How To Make A Dog Bed Without Sewing - Fast And Cheap

by frugalrvers

I've shared my cheap, easy secret on how to make a dog bed without sewing with friends and family who just loved my affordable tips on quick diy pet beds. Now I'll share with you!

I don't sew unless I absolutely have to - I'm not good at it and I don't like it - period! So whenever I can outsmart the needle and thread option, I am oh so very proud of myself. In my experience, the time when my creativity kicks into high gear is when I need something but refuse to spend the money for it. A dog bed for my large dog, Hannah, is what inspired my diy pet bed idea.

I was tired of buying expensive dog beds for large dogs. When I'd find cheap ones at Costco, etc. they would go flat soon, get smelly and the furry exterior would soon be covered with dog hair that was impossible to remove. So then you go and buy yet another affordable pet bed for dogs...which soon becomes not all that inexpensive, doesn't it?

So I was determined to make my own...and I've never looked back!! Here is my recipe on how to make your own dog bed in minutes!

That's my Hannah in the thumbnail pic, by the way!

How To Sew A Dog Bed? Just Say NO To Sewing!!

My Easy To Make Dog Beds Don't Require Needle And Thread

One of my greatest accomplishments where I outsmarted needing needle and thread, saying NO to sewing, was when I recovered our dinette cushions in our rv using a staple gun! Now that was thinking outside of the box. Oh how I love my staple gun...but no worries, you don't need one for this dog bed...probably would be a bit dangerous!

And speaking of staple gun, miss frugality (me) also just built my own dog ramp for our pickup truck for about $12 and, of course, some big staples for the staple gun!! I'm on a roll!

How To Make A Dog Bed Easy? Ask Hannah!

Hannah On Her Bed
Hannah On Her Bed

How To Make Dog Bed PERFECT For You And Your Pet

I Wanted Clean, Cheap, Washable Dog Beds...And I Found It!

So after spending a fortune on dog beds from stores - ones that would still get beat up, dirty, stinky and hairy - I knew my diy bed for my dogs needed to have certain characteristics. Here they are:

  1. AFFORDABLE: This one is obvious. I didn't want it to hit my wallet every time I felt it was time to get a new dog bed, after wear and tear took place
  2. COMFORTABLE: Of course, it had to be comfy for my dogs...that was a must, or they'd give me "the look." Also, our gigantic rv cat likes to steal it sometimes for an afternoon nap, and he is picky where comfort is concerned.
  3. WASHABLE: Yes, many dog beds you buy say they are washable...after you unzip and throw the hairy, disgusting thing in your washing machine (isn't it fun scooping the wet hair around the inside of the washer out after this?). Anything that fits in a washer is "washable" but to be truly washable I didn't want the mess and the ick. Plus try putting the darn thing back on the dog bed after drying it...that was fun!!
  4. STAYS CLEAN: I wanted a surface that didn't become a hair magnet. I wanted it to resist hair sticking to it. Also, I wanted something that wouldn't be ruined with a muddy paw or worse.
  5. MY DOGS WERE LARGE: Keep in mind that you can adjust/adapt my creation for smaller pets. But my dogs were big so this was the perfect size for them.
  6. PORTABLE: I hated lugging heavy, large dog beds around. I wanted something portable...that Hannah could lay on in the rv at night while putting it outside during the day and even in the car for a road trip. This lightweight, homemade dog bed was perfect.

My do it yourself dog beds meet all of these criteria, which is why family and friends have loved my "invention."

How To Make A Large Dog Bed, Cheap And Quick!

My DIY Large Dog Bed

So here is my creation - how to make a large dog bed fast and on the cheap. You ready for this? It is so simple it's almost embarrassing...


  • Toddler size sleeping bag that is satiny/silky on the inside AND out
  • Egg crate bed foam (twin bed size is sufficient)
  • Scissors
  • Velcro glue strips (if desired, I don't use them)


  • SLEEPING BAG: These sleeping bags are in almost every thrift store I enter. I've never paid more than $4.00 for one. Just be sure they aren't the type with fuzz on the inside, or hair will stick.
  • EGG CRATE BED FOAM: You can find this used at thrift stores or super cheap at the stores I've purchased from (Walmart and Dollar General). Another idea is if your human bed is due for a new piece of foam, treat yourself and use your old one for your diy dog bed.


