How People Have Become Things to be Used

by TessaSchlesinger

With every passing hour, more and more human beings are treated as if they are without feelings, a lifeless product to be discarded or used for some purpose by someone else.

When human beings are used for the purpose of achieving something or someone’s else’s goals without regard for their feelings, then they are being treated as inanimate objects. When human beings are treated without respect for their time and means, then it is a sign that any concern for them as living, breathing entities has vanished from our world. Today, this single factor has become so vast ingrained in our society that many don’t even question the fact that they are being treated as inanimate objects.

Hello Operator

Computerised telephone answering services

The Telephone Answering Robot has been around now for about a decade – I think. Has it done anything other than eliminate jobs, increase human frustration and stress, and make massive profits for a few? I think not. Here’s what the robotic telephone system does. The corporate class have installed this so that they don’t have to pay people to answer phones. They are entirely unconcerned that you have to waste the irreplaceable time in your life by hanging on for ten or thirty minutes while you are routed through endless robotic telephonic streams.

Here’s how it used to be. We used to have switchboard operating systems – the larger ones staffed by hundreds of people. Each phone call would be answered with a polite greeting and immediately routed through to the person you wished to speak to. Either that, or a genuine message was taken and passed to the person. The system was ten times more efficient, and it never did not waste the most precious and rare element of all life – time. We can never replace the time we waste sitting on automated switchboards. When the automated switchboards went, the jobs of millions of people went with them.

Corporations have no respect for your time. You have been objectifed, seen as a thing to be treated with no respect.

Australian documentary on how phone systems waste your time

Role play : Selling from a Script

Controlling people

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with sales personnel today, particularly on the telephone, is that they have been given a script that they must follow. The fact that the people that they are speaking to do not want to follow this script, and that some of the business could be conducted in one minutes instead of thirty minutes is besides the point.

Entrepreneurs and the corporate class install this absolute system of control for several reasons. The first is that they don’t want their staff to have any ‘human’ time. They want their people to work exactly as a machine/robot does and to say exactly what it has been programmed to say. That way they think there will be no mistakes. They also don’t want their staff to waste any time, because time is money to corporatism. They don’t care if this system wastes the client’s time  The next reason is that it means that they employ fewer staff, and that’s cheaper as well. If the time and words of their staff are tightly controlled, then they require fewer staff. The last reason they give sales and support staff scripts is because they believe that most of their staff are dumb and cannot think what to say themselves. Once more, the fact that the client might want the conversation to go in a different direction is completely ignored.

In short, people are treated as automations in all respects

Listen how sales people are taught to manipulate you and treat you as an object...

"You vill buy or you vill die!"

Consumerism and human objectification

Edward Bernays started the consumerism movement by discovering how to indoctrinate (soft brainwash) people through repeated media messages (advertising). When the human brain hears something over and over again, it believes it and acts on it. That’s what the advertising process does.

The theory was that if one convinced people all the time that they had to buy everything thrown at them, then capitalism would never fail again and there would never be another Great Depression.


Well, in order to use television and every other media channel to use this ’repetitive’ indoctrination, one had to have no respect for human beings as life forms. One is effectively just programming them to act out what the ruling class wants done.

In other words, people are programmed the same way a computer is. It's the only thing that drives consumerism. The minute people stop and think (i.e. become human) without that kind of indoctrination, they get off the consumer bandwagon.

This is the one video you need to listen to... Using propaganda for peace. It will shock you to your core.

Persuading women to smoke...

Ignored by Politicians

No more democracy

For the most part, we-the-people have become white noise to politicians. They perform in front of us, and then they go right back to doing what they were going to do anyway. They speak of us with contempt when we have no money and don’t seem to have an issue with wage slavery.

In other words, there is no consideration for the humanity of the electorate. Yes, it could be considered abuse, but it's more than that. The electorate has passed control to the puppet masters and have become puppets in doing so. There's a certain degree of objectificaiton in that.

Why has this come to be? Well, if people don’t stop something before it becomets to large to stop, well, then it becomes too large to stop. In other words, eternal vigilance and on-going education is the cost of democracy.

It's OK for politicians to ignore public opinion
But very often, politicians, as in the case of revolutionary new medical treatments, will be ahead or behind public opinion, often for good reason. They love to be able to say public opinion is on their side, but will also conveniently ignore it.

