How to Get the Best Prices on Zazzle Products

by BrendaReeves

With the holidays coming up, everyone is wondering where to go shopping for gifts for their boss, co-worker, friend and significant other: Go no further than Zazzle.

When purchasing gifts, we prefer to give items of good quality that fit into our budget. That isn't always easy, because --as the saying goes-- we might have a beer budget. I''m here to tell you that you can give champagne presents on that beer budget.

When I first started selling on Zazzle, I thought, Wow! These products are pricey. I wondered if anyone would buy them. I decided that if people were going to pay the price, I wanted to be sure the products were of good quality. I wasn't going to be responsible for ripping someone off. Of course you can always return the product and get your money back if you want, but that's a big hassle. Therefore, I bought some of my own products to get a firsthand look at the quality. I was pleasantly surprised, and I'm going to pass along some buying tips to you.

Quality of Products

Zazzle has It

Mugs are a standard gift around the holidays. I like mugs, especially when I can design them.

Firstly, I ordered a mug that I designed with my favorite flowers, gerbera daisies. I snapped the photo at a sidewalk flower shop in Berkeley, CA. I also ordered a bumper sticker designed with the American flag and the words: Buy American Made Products. Lastly, I ordered some note cards and note papers with a photo of my backyard morning glories. Here's what I discovered when I received my Zazzle package:

I was very happy with the mug. The colors of the flowers came out beautifully. I liked that I could order it in different styles and prices. The ceramic quality was great. I opted for the medium priced mug, because I wanted the interior to be pink. It cost $15.95. That's by far the most expensive novelty mug I've ever purchased. Will shoppers pay that much for a mug? Then there's shipping; we'll see.

By the way, a house guest really liked the mug also. Unfortunately, she accidentally dropped and broke it.

The picture on my morning glory note cards came out beautifully. The picture on the note paper was a thumbnail. I would have liked it larger, but that's no big deal. I'm still happy with it.

The bumper sticker was small, and I wanted something larger for the bumper. It looks better on the back window. You could also put it on a notebook. Teenagers might like to decorate their rooms with these bumper stickers.


Getting the Best Prices

It's Easy

After paying full price on Zazzle products, I realized that Zazzle offers product specific discounts almost daily. I happened upon a half price mug sale one day, so I bought two of my favorite mugs for the price of one. Zazzle frequently runs 20% off sales. The discounts are sometimes on specific items and sometimes on everything.

My favorite sale was half price off of all bags. Unfortunately, it was toward the end of the month, and I couldn't afford the bag. The commuter bags run around $100. Fifty percent off is a great deal! Next time I'm going to be ready with money specifically set aside for a bag. If you read the reviews on the commuter bags, you'll find that customers are very happy with the product.

The best way to get in on a good sale is to check the website daily. As of this writing, all cards are 50% off. All of Zazzle's products are made with high quality materials. You won't be disappointed with your purchase.

Zazzle Shipping

Free is Best

Lastly, a word about shipping. Whenever I shop on the Internet, shipping is always in the back of my mind. A favorite shoe website, where I buy all of my shoes, periodically offers free shipping. The problem is that they aren't always offering it when I want a pair of shoes and now!

If you plan to shop frequently at Zazzle, sign up for the Zazzle Black Standard Shipping for $9.95. It's good for one year and shipping is free all year. That's less than a penny a month. It's well worth it for frequent shoppers. As far as that goes, it's worth it if you shop just a few times.

If you're a frequent shopper and just can't wait for up to a week, Zazzle Black 2-Day is $30.00. Personally, I'd need a good reason for being that impatient, but I can see how someone with a business might use it.

Zazzle Stores

Dogs Get The Last Laugh
As any dog owner knows, our best friends can make us smile, and they can make us roll with laughter. I hope the products in this store put a smile on your face and some laughs in your belly.

The Old Bag Lady
Beautiful bags depicting vintage poster art designs.

Your Beautiful Mug
Beautiful and fun mugs for everyone.

Morning Glory Designs
If you love flowers as much as I do, you'll love Morning Glory Designs. You can find products produced with my flower photographs and illustrations. I'll include many types of flowers.

Updated: 05/16/2018, BrendaReeves
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MBC on 04/11/2015

Fabulous idea and well written. I also sell on Zazzle.

AngelaJohnson on 09/05/2014

I have never used Zazzle but it seems popular on Wizzley. I'll have to check it out.

BrendaReeves on 11/20/2012

You are welcome.

teddletonmr on 11/20/2012

Great tip, thanks for the heads up on getting the best bargain.

BrendaReeves on 11/18/2012

Thank you Cindy. As I said in the article, I do buy some of my products to make sure they're what they claim to be.

katiem2 on 11/11/2012

That's fantastic. I'm def going to be keeping a keen eye on any such savings, every little bit helps and it feels good to get a better deal by being savvy. :)

BrendaReeves on 11/11/2012

Thank you Katie. I just received a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more in the mail. Gotta go see how I'm going to spend it.

katiem2 on 11/11/2012

Thanks for the tip on getting good deal at Zazzle, the temptation there is great with all the cool and creative options. :)K

BrendaReeves on 11/04/2012

I have not seen that. I'm going to run over there and check it out.

BrendaReeves on 11/03/2012

Your welcome, 2uesday. I discovered it by accident.

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