The Top Ways to Locate Purebred Cats

by bizilady

Are you looking for a purebred Bengal, Persian or exotic cat? Find these breeds and more at the Cat Fancier Association and other groups.

Do you know the difference between a purebred cat and a non purebred one? Pure breeds are more popular than ever. The newest breeds that are recognized by national feline associations can be found here. Read my tips on where to adopt your next pet, what to look for and how new breeds are discovered.

Norwegian Forest cat

Head of Norwegian Forest Cat
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Most Popular Cat Breeds Today

Exotic shorthairs, Persians,Norweigian Forest and more

People have their favorite cats to adopt. They may be the old favorite like a Persian with long.silky hair or the newer breed of a bengal that looks like a wild Leopard.

Although there are many 43 recognized individual pure breed cat categories, these 10 breeds are highly favored.Each group has their own opinions about which cats are the most popular and thinks they are the authority. The ones I think are the most popular are on this list based on my research of the ones that came up the most in searches.


They are:

1.Exotic Short-hair


3.Norwegian Forest Cat

4.Maine Coon Cat



7.Domestic longhair





The domestic short hair is by far, the most populous cat in the country. They can be found both as pet and in the wild. Following the short-hair is the domestic long-hair. I dare anyone to argue that they are not as beautiful as a pure-breed Persian. I owned one, or she owned me, for 22 years.

I'm sure there will be much disagreement but in this country, these breeds came up the most. One must notice that the Maine Coon cat is the American cousin of the Norwegian Forest cat and is slightly smaller.

Cat associations devoted to one breed

links for more information

Here are a few Links to breeds discussed in this article. You may read more about the characteristics, health issues, find reputable breeders and share information.




Exotic shorthair


Maine Coon


Turkish Van



I discovered some interesting facts about a few breeds.


Did you know that the Turkish Van cat is one of the few cats that likes to swim?


How about the Sphinx cat? It is a hairless  cat breed favored by those with allergies.


The Birman is often confused with the Siamese.


Or that the Maine Coon cat came over on a ship was actually a Norwegian Forest cat that went


feral in the Maine countryside?


My brother owed a Maine Coon cat and it was 30 pounds! It also became larger than a lot of


small dogs and would chase them out of the yard.

Is Cat Breeding Abuse of Animals?

Breeding certain cats for money


Make no mistake about it; raising and showing pure-breeds is big business. A Ragdoll from a reputable breeder that has won some competitions will cost plenty. The Ragdoll was bred to be docile and sit in one's lap, like a Ragdoll. They have no personality and no free will,in my opinion. Yes, they are pretty, and safe for children,but where is there individuality? I like a cat with some spunk.

The breeders would undoubtedly not agree that the domestic short-hair or long hair should be included on this list due to the fact that they do not show in cat competitions nor do they sell well. I think that money is at the heart of many of the cats popularity, and these cat shows are part of selling their wares. You may be able to tell that I'm not a fan of cat shows and breeders. It feels a lot like slavery, in a sense. The animals are nothing more than property that is caged up in their home 90 % of the time. They are brushed, washed and primped to look their best in the next show. Of course there are a few breeders that treat their cats like family and let them use the house, but this is not typical.

Links for Cat Shows

Find the cat shows near you

The animals are coerced into jumping up as high as they can to show their stamina. Other feats

they perform are playing and chasing after a feather, or sitting and looking happy to be in front of hundreds of gawking intruders.

Next, they are held up and stretched out over the arms of a judge. The judge has been a breeder for many years and knows what to look for. Any imperfections will disqualify the animal. Sometimes there is a surprise winner. A new breed may win and cause quite an upset!


Here are a few links for some show calendars .


  •  The Cat Fanciers Association has a link listing shows each month here.
  • The International Cat Association calendar of shows is here.
  •  Other show listings

CFA competition video

Control of cat breeding



Spay or neuter your pet,” is a line Bob Barker from the Price is Right game show used to say every time he signed off. He had a good point. There are way too many unwanted animals in this country, so breeding more seems to be a counterproductive.


Even though there are too many unwanted cats, some people feel breeding certain ones is more acceptable and humane.

The cat groups listed were formed by cat breeders and though these people love cats, I hope they don't love money more. I often wonder what happens to the “losers” that don't win ribbons or sell.


If you really want a pure breed cat, go visit the home of a recommended breeder and see how they interact with their animals. You may find some at a show, or ask some veterinarians, friends and other animal caretakers. I don’t recommend buying any animals from a pet shop. Bring the animals to a veterinarian for a complete checkup for peace of mind. Buying some of the Ragdolls kittens, for example, can run you $400. to $1,000.

Many people believe that buying purebred cats may help alleviate health problems and control the population of unwanted cats. I'm not sure it will or not..

Favorite Cat Breed

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What is your favorite cat?

Links for more cat informational groups

Cat Lovers Only
A website devoted to cat lovers with plenty of useful information and links

List of Cat Breeders

Wikipedia on Domestic Longhaired cats

A domestic longhaired cat is a cat fancy term used to describe a cat with medium or long fur that is not a pedigreed member of a recognized breed. Domestic longhairs come in all the standard cat colours including tabby, tortie, bi ...

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Cat breeds books

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bizilady on 09/06/2011

Wordcustard; what an interesting name!
Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.I've had all "found" cats and other pets and believe they are all valuable. Pure breeds are another option I guess.

WordCustard on 09/05/2011

A very interesting look at the world of the purebred cat. Personally, I believe all cats are beautiful and would rather have a cuddly or playful mixed breed than the perfect cat-show winning model feline, but I am sure there are many cats who manage to score on both looks and personality if allowed to behave like cats when they are at home. Still, like you I have some reservations about money-driven breeding.

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