It's not just our leaders who are in a crisis. Democracy itself is failing
Barely noticed at the time, a prescient warning was delivered to the Council of Europe by the rapporteur for its political affairs committee in 2009 which warned in explicit terms of the dangers democracy was facing in the midst of the crisis, not least through "highly centralised executive decision-making and global negotiation mechanisms with little parliamentary control, insufficient transparency and without opportunities for citizens' participation".

More than half of Americans are wage slaves
More than half of Americans are wage ...

Enough money to oil your parts; not enough to be human

Underpaid – wage slavery

Yes, if you’re one of the masses, you’re paid about enough to keep yourself oiled and greased – just like a machine. You don’t get a penny more because, as far as the kings of the universe are concerned, you don’t need anymore to serve their purposes. Your purpose is to ensure that they retain their wealth and make more next year. If they honestly thought of you as a human being with feelings, there is no way that they could treat you the way they do.

They treat you they way you do because they see you as inanimate – an object.

Why Slavery Pays
Probably the biggest bottom line cost to business is the cost of labor, and it is, therefore, no accident that, throughout the ages, the kings of the universe, in order to retain their style of living, tried to pay as little as possible for labor.

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave
"Well, what if I do start crying?" I ask the woman who warns me to keep it together no matter how awfully I'm treated. "Are they really going to fire me for that?" "Yes," she says. "There's 16 other people who want your job. Why would they keep a person who gets emotional, especially in this economy?"

Indentured Servitude in the Persian Gulf
LAST year, Theresa M. Dantes signed a contract with an employment agency in the Philippines to come here to work as a housemaid for $400 a month, plus room and board. But when she arrived, her employer said he would pay her only $250. She acquiesced; her family back in Quezon City depended on her earnings.

Collecting People on Social Networking Sites

Yes. If you are trying to add hundreds or thousands of people to your social networking site, be it Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, or some other site, you're objectifying people. 

I had a rather unique experience a few weeks ago. On the 13th April, for no reason I could think of hundreds of people starting adding me every day on Google Plus. My international circle rank went from 21688 to about 13,000 on the 24th April. Everybody was talking about it. It only happened for some though, with some people getting thousands of people adding them in a day!

Then, on the 24th April, I was having an argument with someone - yes, things can get heated on G+ - and the guy just couldn't win. He ended on a 'triumphant' note by telling me, "Well, I've got more followers than you have."

Against my better judgement (I was outraged at the statement because it objectified people), I told him that he was objectifying people and that I saw people as humans and didn't go around collecting them. 

Within an hour or so, people stopped adding me. That hasn't happened to anyone else who suddenly had the splurge of people adding them. It stopped so dead that nobody added me the next day - something that hasn't happened from day one of Google Plus.

Then people adding me returned to the normal level prior to 'the splurge.'

Nobody else had the suddwn stop in 'add-on traffic,' just me.

Why do I tell you this? Obviously I hit a sore point when I pointed out that this kind of attitude in which people set out to 'collect people' in order to sell them something or use them as a power tool to their ego or whatever, wasn't something that anyone wanted to be looked at.

But it's time we did look at it. We are human. We aren't objects. And we can no more treat people that way than allow ourselves to be treated that way!


People are being objectified.

To objectify someone means to treat someone as carelessly as if they were an inanimate object with no feelings. 

I'm going to quote from an article here. "And second, if objectification is “using someone as a means to an end,” it isn’t clear why objectification is inherently bad, even though the word typically carries a strong connotation of condemnation. After all, we all use each other as means to an end all the time! When I buy a cup of coffee, I’m treating the barista as a means to the end of getting a cup of coffee. I’m not really thinking about his feelings or goals — and I don’t think he expects or particularly wants me to be."

The example above is not one that explain s objectificaiton.Asking someone for coffee is a normal human exchange where each acknowledges another as human. On the other hand, if the barista was talking to your from a script and did not expect you to vary from the script or allow you to be human in any way, then that is objectification.

So there you have it. You have become nothing more than an object, to have your time used and abused, and to tolerate your own frustration when being forced to interact with robotic versions of humanity. You are no longer considered human.


Are you going to do anything about it?

Updated: 05/17/2013, TessaSchlesinger
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vocal_pen on 05/05/2013

living proof that life ony has value to those who are willig to Live it.

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