddit, Facebook, Google Plus, or some other social networking site, you need to consider the interests of the people your slogan is for. The more your slogan fits in with them, the more likely they are to share it with others. The more venues you cover, the more quickly your slogans will become known.

Consistant Posting on the Web

Same Day Posting
Try to post on the same day each week, or the same time each day, depending on the frequency of your work. Don’t post haphazardly. Also don’t put too much pressure on yourself. While you may forgive yourself if you miss a day or a week or work sloppily two or three times because you had other things pending, your viewers/readers won’t.

De-motivational Posters
These are a little different. For these you need a rectangular style with a photo on top and a black space underneath. In the black space, you write a quirky, sarcastic, or de-motivational message that is funny.

How to do Words on Pictures
Message is Important
Message is Important
How to make your word picture speak...
Words and Pictures Match!
Words and Pictures Match!

Photographs with Words

Some people also like to put words to photograph. This can be very effective, especially if the words add to the photograph and visa versa. However, be aware that the two can detract from each other if one cannot see the photograph clearly, and if the photograph makes the words difficult to read. So follow the above rules and select your words and photographs with care. Generally, if you're going to use a black and white photograpy, use image editing software to make it more grey so that black words stand out, and if you're going to use color, make sure that the color you use for words does not intefere with the shapes in the photo.

Picture is Perfect in every way!

Learning about putting words with pictures
Picture is Perfect in every way!
Picture is Perfect in every way!

Your signature on you visual words...

Your Personal Signature or Icon
In the bottom left hand or right hand corner, insert your personal signature or icon. It might take you a while to figure out to stylelize it. That’s alright. Give yourself time. First try it out with friends, then with a wider range of acquaintances, and finally put it out there. Good luck. J

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