How to Be Luckier In Life

by some_lovely

Do you want to welcome more joy, abundance, and affluence into your life?

Do you want to welcome more joy, abundance, and affluence into your life? Is it possible to change your luck, just by changing your mind? I sure hope so! If you want to be luckier in life, pay attention to what you think and feel when something positive happens in your life.
Here are some mentally and emotionally healthy habits that can help you be luckier in life.

Start by believing that you deserve good things to happen to you!

If something good happens to you, do you give thanks for it, or do you dismiss it as something you don't deserve? 

Here’s an example: When someone gives you a compliment, what do you do with it? Do you say, “Oh, my new haircut? Yeah, I don’t really like it”? Or do you say, “Thank you!”? 

When you dismiss the gifts that others give you (i.e.; a compliment, a helping hand in a time of need, or some other kind gesture) because you don’t think you deserve them, you're conditioning the world around you to treat you as though you don’t deserve these things. That's no way to open yourself up to more good luck! 

The truth is that everyone deserves a compliment now and then. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. Everyone deserves to have good things happen to them. And that includes you! If you want to be luckier in life, believe that you deserve to be luckier and see if things start to change for you. 

Plan to be lucky

It may seem like a cliché but in many situations, our perceived good luck has nothing to do with coincidence and everything to do with our own efforts to get organized. The more prepared we are in advance, the more prepared we are to face new opportunities head on.

Have you ever noticed that the luckiest people at work -- the ones who get raises, timely recognition and coveted perks and bonuses -- are those people who always seem to be well organized? They plan ahead for business meetings. They’re ready to meet clients at the drop of a hat. They can swoop in to work on important projects at the last minute. It’s these positive work habits, not luck, that put them in front of golden opportunities time and time again. 

Getting organized and de-cluttering your life is one of the best ways to be luckier in life. You’ll also feel less stressed when you are more organized.

Focus on the things that you can actually control

Stop wasting time worrying about things that you cannot control. Dwelling on things beyond your reach is a form of stalling and procrastination. You’re only fooling yourself into thinking that your time spent worrying is actually productive and that it is somehow keeping you safe and sane. It’s not. It’s simply robbing you of the time you need to start creating your own luck, by doing, rather than wishing!

When you identify and focus on the things in life that you can take control of, you’ll instantly feel uplifted and the steps you need to take to reach your goals will become clearer.

Counting your blessings is one of the fastest ways to be luckier in life

If you want to welcome more prosperity into your home, heart, and work, you must deepen your appreciation for all the blessings in your life. Find a friendly support network. Connect with people who believe in you. Find ways to use your own natural talents and abilities to help other people who aren't as blessed as you are. Shift your focus away from your supposed “bad luck” and put your energy into doing the things that make you feel good about yourself.

When you start to view yourself as unlucky, that’s your cue that it’s time to look around and act on those things that are within your control. Be more assertive. Ask for a raise at work. Focus on some creative projects. Find a way to overcome your boredom. Look for ways to take action!

Are you ready to go after your dreams?

Believe in yourself and your abilities.
Believe in yourself and your abilities.
Updated: 05/31/2017, some_lovely
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