  1. Cut the egg crate foam to fit the sleeping bag perfectly, up to where the zipper ends at the top (there are a few inches at the top that are just "flaps" without zipper...don't leave foam sticking out there or it will collect hair).
  2. If you want double plushness for your dog, cut one more piece of foam the same size.
  3. Open sleeping bag, slide fitted foam pieces inside, zip it up and TA-DA!!!! I then just fold the flaps under it.

Make Your Own Dog Bed MEMORY FOAM VARIATION And Other Variations

I have a few final tips to share on do it yourself dog beds. One idea is that you can make your own dog bed memory foam if your dog needs the orthopedic support. Hopefully you can find some affordable foams at a thrift store or garage sale, because they are pricey.

Another idea is that some of the sleeping bags I found weren't Hannah's "style" (like Care Bears). But don't worry about making your dog look unfashionable! Even though these toddler sleeping bags aren't reversible with double zippers, they are so easy to handle you can turn it inside out and easily zip it up from the inside so only solid color is showing (like the green one Hannah is lying on in the picture).

Another great idea, for those whose dogs are allowed to sleep on the couch OR for the long length behind the backseat of a pickup truck (like us), get a satiny adult sized sleeping bag and bigger strip of egg crate foam! Our truck has an adult sized bag featuring Scooby Doo in the back for is too cute. A couch could also use the protection as well, and it cleans so nicely.

Finally...and what about those small dogs? Just fill the sleeping bag with egg crate foam that is half the length, fold the top flap underneath it and/or secure with velcro adhesive strips if desired. I don't have a small dog, but you can certainly still use my dog bed method!

Hannah Loves Do It Yourself Dog Beds In Any Color!

Hannah On Her Bed...Again
Hannah On Her Bed...Again

Dog Beds For Trucks, No Problem! Our Dog Truck Bed We Made Ourselves

Just Check Out Our Back Seat Dog Bed For Our Pickup Truck

My DIY dog bed that utilizes toddler sleeping bags is perfect for our large dog, in the home or outdoors. But we recently bought a pickup and she will be traveling in the back seat, right behind us. You can imagine the concerns like fur, ease of cleaning and the odd length.

So as you will see in the photo below, I simply stepped up to an adult size, polyester exterior sleeping bag and cut a longer piece of foam to fit. Of all things, I found Scooby Doo at the thrift store, so had to have it!

We like to collapse the back bench seat to keep it clean for times that humans will be riding back there, so in collapsed state it is a hard, firm "floor." Needless to say, that adult sleeping bag fit perfectly! The ultimate back seat dog bed!


Our Homemade Dog Bed For Pickup Trucks
Our Homemade Dog Bed For Pickup Trucks

Final Comments On My Cheap N Easy Dog Bed DIY Project

So I know my cheap n easy dog bed diy project isn't rocket science, but sometimes the easiest things are right under your nose and you have one of those "duh" moments after you finally think about it. So I'm sharing my "duh" with you!

So I can tell you from experience, I LOVE these...

I keep a few sleeping bags around (snag them from thrift stores) so a nice clean cover can be put on in seconds when throwing the other in the laundry. A damp cloth can wipe up a muddy paw print. There is NO HAIR stuck to them (that is why you really need the silkiest polyester, nothing will stick). They are so lightweight I can use them throughout the day, wherever Hannah goes. They are COOL in the summer, which she likes. The foam stays clean and odorless forever...just replace foam when you think it is getting too flat (or stick more in it).

I will never, ever use another store bought dog bed again. These may not be the most "fashionable" do it yourself dog beds, but they are by far the cheapest, most practical and headache free ones around!


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DerdriuMarriner on 08/08/2017

frugalrvers, Clever! Do you air- or machine-dry Hannah's customized bed?

Cheap n Easy Dog Bed DIY on 02/06/2017

I made a fleece blanket a few years ago where you just tie knots all the way around it. I’m thinking I’ll try that. My dog chews zippers. She has ruined 4 expensive beds. This way she will have nothing to chew on!!!

frugalrvers on 03/21/2014

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

cory on 03/20/2014

Buy a $20-$30 toddler mattress and cheap sheets. I've used these for years on my lab/st. benard mix that's 85 pounds. Its cheaper and last WAY longer than store bought pet beds. Just change the sheets as needed.

frugalrvers on 05/21/2013

It's so easy, a dog can make his/her own, Katie! :)

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

Great summer time activity.

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