How Can I Shrink My Stomach

by katiem2

The chronicles of a girl who has cracked the dieting code shrinking her stomach, got a energy boost and lost her appetite. Learn how you can shrink your stomach without surgery.

As a last ditch effort some consider lap band or gastric bypass surgery as they know in order to lose weight we must first reduce the size of our stomachs. Learn the non surgical procedure to do just that. Shrink My Stomach - In order to shrink your stomach we must first stop that nagging appetite, follow along as I share with you just how to do that in a few easy steps. This is the very question I asked myself many many years ago. Since then I've figured it out and use the strategies that work to this day to stay thin and satisfied. Stop now, before you go any further save this page to your favorites.

How to Control Appetite

No matter how hard you set yourself to use will power you get hungry and must eat, what's available for you to eat?

The fact that you're here proves you've figured out the biggest factor to losing weight and that is shrinking your stomach. There is however one vital half to the whole of this weight solution. The other half of the solution is appetite control. So today we both learn how to shrink our stomachs and control our appetites. These two issue solutions alone will have you moving toward your weight loss goals and all the while feeling good.  You will shrink your stomach by eating less because the nutrient-rich ingredients and functions of these super foods leave you satisfied and energized.

Shrink Your Stomach Reduce Belly Size

Shrink your stomach by reducing your appetite which reduces the amount of food you take in, both actually shrinking the size of your stomach.

The one thing we all have in common is hunger. No matter how well-intended your weight loss efforts once hunger strikes you're in trouble. The nasty hunger rears its ugly head more intensely, as you ignore it, hunger always wins. The idea of having the willpower to ignore hunger is flat out not healthy and in fact the main component in the onset of eating disorders. No way, we're working with a plan that allows you to eat and satisfy that hunger all the while shrinking your stomach, feeling full, and fueling your body with amazing nutrients. There is a huge edge in the war against fat and hunger, you will now be regular, seriously even you!

I'm cutting to the chase, as I know most of you don't want all the nuts and bolts of science behind this method. I've been writing about my shrink your stomach plan for years and the one thing my readers request is to keep it simple. With that in mind, it is my every intention to be mindful of your time. Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment at the end of this page and I will get back to you. What my plan does is flood your body with nutrients giving you super energy.  It fills you up in a manner that has you forgetting about food as your appetite is satisfied and therefore suppressed. Plus it sweeps through your colon really cleaning you out. This plan keeps your intestines clean allowing your body to absorb nutrients and end cravings. The best part is this is simple and very affordable and satisfying.

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My Tummy on The Program

I've had two babies, both born before this photo!
me tummy

My Flax Seed Packs to Go

I don't leave home without my flax seed
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Satisfy Your Appetite and Reduce Belly Fat

A plan that stops cravings, end hunger pains and reduce the amount of food you eat.
  1. First thing upon waking, before your feet hit the floor, eat 1 to 2 teaspoons of flax seed, one at a time chasing it down with 8, 12 or 16 ounces of water, then get up and go about the day. Doing this first thing both forces hydration and revs up fat burning energy. Talk about firing up your metabolism. This is an easy thing to do while half asleep, it's effortless. The only thing you must do is have the flax seed and water on hand at bedside. NEVER ever move that flax seed as it is VITAL you do this everyday, keep a bottle at your bedside and every night before bedtime carry the water to your bedside as well to keep this a constant! For many reasons both physical and psychological it is vital to do this before your feet hit the floor, do not leave bed before you do this that is unless you are very dissiplined. 

Buy and Use the Flax Seed, Not the Oil

All You Need to Get Started Today

2.  Second coffee, if a coffee drinker you're no doubt headed to the coffee maker soon after you get out of bed if so add 1/2 teaspoon of extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil to the first cup of coffee. Talk about a super burst of energy, this will take you there, and it is so delicious. 

