How to Get People to Add You on Google Plus

by TessaSchlesinger

Learn how to get add people to add you to Google Plus, as well as how to get them to read what you say!

Over the past six months, there is increasing interest in joining Google Plus. It grows rapidly each day and has become central to the Google experience. If you are in business, are an artist, or if you simply want to meet people who share the same interests as you do, Google Plus isn't so much an option as it's become a necessity. Here are some things you need to know in order to make your Google + experience both happy and successful

How to Get Thousands of Followers on Google+

Add Followers on Google Plus

So lets talk about having thousands of followers on G+. Sure some people who have thousands of followers are avidly read. These are the people who are world famous. However, most people who have thousands of followers aren’t read at all. There is no guarantee that just because you have followers that people are reading you. The real issues are whether you want to be read, whether you want to sell something to the people who are following you,or if you just want to meet a few people to increase your circle of friends.  You can use Google+ to do that for you, of course.

A Well Written Profile is Vital on Google+

If you would like people to add you, you need to have a fully completed profile. The only people who are going to add you if you don’t have a full (interesting) profile are the people who aren’t reading you. They’re just interested in numbers. Google Profiles give you the opportunity to say quite a bit about yourself. Use it to make people want to add you. Google+ also uses the information in your profile so that when people are searching for someone like you, they will find you. For instance, I want other writers to find me, so I have writer in my profile. People add me daily because G+ ‘recommends’ me.

Should you use your real name?

If you are a writer or an artist of some kind, it's important that you use the name which you want known. This is because Google promotes people who they can verify as real. In fact, it's probably best to use your real name for a variety of reasons, and as it was one of the original requirements that people use their real name, it's become the norm. However, not everybody uses their real names.

Google First Generation User
Google First Generation User

Interaction with Others

Comment on posts often

In common with other ‘Plussers,’ I interact with others every single day. In fact, the only time I add others is if their names and personalities become familiar to me because they’re commenting on what I say. I don’t add them if they don’t interact. This is popular policy amongst ‘Plussers.’ So if you want to be added, this means that you have to comment on the post of others, and not just one or two, and not just a +1, but actual interaction. Yes, of course, that’s time consuming, and that’s where the catch is. If you’re there just to sell a few products and you think that joining G+ is waving a magic wand at the market place and you are going to get oodles of sales, it’s not going to happen. Building up relationships through interaction on G+ is vital to your acceptance and being added.

Here's the thing. Wen people have 60 or a 100 people adding them every day, and if they like to know something about whom they're adding, it takes too much time for them to read through all those profiles. So do it the slow way. First comment lots on what they have to say. Adding a plus to the comment doesn't count. Then when they have noticed you, add them at that point!

Comment before you add someone

Comment first, get known, and then ADD!

Here's something else. Don't add someone and then ++++ them. If you want someone to add you, rather comment on their posts for a two weeks or a month. Then add then. Why? Because if you add them and they don't know who you are, they won't add you back. However, if you've been commenting on their posts and you've had a couple of interactions, when they see that you've added them, they are more likely to add you back.

Remember that if a Plusser has hundreds of people adding them a day, they will probably miss the fact that you added them, and the only way that they can get to know you is through your frequent interation.

Specific Interests Work Well with Circles

Niche Interests

Posting about a specific interest on G+ is one of the ways of developing a following. It goes without saying that you will need to have interesting things to say about your niche area. People on G+ are geeks, readers, interested in the intellectual. Some of the most dominant interest areas are politics (more to the left, I suspect), SEO and web design, science, photography and art.

This leaves the world wide open for you. There must be a thousand niche areas where you can form your own space. Remember to use a hashtag # when you post on those topics and remember to have those words in your profile so that when people search for people just like you, they will find you.

Instructions for those who don't have a Google Plus account yet.

How to join Google Plus
Whether you like it or not, Google+, as a social network, is here to stay. It’s already been integrated into the Google search results, and your better search engine rankings in the search results could depend on it.

Google Plus Commercial

Google Plus Business

Over the past months, many businesses have been adding Google Plus. I've watched as they most of them added thousands of people, only to have a handful add them back. Most of those who add the business back are only looking to increase their own numbers and not to actually ever interact with the business. 

Posting interesting content is vital. Personally, if a business adds me and it's the same post every day - a link to their website, I just pass them by. On the other hand, if they posted a link to an article about a particular product, and if I was interested in that product, I might find that of interest. Generally, the recommended route is to post about 80% of personal content and about 20% related to business. 

It's also good to being to build up personal relationships. This will pay good dividends over a period of time.

Google tells you about Google Plus for Business
Google says, "When your customers search on Google, the results to the right may include relevant posts, photos, and videos from your Google+ page. Get found across Google, right when your customers are most interested." Note that it is speaking about existing clients - not new ones.

Adding Communities on Google Plus

Google Plus Communities

Everybody can form their own community interest group - either private or open to everyone. Maintaining an interesting group is hard work and requires lots of time and moderating. So if you have an interest in something, it's probably best to look for a group first, and see if that works for you. Use the search feature at the top to find interest groups.

Remember that Google Plus is not so much about having the people you already know but about finding people compatible with your interests, having great conversations about the topics that really interest you, and meeting new people who share those interests. Communities are perfect for that!

G+ culture is different to facebook.

Plussers have a different culture to that of facebook. Facebook is for your friends. G+ is for your intellectual experience, your knowledge base growing, networking and forming connections with like minded people in terms of interests, etc. Plussers also have a strong central core of wanting to make the world a better place and there is much debate in that area. They are a generous, helpful lot, thinkers, with a broader view of life than most. If you're not finding this, then you haven't hooked up yet with Google First Generation Users.

You’re welcome to join the conversation - just fill in your profile, find your niche topics, and start taling! It’s a great place!

Updated: 04/22/2013, TessaSchlesinger
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TessaSchlesinger on 12/27/2013

Rose, enjoy. Add me when you get there. Let me know who you are when you get there and I"ll help you through the first stages....

Rose on 12/26/2013

Good tutorial. I've been meaning to explore Google+ further.

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