How To Make and Eat a Cake Pop

by CorreenK

Step aside cupcakes - at least for a little while - give tiny cake bites on a lollipop stick a try! Recipes and more inside.

A perfect little bite of cake - every time!

Two ingredients get you started... add a lollipop stick some melted chocolate, a few candy sprinkles and your cake pops will be the hit of any party or social celebration.

Ooh! don't forget about these for your next fundraiser. Word on the street says cake pops are ~hot sellers!

Cake Pops - Join In On This Baking Revolution

One cake ball, one nibble at a time

How cute are those rainy day cake pops? A special thank you to Jeannie for encouraging us to...bake and be creative with our cake pops!

Rainy Day Cake Pops
Rainy Day Cake Pops
Jeannie T (works with my son at OHSU IT Dept.)

Easy Cake Pop Recipe

I love making 'em with red velvet cake

homemade cake pops

  • 1 box of cake mix, your favorite 
  • 1 container of frosting, to compliment the cake mix 

Bake the cake recipe as indicated on the package. Completly cool.

In a large bowl crumble your prepared cake, making sure there are no large chunks of cake. Add the container of frosting and mix throughout until all the cake crumbles are coated.

Form into balls and place in a freezer safe container, layers divided by wax or parchment paper. Place in freezer for 15 to 30 minutes or until ready to decorate. Yield - approximately 35 cake balls

Cake pops photo - My first attempt at making cake pops for my sister's birthday dinner. I decorated a box with birthday paper, little love notes and placed it over the cake pop display. When we were ready for dessert she 'opened' her present...everyone ooh'd, ahh'd and ate! 

Cake Pops or Cupcakes?

It's totally up to you!

Love! Cupcakes!
KathyMcGraw on 06/25/2011

I'll take cupcakes for me...but cake pops are cool for the smaller grandkids.

Sylvestermouse on 06/22/2011

Wait, where is my middle ground? I want both! I can't have both! No far!!! Okay, I have to side then with Cupcakes, but only because I haven't tried Cake Pops, yet!

nightbear on 06/18/2011

I think these are very cool looking and the kind of thing Rachel Ray would do for sure. But me, probably not so much. Pretty cupcakes seem so much more simple.

Jimmie on 06/18/2011

I feel like a fuddy duddy. But I like a plain old piece of cake. Why must everything be so fancy? Okay, I said it. I'm not a cupcake hater. I've never had a cake pop, but I do think that sometimes simple is best.

Hello! Cake Pops!
katiem2 on 09/23/2012

I'm so into this cake pop thing, it is such fun and tasty on the go. Great party addition.

barbarab on 09/05/2011

so cute!!

sheilamarie on 06/19/2011

Hmmm, I'm not sure which one to choose. I'd love to try a cake pop. Do they end up being too sweet, though?(All that frosting!)

kimbesa on 06/19/2011

These sound very interesting and a different twist, especially for summer because they are frozen before decorating.

dustytoes on 06/19/2011

I'm not much of a cake eater, but these sound super sweet. I'd love to try one!

Easy Steps to Making Cake Pops

You'll want to try this at home! ;)

Cake Pop Check List

What you will need to make a basic cake pop
  1. Cake - baked and crumbled
  2. Frosting - homemade or ready-made
  3. Large bowls - one to mix cake/frosting and one microsafe for candy melts
  4. Candy melts - good quality milk, dark or white chocolate is best
  5. Lollipop sticks - 4 to 6 inches long
  6. Waxed or parchment paper or silpat
  7. Candy or sugar sprinkles - colors to compliment the season or the reason
  8. Strofoam block or cake pop stand - to display your noshalicious bites

Cake pops are bite-sized so most anyone, even those on a diet, can enjoy this sweet treat!

Cake Pop Supplies

Getting prepared to make cake pops at home
Trudeau Melamine Mixing Bowls, Set of 3

Trudeau  / $19.99  $15.90
Ghirardell Chocolate White Chocolate Candy Making & Dipping Wafers, 32 oz.