I know there has been much said about coconut oil lately, but I have been using it for one decade now, yes ten years and it's amazing I could go on and on about it's benefits but in respect of your time and eagerness to get started I'll save that for another day. If you don't drink coffee and want to give it a go, try taking a teaspoon in warm water or tea and if all else just by the teaspoon.

Drink Fat Burning Coffee

Fatty coffee burns fat, gives quick sustainable energy, sharpens mental acuity, increases metabolism and taste good, learn to make it a variety of ways and read reviews

Note: Before you've left the house you've super charged the bodies furnace with tons of insanely healthy nutrients and very little calories. Flax is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and packs a host of benefits. Read the label on the Barleans flax container when you get it. I can recommend this brand as I've tried many and yet for a lot of reasons I can only recommend Barleans, it is the best.


Coconut oil gives you energy, whether headed out the door or starting your day at home. You'll no longer be wishing you could go back to bed, another benefit to taking the flax and water first thing, mindlessly if you will, no time out of your day and so easy. Also the coconut oil is quickly absorbed into the liver and stimulates the hypo-thymus gland which is the management team of your metabolism. You have two super powers at work both filling you up with minimal calories and sending the bodies furnace into power mode giving you energy and burning fat.

How Coconut Oil Aids Weight Lose

Learn cost-cutting organic treatments cures and hacks using coconut oil that save a lot of money and can replace costly health beauty and household products.
If your dieting efforts are derailed by intense food cravings your brain is sending your body the message to eat and eat a particular thing. Learn how to stop craving food now.

Flax Seed Reduces Hunger and Belly Size

Taking in a high nutrient food such as flax seed will satisfy your cravings and have you eating less and less.

Remember: The flax cannot be whole seeds, it must be crushed.

I only recommend the products I'm including on this page while you may opt to buy them here today and be on the ready or not I strongly advise you use these brands as I know they deliver on the vital organic and raw needs to succeed.

Other less inferior brands may not have the same effects. Remember these brands, write them down if you plan buying them else where.

I offer them here as I've learned some of you don't have organic health food stores available near you, if you do you can run out and buy the exact products there if not order them here today and don't feel bad you're saving money on both your gas and time.

The flax seed you use must be milled and organic, these to go packets to the right are a life saver. Carry these little packets of flax seed around with you and take with water anytime hunger strikes. These will be your new secret to getting and staying thin or skinny which ever you decide. 


To Go Packets for Your Belly Busting Plan

Keep in your purse, bag or desk at work.These are my favorites, I just take out and enjoy, they survive my purse.
If you love carbs you know how hard it is to lose weight when you love and crave carbs. Learn how to have your carbs and eat them all the while losing weight.

Beat Raging Appetite and Tummy Fat Buster

Stop the raging appetite from sabotaging your dieting efforts with my simple time tested tricks.

This alone will dramatically change your life and this alone is all you need to do. Oh but wait if you're someone who gets pounced with mid or late day cravings or appetite rages, as I like to call them, be on the ready with flax seed and water. Carry a container of flax around in your bag, purse, brief case of what ever, you can simply repeat the morning routine adding a piece of fruit as well if you like.

I personally feel the need to eat something big mid day and I eat the same thing everyday and often at bedtime, why because it's so darn good I crave it. So regardless of when hunger rages try this delicious power packed belly shrinking dish.

My Rage Buster – You're not gonna believe how delicious this is!

  • I extremely large amount of salad greens I always use organic mix with lots of spinach.
  • Add other raw veggies to taste, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli
  • Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, man I love that stuff!!!!
  • Sprinkled with flax seed, a lot of fresh ground pepper and a lite sprinkle of sea salt.
  • When I really need and extra boost I add feta cheese now this is when it gets decadent.

Weight Loss Tips

Other ways to use flax seed and coconut oil.

  • Sprinkle flax seed on oat meal with coconut oil instead of butter.
  • Sprinkle flax seed in pancake batter, muffins and other baked goods.
  • Add flax seed to yogurt, so good.
  • Spread coconut oil on whole grain toast.


