How to Be Positive and Effective for Teens

by katiem2

Learn to get along peacefully with others ignoring trivial circumstances refusing to allow them to become controversial incidents or problems. Think and Act Positive for Teens

Admittedly, 20 tips is a lot and for good reason you will want to add this page to your favorites for easy reference back to the list anytime you need.While there is a lot packed into the 20 tips for change, you need not master all 20 immediately.Making any adjustments that feel both natural and comfortable to you will move you closer to reaching your dreams.You will feel more confident, in control and realize you can do anything! You must first move in the direction of what you want. Are your ready to do what it takes to succeed?Why, the fact you're here proves you have an open mind to change and it is people like you who make the best of life and have the best in life.A positive mental attitude will clear your path of all obstacles standing in your way. You will learn to move past them and stay focused on what it is you want in life!

20 Tips for Positive Confidence

How to be Positive and Effective

The Steps

1) Learn to get along peacefully with others ignoring trivial circumstances refusing to allow them to become controversial incidents or problems.

2) Establish a ritual of getting your mind in a positive mental state at the beginning of each day. You may find day dreaming, playing out what you expect for yourself in life.

Learn to think about what makes you happy and focus on that, This is a natural ability you will learn to do in any situation all the while seeming an attentive listener and careful thinker.

3) Learn the art of selling yourself to others by asking leading questions which will bring out the sort of reactions from others you desire. To be continued later.

What's a Leading Question?

Learn what a leading question is and how it can work to your advantage.

leading question is one that includes the information you are looking for.

For example you ask a direct question about what you want to know;

  • What do you hope to gain from those elected to student council?
  • What have you learned while studying for the Biology test?
  • How do you get along with your math teacher?
  • How do you get along with your parents?

Remember a leading question is a subtle question nudging the person to answer in a certain way.

Leading questions can be undesirable as they can result in slanted explanations. None the less you direct the person to think on the topic you want!

For example:

  • How fast were you driving when you hit the black car?
  • What were you doing that caused the glass to break?


What's and Open Ended Question

Open ended questions are a great way to get information from others.

What is an open ended question?

When we need information from others we use questions to get that information.

Open-ended questions are friendly, but they obtain the desired answers more quickly and are easier on the person answering.

Watch the video to your right to learn how to use open ended questions. It's quick and simple.

Tips for Teens Success

How to handle the daily stresses of life and make the best of each day.

4) Laugh to fight off irritation or any bad feelings or thoughts, fill your day with laughter when you can (when it's appropriate) to get you through the day with a positive attitude. A good practice is beginning and ending your day with laughter.

5) Start each day out by thinking about what you’re grateful for, what you expect to happen today (imagine accomplishments) and be grateful for that.

6) Have a can do attitude, approaching problems or goals with what you can do and never what you can't. There is usually something you can do to help make it a positive situation, if nothing else learn from it.

7) Turn negative things into a positive. For example; if you get mad or angry switch your mind to your major purpose in life and focus on that for five minutes. Go into your own little world of positive thought focusing on your goals and moving closer to them. This goes back to day dreaming as when your in an uncomfortable situation you have no control over you can control your thoughts. See # 2

Be a Realistic Visionary

Practice Being Realistic and a Dreamer

8) Realize that every circumstance of your life has an impact on your future life

9) Realize life is a continued process of learning, acquiring skills and information. You can learn something from everyone around you. Be open to observe what you can learn each day. Learn to emulate in others the qualities you want for yourself.

10) Make the world over to fit your dreams and find a place where your dreams have room to grow and prosper! Get involved in things related to your future plans.

11) Express gratitude twice a day being grateful that you have complete control over your own mind and therefore your present and future.

12) Make a habit of pointing out the good qualities in others with whom you live and work on a daily basis, family included. It's vital to appreciate your family as they are a key in your success. Don't go over board, keep it simple and natural.

The best way to impress others is to first be impressed with them. Remember this works in reverse so if you're negative toward others they will be so with you.

13) Accept criticisms of yourself from others as an opportunity to determine what is justified and make discoveries about yourself that will help you to improve and be a better person. Criticism is a part of life, learning to deal with it vital, listen, don't react and give it careful thought as to what maybe the truth and use it to improve yourself.

Take Charge Teens

Take charge and keep your life moving in the direction you want.

14) Do not accept anything from life or others that you do not desire. Passive resistance is your choice to refuse others beliefs and a bad hand in life. You may do things your not excited about at school and home but never take it on as who you are and or who you will be. Your future is just that, yours! You have to do what you have to do to get to do what you want to do but it does not define you.

What is passive resistance? It is nonviolent protest, peaceful resistance or a decision not to be apart of something that goes against your beliefs.

This is tricky while you're in school as you must do many things for a grade and to that you must adhere or follow the rules as outlined by the teacher. 

You can maintain your passive resistance in the privacy of your own mind while studying and making the grade discarding it later as something you do not want to support.

Lets face it we study many things we don't like and yet we must excel in all studies to attain our end goal which maybe completely non related to the things you've studied along the way. The goal is to get into a good college where you can focus more closely on the subjects you desire!

Focused Teens

Stay focused on what matters and what will get you where you want to be in life, a positive outlook.

15) Remember there are two things that cause you to worry;

  • things you can do something about
  • things you can do nothing about

Change what you can and accept those you can't with passive resistance and refuse to worry about either. All you can do is all you can do so just move on and forget about it!

16) Keep your mind focused on what you want most in life leaving no time to think about what you don’t want.

17) If you feel sorry for yourself look around till you find someone who is worse off then you then do what you can to help this person. Make a habit of doing this for that what you do to or for others you do to or for yourself. Pay it forward is a huge and vastly powerful act!

18) Find a hero or someone you want to be like and emulate that person. Make this person someone who is doing successfully what you want to do with your life! All successful people have a hero!

19) Work on making your voice a pleasing sounding voice. The sound of your voice is the window to who you are and sends a huge message to others. Be a positive and clear speaker.

20) Write out this sentence and keep it in a place where you will see it everyday.

What ever the mind can see the mind can achieve

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” W. Clement Stone

Remember this;
You may not be
You have to do
Where you want to be
What you have to do
But al least you're not
To get to do
Where you used to be!
What you want to do
Updated: 05/23/2013, katiem2
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How Can Teens Be Positive and Effective?

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katiem2 on 05/16/2017

DerdriuMarriner, Thank you for the helpful feed back

DerdriuMarriner on 04/11/2017

katiem2, Words from the wise to wise up all ages! In particular, I like your mentioning about the sound of one's voice and realizing what can be changed and what apparently may not. When I was in Mexico, I heard the saying that the only thing one can count on changing is one's behavior!

katiem2 on 02/22/2013

RubyHelenRose, Thank you so much, I'm thrilled you found this article. :)K

RubyHelenRose on 02/21/2013

This is such wonderful information I have to pass it on to all those teens in my life, inspiring they are, but we all need a good dose of inspiration everyday! I love the part about expressing gratitude, nice!

katiem2 on 02/20/2013

Pam, Thanks and good to hear from you.

dustytoes on 02/20/2013

I'm not a teen, but there is lots of great advice for teens on this page. Positive thinking and focusing on what can be changed is excellent advice. I hope kids will find this page and learn good things from it!

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