How Competition Destroys Lives

by TessaSchlesinger

by Tessa Schlesigner. The acceptebelief is that competition makes the best rise to the top and that it encourages people to do their best. Maybe not.

Competition only Brings out the 'best' in some people, and it may well be a minority. I cannot tell you when I first heard the claim that competition is good for people because it makes people stretch their own abilities when they are competing with other people, and this makes the cream rise to the top. As a consequence society benefits all round. Well, let me say that may be true for some people who wouldn’t bring out the best in themselves if they couldn’t put someone else down by doing so. However, competition also limits those who use other methods, e.g. cooperation or simply being on their own, to bring out the best in themselves.

Competition appeals to people who are not well balanced in other areas of their lives

Excessive competition is destructive

Take a look at Congress and the Senate at the moment. There’s a lot of competition going on there at the moment. This is a broad generalization, but essentially liberals like to cooperate for the good of everybody while people who gravitate towards the GOP like to compete with the winner taking it all. I’ll come back to this point at the end because I’m sure some are going to want to debate it.

Nothing is getting done politically because members of the GOP are so set on winning that, instead of working with those they don’t agree with (which is supposed to be what democracy is about), they’re using fascist techniques to do whatever it takes to win. So how does competition benefit the group? It doesn’t.

Essentially, when Republicans tend to thrive in business because they are competitive, not because they're smarter or harder working. Working with this, more sportsmen would lean to the athletic side of things while most liberals would lean to the arts.

When people want to win that badly that it destroys other people, this is not the kind of thing that works for society and civilization as a whole.

People are naturally empathetic not competitive

Are most pro athletes Democrats or Republicans?
Most athletes are republicans. And why is this? It's because athletes are far more down-to-earth than your Hollyweird actor types who like to live in fantasyland.

Competition affects who gets a liver transplant
More competition between medical centers that perform liver transplants may mean sicker patients get lower-quality donor organs, a new analysis suggests. So doctors are more likely to take the first available organ when their patient is at the top of the transplant list - whether or not that pairing has the best chance to succeed - rather than risk the organ will go to another center.

How Does Competition Affect People Within an Organization? Read more: How Does Competition Affect People Within an Organization? | eHow
Such businesses, which groom the "stars," create an environment of backstabbing which harms the overall goals of the company. Internal competition can cause employees to hoard information or resources to promote themselves or their sub-unit within the organization. This creates a culture of fear with individuals fearing that others may try to steal whatever advantage they have gained.

The natural history of cooperation

Psychological deviation in devloping ego

Ego destroys

Competition also sends the wrong character developmental message to the brain. When people win, it sends a ‘feel good’ message to the brain  If the person who is receiving this message doesn’t have any other areas of satisfaction in their lives, they then become hyper competitive in order to get that ‘feel good’ feeling. This means that, just in any other area of addiction, they will do whatever it takes to win.

In other words, far from ‘winners’ being good people to emulate, they can be extremely poor examples of good character and sound ethical practice.

Competition is good in some instances, but not in all.

Ego and Vanity
One of the chief themes in Ecclesiastes is man's vanity. We are firmly and forever hypnotized by our own self-importance, even when we stare up at the sky and are confronted by the incomprehensible scale of the cosmos. Pondering this question, it strikes me that the pervasive vanity spoken of by the author of Ecclesiastes is roughly equivalent to the ego of modern psychology .

Pride, Ego & Arrogance
Ego is nothing but pride in its inflated form. For example, an arrogant man is unduly or excessively proud of his wealth, status, learning, etc. He shows ego in spirit of conduct. He is unwarrantably overbearing and haughty. His head is swollen like the swelling caused by dropsy. He thinks very highly of himself and poorly of others. He claims much for himself and concedes little to others.

The Costs of Ego
Fifty-three percent of businesspeople estimate ego costs their company 6 to 15 percent of annual revenue; 21 percent say this cost ranges from 16 to 20 percent. That’s somewhat astonishing, considering “ego” is difficult to measure by any standards. But even if ego accounts for only 6 percent of revenue, the annual “cost of ego” would translate to nearly $1.1 billion to the average Fortune 500 company...

Cooperation is the greater story in Mother Nature, not competition

Cooperation first; competition second

For a while now, there have been numerous studies that indicate that cooperation works better at getting tasks done and in making new discoveries, inventing new technologies, and in producing well being in people. I’m going to let these studies speak for themselves because many of them are videos and they say it far more eloquently than I can.

I just want to point out one things. While on the lower level, there is competition for survival in that the bigger animals eat the smaller animals, the big picture has always been one of cooperation. The leader of a herd of animals looks after the rest of the animals. It does not feed off the rest of animals as human ‘leaders’ are now inclined to do.

Occupy group kills 'zombie' debt
Occupy buys up debt and then forgives the people who owe the money. That's cooperation, not compeititon!

Let’s start focusing on cooperation than competition

cooperation vs competition

The competition of Mega Billionaries at the top of our heirarchy and the endless competition between our politicians is kiling us as a species. 

We need to stop rewarding people who compete to win. It’s not good for us and it’s not good for them. The world will work far better if we cooperate with each other to get things done. Let’s reward the groups of people who designed a better system for living. Let’s reward villages and cities who become sustainable and/or self-sufficient. Let’s be willing to share with others what we know in terms of living well – without making money out of it. Let’s stop with the money addition, the power addiction, the ‘feel good’ rush as a result of winning. Let’s stop it because it’s not good for humanity!

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TessaSchlesinger on 05/13/2013

RubyHelenRose. Now thre's a thought. Didn't think of it myself, but you have a point!

RubyHelenRose on 05/13/2013

The food for thought that came up for me was, yeah, teaching kids competition instead of cooperation makes them battle horribly with their siblings, instead of working together in cooperation.

TessaSchlesinger on 05/11/2013

thank you Frugalrivers. It has been my opinion for some time that this is one movement that is going to need to move from the bottom up, because nothing is happening from the top down. We got to move them - out of competition and into cooperation otherwise we're all dead!

frugalrvers on 05/11/2013

Couldn't agree with you more, Tess...every word. My favorite line, however, is when you state, "the endless competition between our politicians is kiling us as a species." I've said similar things to friends/family for years...if we don't start cooperating soon, it will eventually destroy us. Great article...

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