How Ships Are Changing - Military, Passenger, and Cargo

by TessaSchlesinger

As concern about the environment deepens, new ship designs are speeding up. Read about Cruise ships, Military Ships, Cargo Ships, and more....

Ships used to be the major mode of traveling between oceans before aircraft became the norm. Today, ships are used mostly for transporting cargo, for military purposes, and for resort like holidays and vacations. Few would think of using ships as a viable means of traveling from one country to another though. However, as concern hightens for the damage that planes do to our stratosphere, and as the speed of ships increases, people will increasingly begin to use ships to get from one place to another.

Bargains Cruises makes Cruising a Popular Vacation Choise...

Vacation Cruising

As a result of the enormous market for vacation crusing, more and more ships are being built to cater to this market. However, what is not known is that there are two types of cruise ships being built. The one lot are ocean going and can weather storms while the other can sail in the open sea alongside the continent but if a storm comes, they have to run for safety. 

It is the latter type of ship that is inclined to offer crusing bargains with up to seventy percent off sailing prices. There are also generally reduced rates for those over fifty five.


Increasingly Luxurious Ships are Being Built

Gambling, Golf, Sunbathing, Endless Food, and More onboard

They’re building them bigger. Ships are rapidly becoming mini resort cities.Allure of the Seas, from the Royal Caribbean Stable, had its launch on 27th November 2010.The ship has a two-story height so the view is incredible from the top. In addition, there's a garden called Central Park alongside which there are restaurants. There's an amphitheater as well - the first ever designed for a ship. The Allure of the Sea can accommodate 5,400 people.

Through the late 90s and first five years of the 21st centuries, ships were being built for speed. However, the cost of fuel was so excessive that the existing ships were decommissioned and there are no plans to focus on this aspect of sailing in the future.

As each passenger ship gets built, it surpasses ships built previously. Ordinary cabins have long since transitioned into large and, sometimes, quite extraordinary staterooms. Prices vary according to whether the ship is high and facing the sea (the pricest) or whether they're towards the bottom and facing inside (the cheapest).

Ships are built with shops, movie theatres, casinos, and various sports fields. Some ships are even now boasting grass and gardens. Entertainment is arranged by staff and includes cabaret shows, movies, dances, formal dinners, sports, and gambling. Some things remain - like old traditions. For instance, when crossing over the equator, one gets a certificate (and, yes, I still have mine). 

If you can't afford to travel in one of these ships, you can be invited to speak about something you're highly skilled at. They will give you free passage but will not pay you. Generally authors, dancers, singers, and others offer their services.

That said, increasingly, there will be a change from cruise ships to passenger ships as sailing by sea once more becomes an option for going faraway places. This will begin to happen as social change becomes a necessity in an increasingly post labor society.

The Evolution of the Residential Condominium Ship
Currently, there are also residential ships which are specifically designed for passengers to live on board for life. Cabins are purchased in the same way that homes are. The ships sail around the world.

10 Future Ships that Would Change the Face of the Shipping Industry
According to the latest report, shipping-related emissions account for 3% of the total global carbon emissions, and are expected to climb by 150-250% over the next 40 years. The time has come to overhaul and replace every aspect of the shipping industry in order to reduce its carbon foot-prints.

Future Military Vessels for the royal Navy
Pictures of what future military ships will look like

What future cargo ships will look like
In a highly symbolic visit, the world's largest container ship docked on Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany's premier port city. Fully loaded, the Marco Polo would be unable to enter Hamburg's harbor and the vessel's arrival has highlighted disputed plans to prepare the city for the next generation of mega-ships.

There are more Cargo Ships on the Ocean than any other types...

Safety of Ships, Solar energy for ships

Commerce is responsible for the greater number of shipping traffic on the ocean. Oil is shipped in vast tankers. Cargo containers tied to enormous ships built specifically to carry cargo are known simply as cargo ships. Many of these are lost during the year due to storms at sea. Increasingly, these are also growing larger and larger. There is some safety to a ship being larger as they seem to withstand storms better. With the increasing cost of fuel, other energy systems are being investigated for ships.

If speed is not a priority for ships and it doesn't matter if a ship is a day or two late (which they often are, anyway), then it's possible that shippers would once more return to wind energy. Solar energy is another possibility. Ships have now been built that rely on solar energy. This may become a trend of the future.

Currently ships are still predominantly used for transport of cargo and for holiday makers in resort style living. In the future, with plane travel becoming increasingly expensive due to shortage of fuel and a politically incorrect means of traveling, ships may once again be a means of traveling from one country to another. Of course, it will take a much longer time, but as an understanding of other factors begin to become knowledge (human beings need to have a lot more free time), this issue may resolve itself.

Freight is also cheaper to move by sea than by land. See attached video to see how much sea transport is going to become the transport of the future!

The Greatest Danger at Sea for All Ships

Weather and Safety

Weather can be sunny or stormy. Both are to be experienced. While warm and breezy days seem ideal, stormy is exhilarating.Do ships sink in excessively bad weather? Yes, they do. I personally would not sail during the hurricane season. Then, again, with weather forecasting, it's possible for captains of ships to delay going into waters that would potentially prove a hazard for them. About twenty supertankers sink each year, and about two large ships sink each week.

Accordingly, technology is constantly improving so that ships don't sink so frequently...

First Solar Powered Passenger Ship for Berlin
Manufacturers who are concerned not only about profit but future too developing such products that clean and green run on alternative fuels. Though currently costly,

Wind-Powered Cargo Ships
For thousands of years wind was the preferred means of moving cargo across the sea; then came steam, and most recently, bunker oil. Despite these innovations, several companies have decided to go back to the future by designing cargo ships that use wind-power along with a conventional or bio-fueled engine for propulsion. Though the Institute applauds these efforts, and hopes they succeed, until they do the enterprise risks being a heroic investment in white elephant technology.

USSA Navy Team team up on Renewable Energy

The Future of Military Ships

USA military ships have also gone back to the drawing board and rather than build on what ships have been during the past century, they have started from scratch. This has meant a complete reinvention. These ships use half the manpower and can do more military capability than any battle ship up to now.The attached navy video gives some insight into this.

British Military Ships have made similar innovations. The Royal Navy has posted several videos and you can view them above.

Have you ever sailed by sea

Different Typs of Sailing Vessels

Personal Yachts

Earth has more ocean than land and there are many seas to sail and many different types of vessels in which to sail. These include boats, yachts, dinkies, tankers, ships, warships, cats, submarines, and many more. As the technology to sail the seas become more and more safe, it will become easier and cheaper for small investors to build charter ships. These will also become options for people wanting to go from one place to another, so, for instance, if someone wanted to go from San Diego to Los Angeles, they would just be able to get on an overnight 'ferry' and arrive the next morning...

All in all, ships are becoming much more exciting than they have been for a long time and it's worth watching as the technology gives us sailing options we've never had before!

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