How did I get here?

by kcoble

I had all the traditional achievements of marriage, starting a family, and creating my home, but I wasn't happy. Somewhere, I’d lost sight of where I was going.

Five years ago I woke up and found myself coasting along without much direction. I had relocated from Northern Virginia a few years prior, and I was working in Sales and Marketing. I had all the traditional achievements of marriage, starting a family, and creating my home, but I wasn't happy. I was also overworked, over-stressed, and under-appreciated, and I don’t just mean at the office. Somewhere, I’d lost sight of where I thought, I always knew, I was headed.

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The decision to start my own business.

Self-employed and working from home.

A formal education was something I’d wanted as long as I could remember. No one in my family ever received a Degree, and there wasn’t a college fund waiting for me after high school, so it was easy to put college off for another year, and another year, and so on.  I did know that I loved working in Marketing and I recognized that I hadn’t done a single thing for myself in a very long time.  That’s when I decided to enroll in College, more than eleven years after graduating from high school. 

I’m one of those insanely determined people where once I put my mind to something I rarely give up.  Continuing to work full time (55-60 hours a week) while also being a full time student can be beyond challenging from a time management standpoint.  Somewhere in the process my marriage fell apart and I found myself taking on the role of a single mother.  Some may call me stubborn (many actually did), but I refused to quit school.  An education is the only thing that (no matter what happens) no one can take away from me.

Despite many obstacles, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree with high honors in 2014, and chose to continue on into the MBA program. However, the time requirements have taken a severe toll on my ability to continue to work my overly demanding full time job.  After having been (treading water) in my career for eight years, I’m looking for something new.  Granted I don’t want to completely start over with my career... I’d like to build on the knowledge that I already have.  This presented me with a very big challenge: find a career that uses my business and marketing experience, while giving me the freedom to create my own schedule. 

While exploring the many work-from-home options, and quick business startups, I’ve decided not to let my (OCD) research go to waste.  This information might be able to help other people...  other people just like me.

Maybe I can help other families find a better life too. 

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Updated: 07/30/2015, kcoble
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frankbeswick on 08/01/2015

You can work from home, doing work in the house, or you can do a business that you operate from your house but which you do elsewhere. I have been running a private tuition operation for many years. My base is my house, but I work in clients' houses. Similarly with examination marking, I occasionally go away to meetings, but much of my work is done in the home at the computer.

kcoble on 08/01/2015

I'm actually still working on that part. I'm exploring several different work-from-home options, and plan to blog about it. There's so much out there, much of which appears to be scams, so I thought that through all my pain-staking research and all the dead-ends, perhaps if I shared that information than I could help other women just like me.

Mira on 07/31/2015

So what is it that you did?:) The story stops mid-course.:)

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