How to Have the Cutest Cottage in Town

by TessaSchlesinger

by Tessa Schlesinger. Learn how to create a cottage style for your home. It's easier than you think!

Imagine a quaint cottage with rose bushes, and decorating it in traditional cottage style. Of course, not everybody loves a cottage, but I have to admit that I vie between Art Deco and quaint cottages with creepers and rose bushes on the outside. The wonderful advantage of doing cottage décor is that one isn’t particularly tied into color, shapes, materials, or anything else. About the only common denominator for a cottage is that it’s small and it’s cute. With that said, let’s go ahead and convert our small home into having that friendly, quaint cottage feeling.

Color for your Cottage

Using a warm, pastel color palette for your cottage.

Cottages tend to be on the warm side of the color spectrum. What that means is that instead of having a stark white, you would go for a warm cream. Instead of having a scarlet red, you would move towards a coral orange. Essentially, emeralds greens become olives, and royal blues become yellowed blues. However, because cottages are small, it’s going to be the pastel colors that work better. That’s because the lighter the color, the more spacious the room appears.

Use complimentary colors (colors on the opposite side of the color wheel) in small amounts for highlights. Too many complimentary colors will make the cottage look cramped. Analogous colors (those next to each other on the color wheel), especially in their pastel forms, tend to work much better for cottages.

Analogous Pastel Colors are Perfect for Your Cottage

color wheel
color wheel

Picture Perfect Cottage

Traditional Cottage with Creeper
Traditional Cottage with Creeper

The Most Perfect Piece of Wall Art for Your Cottage!

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Furniture for Your Cottage

Scale is Very Important when Furnishing Your Cottage.

If you have a small room, you need to scale your furniture to fit your room. So, for instance, a two seater (love seat) sofa would be better than a sofa that seats three, and art on the walls would be smaller rather than larger. Install shelving in nooks and crannies (this works well in older buildings where there are nooks and crannies) for books, ornaments, and other possessions.

In addition to scaling furniture to suit the size of your rooms, invest in items that can double in use. For instance, a stylish travel trunk might be used for storage, but with pillows on top, could be used for seating as well. It could also be used as a coffee table if placed alongside the sofa. Of course, it would depend on the size, shape, and material of the trunk! Incidentally, ebay has an excellent section for cottage furniture. Take a look by clicking the link for cottage furniture.

Still Life is Typical of Wall Decor for Cottages

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Fall in Love with Your Fairy Tale Cottage

Examples of Amazing Cottages

Soft Furnishings for Your Cottage Decor

Lacey Cushions and Floral Fabric are Perfect for the Cottage Look

Nothing says ‘cottage’ more loudly than soft furnishings. Pretty lace cushions in bedrooms and sitting rooms, floral fabric covering dainty sofas, or bright red and white check kitchen curtains are all typical of the look. Soft rugs on stone or wooden floors also work their special magic. Strangely, cottages tend not to be carpeted.

Gorgeous Art for Cottage Wall

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Finishing Touches for Your Dreamy Cottage

Keeping it cute, pastel, and small
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Country Cottage Look

Garden Country Cottage Birdhouse With Flowers And Bird [Kitchen]

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Ornaments and Finishing Touches for your Cottage Decor

Fresh Flowers and Softly Lit Candles

Traditionally, ornaments in cottages tend to be simple – a vase of freshly picked flowers on a table or a dresser with pretty crockery. Bows tying pretty drapes to the side and candles ready to be lit in the evening add a cozy finish.  

Overall Cottage Look: The Garden

Roses, Pot Plants, Cobbled Paths

Even if you don't have too much space to have a garden, terracotta pots with roses finish the look. If you are out in the country, a colorful creeper adds a cozy ambiance. A pretty stone path leading to the gate is another way to give a picturesque view to passers by. 

Updated: 03/21/2013, TessaSchlesinger
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katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Oh my I want a cottage now. What a delightful look and feel. Love it! :)K

Marie on 02/16/2012

I adore cottages although my ideal would be to live in a hobbit house! We actually live in a tall townhouse but it's done up inside with quite a homely, cottage style to it. Cottages are cute and comfy :)

TessaSchlesinger on 02/16/2012

Aha Brenda, we have something in common!!!

BrendaReeves on 02/16/2012

I love cottage style! My house in L.A. was decorated and furnished in country cottage. I've got to go back to that it's my favorite.

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