Stomach Fat Loss Aid Chia Seeds

Do Chia Seeds Work to Reduce Hunger and Belly Fat?

The News on Chia Seeds

I've read all the data on chia seeds and have been using them for some months now. What I've learned is this, the health benefits are amazing and worth adding to your diet. I do run into a bit of difficulty adding them as I do flax, doesn't work on my salad as the flax taste delicious and adds a nice texture. Chia seeds are like tiny rocks, very hard but once allowed to set in wet things they become like little jelly packed balls, tiny ones. You can add them to things like oats, yogurt, smoothies and shakes, they just need to set a minute before eating. My daughter created an amazing snack we enjoy its simple and a great way to add chia to your diet while this chia also fills you up and loads your system with tons of nutrients as does the flax seeds and coconut oil.  

Sweet Chia Treat

  • 2 teaspoons chia seeds
  • Mixed into one half cup water
  • With one tablespoon of honey
  • Mix well allowing to stand for three to five minutes and enjoy
  • Add spices if you like, organic cinnamon is amazing for your brain and more.
If you've asked, "does this make me look fat" in the past six months, you may have an issue with weight. Read more and learn how to deal with your weight obsession.

Shrink Your Stomach Review

Adding this plan to your life is just that an addition to support you in your weight loss success.

 It's easy to do and it works the only thing you must do is provide yourself with the tools needed to do so and get started.

Let us review, the flax seed regimen is an easy addition to your day. It is magic I tell you. DO IT!

You will thank me later. In fact the three super food discussed here today are a no brainer and so easy to work into your life, buy them, have plenty on hand and start today nothing is standing in your way. Again, if you have any questions send me a message. Save this page to your favorites for easy reference. Finally, get back with me to share your success.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie


If you're tired of what you see when you look in the mirror a simple change can turn that around. Switching a few beauty products maybe all you need to improve your look in a wink
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katiem2 on 01/03/2017

Cass, Once in the morning when you first wake up and in the afternoon when hunger pains typically hit us.

cass on 12/26/2016

how often are you supposed to eat the flax seed and water during the day?

katiem2 on 08/21/2015

Kevin, Glad you found how to shrink my belly or stomach. The natural no nonsense plan, as you mentioned, is a straight forward way to lose weight. We all dump so many processed, boxed, canned and pre-packaged foods into our bodies and guess what? All that food clogs up our intestines and colon causing a whole host of problems. This is why we must cleanse on a regular basis. Flaxseed is the best way to do so, it is all natural, great for our bodies and keeps everything clean and functioning properly. Best of Health. Feel free to drop back by if you have any questions.

Kevin on 08/21/2015

OMG this is the best no nonsense weight loss method ever and all natural baby! Thank you!

katiem2 on 04/23/2014

Maritravel, You are going to be surprised how good it taste. I love it and the cost, your health is worth it. A teaspoon goes a long way and the power of this oil is worth its weight in gold.

katiem2 on 04/23/2014

papfacets, let us know how it is going, are you sticking to it, do you forget and feel the difference when and if you do?

paperfacets on 03/25/2014

I have the flax added to my diet and today I bought the Coconut Oil. I am on my way. I will let you know if it is a success.

Maritravel on 02/16/2014

Wow! You make it sound so easy and I'm willing to give it a try. Just don't ask me to add any type of oil to my coffee. I clicked on the ad for the flax seed but it is advertised on Amazon USA and priced in dollars so I'll have to check if it's available at my local health stores.

katiem2 on 01/24/2014

younghopes, Feel free to drop by with any questions you may have, start with one teaspoon.

younghopes on 01/21/2014

I just marvel at your tummy dear, post pregnancy i have gained so much weight that i have now lost all hopes of wearing my good old clothes...ah they just don't fit in anymore....And here am i reading your post on flaxseeds, if i start to take it daily in the morning with water how much time will it take to shrink the stomach and also should i take one teaspoon or two....plzzzzzzzzz let me know, i am just wearing maternity belt which no longer helps

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