Wilton 601-5580 1/2-Ounce Certified-Kosher Icing Colors, Set of 12

Wilton  / $15.00  $9.45
Wilton(R) 4 Inch Lollipop Sticks

WILTON  / $3.99  $1.10
UltraBake Parchment Paper Sheets - 12 × 16½

UltraBake  / Only $15.99
Wilton Swirly Lollipop Holder

Wilton  / $10.99  $7.04

Cake Pop Tips

Ideas to inspire you to make cake pops too!

Showing off a cake popI'll say right off the bat, I'm not a pro cake pop maker, although I do know enough about baking and cooking that I feel good about giving you a couple of tips for success...

  • Powdered food coloring - use it versus liquid drops to color your cake, frosting and or sugar sprinkles. A little goes a long way and provides intense colors without changing consistency.
  • Chocolate candy coating - if you melt in the microwave start with 30 seconds, stir and if not melted put in for 10 to 15 seconds, stir and repeat at 10 to 15 seconds intervals until completely melted to assure chocolate does not burn.
  • If I can get my husband (pic to the left) to make a cake pop, well...I'm more convinced than ever that you can too! ;)

All About Cake Pops

Links to More Information

How To Make a Cake Pop Stand
Display your cake pops on this easy-to-make stand. Photo how-tos are included.

Valentine's Day Cake Pops
From the queen of cake pops, Bakerella, comes these cuddly little bear cake pops. I'd suggest these for the more advanced cake pop maker's.

Cake Pops Halloween Style
This gal shows off here labors of baking-love with these Halloween inspired cake pops. Now even I can do that!

Custom Cake Pops
A feast for your eyes! Once you have a cake pop recipe down you can easily customize 'em, for any occasion.

4th of July Cake Pops
Three cheers for the red, white and blue! Cute, cute too!

Hot sellers! Make and sell cake pops at your next school, church or organization fundraiser. Selling them for a buck a piece is a great return on your initial investment.

NOW How To Eat a Cake Pop

Savoring every bite!

Grandma made a cake pop and this little guy thoroughly enjoyed every last bite...right down to the chocolate on the stick! All us gobblers-of-sweets, umm that would be moi',  could learn a lesson or two here. ;)

Popular Cake Pop Books

Ideas, recipes and more!
Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes ...
Chronicle Books
$19.95  $1.99
Wilton Pops Sweets on a Stick Book, S...
$14.98  $7.98
Bake Me I'm Yours...Cake Pops: Over 3...
David & Charles
$14.99  $0.98

In Closing...

CorreenKIt fills me with joy to share the inspired recipe ideas I'm whipping up in my kitchen. Besides the articles here, I'm also growing my online presence and passion for cooking over at

If you are interested in writing here on Wizzley, click on my referral link to join in on the fun and profits! ~Correen K

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katiem2 on 01/02/2015

Sweet, my daughters love cake pops

MaggiePowell on 06/25/2013

I've been making cake pops... but sometimes they crack... any suggestions?

kimbesa on 05/07/2013

Looks like cake pops are not just a passing fancy, but here to stay!

SPB on 10/02/2011

What a great idea for those of us who like just a bit of dessert! A cake pop would be just the perfect size!

Mssnow4 on 07/13/2011

Yummy yummy yummy, that's all I can say!!

TerriRexson on 07/11/2011

I think we could have fun with cake pops. I'm thinking up ideas to decorate them.

ohcaroline on 06/29/2011

They do look delightful. I don't know if I would ever make any though. It would have to be a very special occasion.

KathyMcGraw on 06/25/2011

I first heard of cakepops a while back, and tried them for a themed party treat. Not hard to make, sort of fun, and definitely a crowd pleaser. I liked how you presented your present for your sister-very cool idea.

Sylvestermouse on 06/22/2011

These look like a lot of fun and you know I would want to make the animals. We should get together and crumble cake :)

Dianne on 06/19/2011

I haven't made cake pops yet but they sure look like fun! Starbucks gave us a free sample of a cake pop the other day and they were pretty good!

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